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Found 9 results

  1. The events that lead to the problem are listed here: 0. Finish stocking the machine, close the door, Bill Accepter is online 1. CC swipe. Bill acceptor turns off. Completely normal process. 2. Item is vended 3. *PROBLEM IS HERE* The Bill Accepter never comes back on, on its own at least, after CC transaction is complete the Bill acceptor will stay off till someone pushes a random button. 3A. During my investigation I opened the door when the Bill acceptor was off and the MEI series 2000 BIll Acceptor beeped twice for "Disconnected from Mech". 3B. After I push a random product button on the machine the light goes back to solid. 4. Once a random product button is push (even the coin return button) the bill acceptor turns back on. Credit Card provider is through NAYAX Bill Acceptor MEI series 2000 Is this a part issue? I thought maybe it had something to do with my jammed coin mech but I cleared the jam and the problem is still there. Please help! Thank you!!
  2. If you want to use a CC reader on cranes or internet jukeboxes, I'm guessing you need to use a dedicated line specifically for your equipment for security purposes? Or can you piggy back off of the location? also, if you have to use a dedicated line from like verizon, can you run multiple equipment off of it if you're using USA tech readers? I'm trying to find out if there is hidden costs or how it actually works in case the CC reader companies aren't filling me in on ALL the costs. I don't like those kind of surprises. LOL My location is minimum 2 cranes, maybe a jukebox. I know the cost of the actual CC readers, just not sure on the cost of communicating from readers and that set up. I know this is ironic, but I don't trust sales people to fill you in on all the details. ( I have to laugh at this) Thank you in advance.
  3. I purchased a brand new Bevmax Media machine with the credit card reader. Unfortunately the manufacturer forgot to put in the instructions for the credit card reader account set up. I have talked with Crane to figure out what I need to and all I have been given are instructions on how to create an account for the credit card processing. I submitted the application for the credit card processing account. I am going on a week now and am tired of having to keep calling them to ask where in the process they are with the setup. They arent the best communicators and it is driving me nuts. Have any of you been through this process and could help me understand the time frame on how long this takes as well as what I would need to do to get this set up?
  4. Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam, I am a system engineer for a school district and looking into making some money on the side, though that is not the reason I am here today. I have a smorgasbord of questions that I need someone who has a better understanding of the vending machines, vending business and so on. First things first, I am looking at either A) Making a vending machine (less cost) or Buying a machine. Now the machine I need I would like to have it belt delivery system like the newer coke machines as the products I plan on putting in the machine I dont feel like dropping them. What would you suggest? I dont need it to be kept cold or hot, But during the summer I would like to keep it cool, as it might be outside (havent decided yet.) Second I need it to accept credit cards, but I can build/design a micro controller to do this I just want to know if A) someone has made their own, or if it is easier to just buy a machine with it already able to accept CC. Now money is a tight resource as my wife and I just had a kid, so money is tight, that is why I was looking at making a vending machine. But I would love to hear from someone who actually knows the game, unlike myself. I cant wait to hear from everyone. Thank You, Adam
  5. There has been a lot of recent interest in credit card readers for vending, and USA Technologies is one of the most commonly recommended providers in the forum conversations lately. I have received this notice from USA Technologies about a real good offer from them regarding their top card reader - the G8. This card reader is the one that has a separate modem mounted inside the machine, can be used with USA's telemetry software (extra cost) and the G8 will accept all forms of credit and debit payments including NFC, or Near Field Communications - cards with chips or certain cell phones only need to be swiped by the reader to transfer the payment data. This offer includes NO ACTIVATION, which saves you $36 per card reader. The G8 is offered at $249 each and the offer includes a free high gain antenna and free shipping. In my experience this is one of the best prices I've seen for this card reader and it includes the antenna, activation and shipping. This offer expires on 12/1/13 at 12:59PM - Sunday night. Here is the link to the offer: http://www.usatech.com/blackfriday/ Here is the link to USAT's full website so you can research everything about the G8 and USAT before you buy anything (recommended): http://www.usatech.com/ I am in no way affiliated with USA Technologies nor do I sell these card readers. This is just a great deal for anyone who is undecided about implementing this technology and I had to pass it along.
  6. hi, i been looking for credit card reader for vending machines, so far i found the price is around $250 to $350 a piece then there is monthly fees and transaction fees, but i don't know how much is the monthly fees. anyone use those device? how much do they cost? how much is the monthly fees? is the monthly fee per device or per account? is it worth to buy those device?
  7. Greetings- I'm new to the forum, and looking forward to learning as much as I can from this knowledgable community. I'm interested in vending a variety of small music related items, catering to working musicians in my community here in Brooklyn. Items such as guitar strings, power adapters, etc. It's a small personal enterprise, but I want to make sure I do it right. So- 1. any advise on vending maching models condusive to selling products of varying shapes and packagings? Also that take CC and bigger bills ($1's-$20's) 2. Buy vs lease? Any other info is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. caserri

    Credit Card Ad

    From the album: Vintage Stuff

    Still "almost" all you need.
  9. From the album: Hodge Podge

    This unit has candy and plush.
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