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Found 52 results

  1. hey all, I picked up a Pepsi DN501e for free. Just cleaned it up and plugged her in. The display is showing "1-772 HD" and I can't seem to get past in when I hold the home button down. tips, thoughts, suggestions? thanks
  2. Good Day, I have yet another problem! I have an OLD DNCB180cc with a Maka NB15A 200 117v validator that is now starting to not pull bills in most of the time. Sometimes it will, mostly it won't. What can I replace it with?
  3. Hello, We have a bevmax 4, 5800-4 that has a random recurrent issue with the picker cup seeking and going too high by an inch or so. . The whole building suffered a power outage awhile back due to a electrical accident/short circuit. We immediately changed the picker cup and the port door as they were malfunctioning afterward. Then the problems moved to the machine randomly cause the cup to travel to the port door then back home. The machine has to be power cylcled three times to restore functionality. Then after a few successful vends Randomly the picker cup will miss the mark with the Plunger 1 or so inches high. It will do it with all columns and rows. We have changed the homing switch, and the board twice. Changed x/y motors for new ones. Though maybe we got a bad one(?) still the issue persists. Power cycling the machine three times works fine for a few vends then it starts hitting high with the cup plunger assembly then subsequent non vends and the picker cup afterward will move from home to the port door like it thinks a product is in the cup when a selection is made. setting the shelf offset looks appropriate, D2 = 700 though I am not super savy with the offset settings. any ideas or reccomendations that we should attempt? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I have 0 vending experience. I am a pastor from Missouri and Purchased a refurbished dixie Narco 501e set up to run 20oz bottles. I figured it would be a good alternative to constantly running fundraisers for our student ministry. After already replacing the main circuit board (arriving today), it should work. Went to sam's club today to pick up soda to stock up and saw that they no longer sell 20oz bottles. Did a quick net search to find that you can't vend 16.9 bottles without proper set up. I HAVE ZERO EXPERIENCE with this and I was hoping that you fine people could guide me along what I need to do to get this machine up and running. I'm already into this investment about 2k and would like to not get fired lol.
  5. Hello, and thanks in advance for the help. Have a DN 5591 that cools well and runs quietly until the compressor comes on...then it is the Night of the Banshees! I am thinking the condenser fan is loose and hitting something or failing but I don't know how to get at it...from the front or from the back of the machine...I have a service manual but I have not found a diagram of the refrigeration unit. Any guidance on how to do it is appreciated...also any other diagnosis if my conclusion about the condenser fan is wrong. Thanks again.
  6. So I’m gutting an old Pepsi fridge with a Dixie narco my hope was to keep the lights working and for the display to say welcome or 1.25 or something like that. Not “out of service” or anything else. i have it gutted and when I power it on the display has a code I can’t seem to find anywhere HON 1n6 is what scrolls through does anyone have any suggestions on how I can have it gutted but still display something as if it was a functioning machine?? Thanks in advancd Brandon
  7. I order new xy motors for my DN 5800-4. Any tips or suggestions? Is it just a simple motor swap?
  8. Hi All, My machine has been dispensing fine for over a year and the slot in question is filled with either 20oz Gatorade or Powerade. I have two rows of these sports drinks and one operates just fine. Lately though, the 6th slot is double vending even though both slots have the same setup and the same type of plastic bottles. Once the mechanism rolls around and loads up the next two, the next tap of the button, the front drink doesn't release. When I hit the button again, it obviously dispenses two drinks. The only thing I see that is slightly different between slot 6 & 7 is that the metal depth plate in the back that stops the drinks are offset just a couple holes from each other. Would that be causing the problem?
  9. Hey guys, I found a guy selling this machine, he says it's a Bevmax 4. Anyone know if that's what this actually is? Price is 2900 which actually sounds low to me for a 4, any input is much appreciated, thank you.
  10. My single price Dixie Narco soda machine is not cancelling the credit after a vend. Sometimes after a purchase you can push any selection and get another drink. It’s kind of random on several columns. I thought it was “motor coast” but after watching several vends with the cover off that isn’t the case. It just simply still has a credit after vending a drink. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. What is better for this account I have an account that wants cans only. I have available at Dixie narco 501E a royal vendors 660 and a vendo 552 And a USI cb300 About 75-85 people around the clock
  12. I recently purchased a Dixie Narco and it will not accept bills and it says ‘disabled mech/vmc’ I have seen some articles about this, but I am still not sure what to do. If you know what to d help would be appreciated.
  13. Needing help with a used Dixie Narco 501E i purchased. Motors will home but not correctly, and sale mode shows SOLD OUT no matter what I try. Any advice regarding this machine would be much appreciated. So every time I close the door switch, the display says homing, and then in order starting from 1 to 9 each motor will move.they make 2 full rotations and once this has completed the display says wait the bill validator will cycle and then it returns to sold out display. I have noticed that after this, each of the motor switches is not it one of the home positions on the cams. However they are all in the closed positions and stop on the cams in which I assume is "between vend cycles". So what I did was loosen all the motor switches, moved them down while still being plugged in to "trick" the machine that each column is in a "home" position. Still with no change. So I'm not too sure what i am missing.
  14. I have a DN soda machine that will randomly vend Mt Dew instead of Coke, when Coke button is selected. Doesn't happen all the time, just randomly. All other buttons vend the correct sodas. I have not loaded Mt Dew in the Coke chamber, either. Any suggestions or help is appreciated, thanks!
  15. need to find new face for DN700CV as mine kinda got destroyed the other day
  16. My job just got an older Dixie Narco 901? it seems to be missing the vend relay. i have another "Univendor" vending machine that ive been robbing parts off of (change maker and various bolts) to try and make it work. however, the vend relay doesnt match up. is there a way to de-pin the plug and wire up my older relay directly? please help lol. also, is there any other stuff i should check over on the machine? it gets cold so im not worried about the refrigeration part right now. mostly concerned with the vending operation. im basically needing a crash course in vending machines to make this work
  17. Greeting all, New here. The names Charles. Like to get some help on finding some 90's Flavor Strips for a Dixie Narco 276 cc that Im restoring for man cave. I am Seeking for a real good Dr.Pepper Logo Strip. (with the sold out hole intact) Also looking for a Minute Maid Lemonade strip logo as well. I am open to buying other strips as well. Any help would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. My friend Viggo Bauman made a comprehensive Series on How to Start your Own Vending Business this week. I thought some of you might want to check it out. About half of the videos content is on Soda and the other half on bulk vending. He does touch upon ATM machines for a bit too. It is 3 parts and the links are below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N23lpw2KJcM
  19. I have a pop vending machine that isn't cooling anymore. One day the breaker for the place went off and I had to unplug the machine to get it to work. I changed the outlet cord and it was able to turn on but it no longer cooled. Wondering if it's a problem that I could fix myself or if anyone is known through the Cincinnati area because I have had no success finding anyone that repairs vending machines.
  20. I got a Dixie narco 501 r for $200 it's sii is that worth the 200
  21. Hey all! I just purchased a new refurb project from a guy in town here, and I'm on the hunt for information to get started. It's a Dixie Narco model DN 260/150-5 machine (A branded Dr. Pepper Cabinet). The guy I got it from was planning on making it a gun cabinet, so he never ran it. He thought everything but the condenser was operational when he got it a while ago. Basically I'm looking for any service or wiring manuals that might be out there so I can get started on the guts of this system to get it up and running. If you have anything that you think would help me out, please let me know! Pics to come once I get it set up in the work area I've got set aside for it.
  22. I bought a Dixie narco 386 single price a 276 single price. Also a ap snack shop 6600xl and a usi 2038 for 1200 dollars is that bad
  23. I know it's a Dixie narco but I want to know what model why would the door not be getting power https://offerup.com/item/detail/269743833/
  24. I bought a used DN 55xx. The "remove product" error kept showing and we found a way to bypass the sensor by simply adding a jumper. The error went away and the beeping stopped, yay!!! Now the machine will send the product down, and give all the money back every time. Please help me out!!
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