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Found 6 results

  1. I have an odd issue with a ECC2145/DN5591 glass front beverage machine. At random times when a transaction is made the machine dispenses quarters like it's a slot machine until the coin tube is empty. Speaking with my parts supplier, he believes it happens when the transaction occurs at the same time as the compressor cutting in causing a momentary power fluctuation. He also submitted that the florescent display light was part of the phenomena and suggested replacing it with an LED strip may fix it. I have replaced the light with the LED bar and the problem still exists. The supplier then suggested another fix would be to unplug the refrig system power from the vending machine and instead plug it into another circuit. While I could plug it into another outlet on the same box, going to another circuit would be a major effort. I can't let this machine give out jackpot rewards. Does anyone here have any other thoughts on the cause of this? Thanks.
  2. I just came across an FSI / USI 3039 The Bill Validator takes a few bills then has trouble with the next. [$1 insert then vend, $1 insert then vend & repeat - then stops] Make: Nippon Conlux Co., LTD Model: NB2-16A-400 I want to change the whole BV all together. Looks like a single price soda machine harness - not too sure. Can the forum please help me out in this situation I am up against. Happy Mother's Day - Mothers!
  3. I recently purchased a refurbished DN5591. Some cans will double vend and the gates do not always open/close fully. Sodas will sit with the gate opened halfway, about to fall out. Sometimes the sodas double vend (yes, I am using the correct shims) The machine is about 10 years old and I don't know what was replaced. I spoke to Crane and they said this is a typical item to wear out-makes sense-and that my problem can be resolved by buying new gates. The gate part number is 80190383001. 1. Is this just the gates wearing out or perhaps the solenoids underneath as well?? Pricey to replace all of them as it isn't just certain sodas getting stuck and customer wants it taken care of. 2. Is changing the gate as easy as a few screws? Crane seemed to think so and it is 10mins per gate to switch.
  4. I have to replace m EPROM on my DN 5591 so it will DEX with my new vending mgmt. software. I have never replace one before/not serviced machines in depth really. The machine is from 2004, not sure if the board is that age. I am going from version 030.61 to 030.81 SEE ATTACHED PICTURE TO SEE MY BOARD I read the manual from DN, it states: 1. Remove power from the AC distro box 2. Remove battery clip so the boards power can drain and leave off for 10 mins 3. Install new EPROM and power up machine 4. Go to setup mode and push "F" for master reset then Test mode and "0" to clear errors -To remove power, I can just unplug the machine (step 1)? From wall or within the machine? Does it matter? -Is there a way to do this without wiping the entire machine? I was told some boards have memory that will not wipe when EPROM is replaced. I am worried about my coin mech, validator, etc needing to be programed after this wipe...or will this just wipe my machine settings like prices? -I also have a USA Tech G9 credit card swiper and telemeter...will these come right back online? Thanks. Any insight as to when you replaced EPROM with similar machines would be helpful.
  5. I have a DN 5591 glass front. I am trying to use some VMS but the machine is not reporting DEX data via my eport. I checked all the cabling and it all looks good with the telemeter plugging into a male to female adapater, which has a little 3 pin plug that plugs into the board. The error is MACHINE CONNECTION/CABLING ISSUE. I unplugged these connections and then plugged everything in again...then hit fill/dex and still same issue. Could my eprom need to be updated? Currently the chip on my board, which I think is the version, says "030.61, GFV CTRL". I assume no one has updated it since the machine was made years ago most likely...
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