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Found 4 results

  1. I am surprised to see so many use spreadsheets to run their business, I don't work for them, I just got a problem with them! I have the full version of the software, and believe me, its great, I don't have to guess, or figure out what goes where or worry about lost locations, I put it in once, set it and forget it, until next time. when its ready, itll show up red, and then I can go service the location. but my issue is a simple one, a few years ago I had a full version, but it was the older version, so I figured id buy the new one since it was half price if you already had the program. now back then, I was able to activate the software on any pc, so if I had 2 pc's I can activate them both, one is a steady, and one for backup. a few years ago I contacted them, letting them know that I am upgrading my pc, and that I would like to activate the software on the new pc, after 2 years, I finally get a response that I have to pay for it again, I asked why? they said it was all newly updated, you can get the demo to see it, so I did, no harm, but then I started checking the versions of the program, and it winds up that there was no update, in fact my current software was beyond what they were trying to make me pay for $150 for, now I don't mind paying for newer stuff, but why would I pay for something that's older than what I have? apparently their versions that they so called "updated" are "outdated"! now I also understand they cannot do everything for free, but I made it clear, I'm not paying for stuff older than what I already have! so I asked them to activate my new PC so I can have the full version instead of the demo, and till this day no response! $150 for old stuff, and I thought my software was outdated, its like Microsoft trying to sell you windows 97 in 2018, only $100! ha ha ha, I want to make sure everyone knows about crooks in the vending business, they are all over, the worse thing is, they were very helpful back in the day, why not now, everyone struggles, and that's understandable, but don't give me BS! http://www.softessentials.com/ record your stuff with them! still to this day no response! the most recent one is from 8/17! we have time people, hopefully they will read this and make some real changes!
  2. I am looking to getting into vending and am very glad I found this forum. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be willing to help me out. I know many of these questions are difficult to answer because of the number of variables but all answers would be appreciated. Also, if anyone is willing to talk outside the forums (either email or phone) I would greatly appreciate that especially if you live in the Philly area (if you are concerned about a conflict of interest, I will let you know where I live and which counties I am looking to work in). I would love to be able to have a mentor to start this business. Some of my questions: I am looking to buy a route from someone (I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can't get into specifics). How do I evaluate it to see if it is worth the cost? What would be a good return on investment? He has given me the basic financials of the route and would give me more in depth if we proceed further. If the above mentioned route is not good, how do I find one to purchase (Craigslist does not seem to have much worthwhile)? I would be looking for this to become my career. What would be a realistic number of machines I could handle without hiring help (assuming I work 8-10 hours/day and get some office support from my wife). I live in the Philly suburbs so it is dense enough to have a number of possible locations within close proximity but no skyscrapers or anything like that. Can I realistically service 10 machines/sites per day? I know this one is dependent on a lot of variables but I am running numbers to see what I might be able to expect from this business.What kind of gross should I expect from a good machine as an estimate? $300/month? $400/month? $500/month? What would be an average machine? What is a good estimate for insurance? How much money should I set aside for maintenance? Other than insurance, maintenance, fuel, product and commission, what other continuing expenses are there? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  3. Used and on sale machines (2) - $168 Labels (25 cents & candy stickers) - $14.50 Product ((1) 850 ct. 1" Dubble Bubble gumballs, (2) 48 oz. Reese's Pieces, (2) 54 oz. Skittles, (2) 56 oz. M&M's @ Sam's Club for $72.50) Total: $255 Locations: Insurance Company for Single machine (Reese's pieces) Car Dealership for 3-compartment machine (Gumballs, M&M's; Skittles) Question or Time will only tell, the time frame we will see a profit from these above expenses (6 months, year?)
  4. As a way to introduce an entrepreneural business opportunity to my 7 year old son, I and he (savings) purchased 2 ((1) single and (1) 3-compartment) vending machines after lining up 2 locations (friend's insurance business for single and my sister's car dealership for 3-compartment unit) and neither location will be charging commission off of profits from machines. My question to you seasoned veterans is: How do you track your expenses and profits from your bulk vending business? If you have a spreadsheet or advice to share, my son and I will greatly appreciate any advice that you may offer. On a funny note: I asked my son if the wanted the business name to be "first name vending" because, if so, he will have to do all of the work or "Father and Son Vending" and he said "Father and Son Vending" because he didn't want to have to do all of the work . I'm sure just like those parents (we too are guilty) that purchase a puppy, when their kids go off to college they are stuck with caring for their dog or other pet(s) and the same will apply with this small (for now) bulk vending business.
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