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Found 28 results

  1. rodney69


    From the album: current racks and set ups!

    This is where I will post my racks that I am putting in all over my area. Big difference between these and Uturns!!
  2. along the lines of https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Sticker-vending-machine_1169046638.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.70.12da8e4ewdFdBe or https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/mini-tattoo-sticker-card-vending-machine_60116495939.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.31.12da8e4ewdFdBe but with a minim order of 2 or less and sub $100/unit. would be willing to buy from anyone out there who has one to sell. can't seem to find these things anywhere else. I want to stock them with various trading cards. would I be able to load them loose without the cardboard sleeves? even if it occasionally dispensed 2 that would be negligible loss.
  3. I had all my keys stolen and am reaching out in hopes I can get my hands on even just one! Anyone have Beaver keys? S2 and S29 flat, B205, A906, A5120 flat or tubular (can't remember) Tubular - 5224, 8075, 8252, 8434, 8504, Flat - EC 102, SA104, SA115, 217, 695, A005 Half circle - 188 (Challenger crane) Willing to pay for them and for your time searching of course... If you recognize any key codes, please give me any info you have on where to find a duplicate.
  4. Yesterday I went on a bit of a craigslist spree and picked up a couple Beavers and a flat machine. When I got them home and did some measuring I realized that the columns in the flat machine I got are a little smaller than average. The "normal" sized folders that my other machines take and that are readily available are sized 3" x 4.5" but this machine will only fit folders sized about 2.5" x 3.5". It also has some weird rubber straps in the columns. Does anyone on here have any experience with that? I did some searching and couldn't really find any info. Do any suppliers sell empty folders that size? or should I head down to a print shop and have them chop down the regular folders I have to fit? I usually fill the folders with my own stickers and tattoos so I'm not overly concerned about not being able to buy stock from suppliers - but I obviously need folders to put my own stock into. I thought it was maybe an LYPC or some kinda import machine but I just found a "Made in Canada" label on the back, so I really have no clue. check the pics. Any insight you guys could give me about this machine or smaller folders would be much appreciated!
  5. We now have new lower pricing in almost every area of the site!!! We have worked out the kinks and can handle more flow so that we are able to offer lower cost! I know that location cost is a tough one and typically expensive! I get it! So I have designed a better way to handle the loads and smoothed out a few things as well. This is to bring our customers lower pricing! Not because we were asked to, but because I believe in offering the best product at the lowest cost and lowering it when it's possible instead of trying to squeeze it out of everyone and folding when you have to. I still enjoy helping more than I do the money. Don't get me wrong, I like and need to get paid, but giving and helping is key to me. I am still trying to improve one area....... I am trying to figure out a way to use a dbase like excel that anyone can open, or a similar set up so that it's easier for customers to track, change and up date. Something that is easy for them and easy for me. The days of just pasting to an email and sending needs to come to a close, so I'm looking to improve. If someone has ideas or has knowledge about Google forms or how that might incorporate it let me know. This is important enough to me that depending on how set up it is and how turn key the idea, I am willing to pay with locations for someone to come up with the idea and the final draft!! Thank you for all the support that you as a community has given me so far. Check out our new pricing!!!
  6. Ok, so I was finally able to upgrade the first location to a standard rack! We used the 3 column flat, 2 Eagles that I had, and bought 2 Oak 1", a Big Oak, and an 8 way sideless rack. It cost me about 260. I'm new to the 2", I installed one on a Uturn rack that I have as well, with 2 more to install on Uturn racks. After seeing the quality of Oaks, it's obvious in the difference between at least the older Eagle's and especially the Uturn's. It looks like these racks can handle 5 panel heads. We'll see how the 4 does with the 2" first. I have 2 other Uturn racks to add the 2" to, then upgrade other Uturn locations with 4 way racks, and one with a 2" on top and 2 1" on the bottom? There is no 2" at the location that I'm thinking that on, but a 4 select sticker from the competition, so I was thinking a 2" set up?
  7. I need some help figuring out what lock this flat vending machine needs. I tried a couple cam locks but they didn't work. Anyone have experience with these machines? There are no manufacturer markings on it.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm brand new to vending and still in the researching stage and buying my first bulk machines. My question is about display cards for a flat vending machine. I'm thinking about selling collectible cards and stickers with a common theme (Marvel and DC Comics) but not a premade set from a vending site. Does anyone have experience making their own display card to go in the front of the glass? I obviously don't want it to look super cheap but I'm not that much of a wiz in Photoshop. I've seen a couple "Mystery Mix" cards online but not available to purchase. Thank you! Laurana
  9. I'm thinking about setting up one of my accounts as a dump for left over dead selections or the ends of different lines. Does it make sense to run one of 3 columns as a mystery mix? The other 2 as quality leaders? Or does that work? Should I use one of my high volume locations to do it? Trying to figure that and same with 2". Although I like what I've heard about just adding 2" foam balls from Cardinal. Then your not losing on the potential profit. What are your thoughts?
  10. Family Guy 5" balls - $87.50 per case of 250 5" Knobby Balls ( single colors per case of 250 ) - $40.00 blue, black, green, gold, orange,purple, red, silver, white, yellow Ribbon stickers - $15.00 Dungeon Keepers tattoos - $15.00 Simpsons tattoos - $20.00 Skull and Bones tattoos - $15.00 Animal Punch / Punch Balloon mix - $32.00 Animal Punch Balloons - $45.00 Adventure Time / Regular Show figures - $45.00 NHL String Dolls ( CA ) - $120.00 NHL Capsule Buildable figures - $45.00 Oh No Aliens - $25.00 Simpsons Dog Tag Keychains - $38.75 Horror Head Pencil Toppers -$25.00
  11. Inflatables Family Guy 5" balls ( 250) - $87.50 Flat Vending Ribbon Stickers - $15.00 Dungeon Keepers - $15.00 Family Guy Tattoos - $15.00 Simpsons stickers - $15.00 2" capsules Family Guy figures - $45.00 Fuzzy Tongue Flickers - $38.75 Glamour Rings - $20.00 In and Out Ear Gags - $30.00 Sea Animal Suction Cups-$20.00 Simpsons Slap Bracelets - $30.00 Swap a Gem Rings - $20.00 Heads of Horror Pencil Toppers - $25.00 1.1" capsules Sea Animal Suction Cups - $16.00
  12. Hello, Does anyone operate the NW sticker machine? http://www.nwcorp.com/products/machines/sticker/ Do you think the A&A Global flat is the way to go? Thanks
  13. Has anyone ever had a "kid zone" location for bulk? I am putting in a 3 column and 2 1" toys in the waiting room of a kids bounce house place. Is there anything that I should prepare ahead of time? Like maybe foam on the rack? or anything? It's a brand new place, pretty small. But, there was 15 kids that went through there while I was standing there in 5 min. More concerned about safety.
  14. Bulk Family Guy Capsule Buildables - $60.00 / 250 Family Guy Inflatable 5" balls- $65.00 / 250 Flat Vend Brown Pride tattoos - $15.00 / 300 Simpson's tattoos - $15.00 / 300 Skulls and Bones - $15.00 / 300 Dream Catcher tattoos - $15.00 / 300 1.1" Capsules Mini Girl tattoos - $12.00 / 250 Mini Classic tattoos - $12.00 / 250 Xoddo figures - $25.00 / 250 2" Capsules Battle Erasers -$25.00 / 250 Family Guy figures - $45.00 / 250 Kung Fu Panda figures - $45.00 / 250 Retrobots - $25.00 / 250 Smurfs figures ( leaving fast )-$40.00 / 250 DC Comics Pocket Projectors - $45.00 / 250
  15. Bulk Family Guy Capsule Buildables- $60.00 / case Family Guy 5" balls - $65.00 / case Bling Teeth ( CA only ) - $16.00 / bag of 100 Flat Tiny Tats - $20.00 Brown Pride - $20.00 The Simpsons Tattoos - $20.00 Skull and Bones - $20.00 2" Capsules Battle Erasers - $25.00 Bling Teeth ( CA only ) - $50.00 Adventure Time Slap Bracelets-$35.00 Family Guy figures -$45.00 Igotz Feet - $25.00 Fruit Stretchy Yoyo Balls - $30.00 Kung Fu Panda figures and tattoos -$25.00 Kung Fu Panda figures -$45.00 Retrobots -$25.00 DC Comics Pocket Projectors - $45.00
  16. Prizes Black and Red headphones White Crackle headphones MP4's 3T- SOUND3-GM RD-BHAK Plush / Toys 5"knobby Large Halloween mix Punk Ducks Small 25% licensed mix Large 12% licensed mix Self Vending Self Vending Mix ,32mm Sports Ball Mix, 32mm NBA Basketballs SpongeBob Foam balls MLB Baseballs Flat Vending NFL football shape stickers NFL helmet stickers NFL logo stickers NFL vintage stickers DC heroes logo tattoos 2" - $1.00 NFL Helmets NFL Dog Tags DC Heroes String Dolls DC Heroes Dog Tags Animal Punch Balloons 2" - $.75 NFL Football Erasers Touch Pen Danglers SpongeBob Stretchy Yoyos In One Ear and Out The Other SpongeBob Figures 2"-$.50 NFL Cups Stretchy Yoyos Birthstone Bears Tongue Tuggers Sticky Hands Funny Teeth 1" - $.50 Furry Friends Bok Choy Boy Spatterz Heads of Horror Glow Sticks ( 2 ) 1"-$.25 Ninja Fighters CA Gold Moustaches Treasure Chest Sticky Critterz
  17. Redemption Regular Show crane topper kit - $150.00 Fuzzy Slipper crane topper - $100.00 Premium Sound topper - $100.00 Hanging iPhone Accessory kit - $175.00 ask your rep iPhone Accessory kit - $235.00 ask your rep iPhone Accessory hanging kit - $215.00 ask your rep Light n Fright hanging kit - $50.00 Smurf 2 hanging kit - $60.00 2" capsules Battle Erasers - $25.00 Igotz Feet - $25.00 Glamour Rings - $20.00 Kung Fu Panda figures and tattoos - $25.00 Kung Fu Panda figures - $50.00 Family Guy figures - $50.00 Flat Amazing World of Gumball stickers - $22.00 Family Guy tattoos - $22.00 Knuckle tattoos - $20.00 Tiny tats - $20.00 Brown Pride tattoos - $20.00 Bulk Family Guy capsule buildable figures - $60.00 Family Guy 5" inflatable balls - $87.50 ( no free freight ) Gum / Candy Call for various closeouts on Oakleaf brands in both warehouses
  18. 1.1" Domo figures - $25.50 ( limited amount in Maryland only ) Giant Gem necklaces - $20.00 2" Domo figures - $29.50 ( limited amount in both warehouses ) Kung Fu Panda figures and tattoos -$25.00 Phurry Phreaks pencil toppers - $28.00 DC Heroes pocket projectors - $50.00 Xoddo small figures - $28.00 Flat Vend Best of Now stickers - $20.00 Family Guy tattoos - $22.00 Internal Gears and Zippers - $20.00 Bulk Family Guy buildable figures-$60.00
  19. rodney69

    New rack!

    From the album: Machines to upgrade to racks!

    This is our first rack with oak and as you can see Eagle, as well as 2"! We also added a 2" to one of our uturn racks today. After buying oaks, I can definitely tell the difference in quality from eagle, and more so from uturn for sure!
  20. 1.1" - $.25 Ninja Fighters CA Gold Treasure Chest Glow Sticks ( 1 per cap ) Moustache 1.1" - $.50 Glow Rings Punch Balloons Xoddo Glow Sticks ( 2 per cap ) Bok Choy Boy 2" - $.50 Birthstone Bears Googly Eye Finger Puppets Punch Balloons Yoyo Balls Funny Teeth 2"- $.75 In One Ear and Out the Other SpongeBob Yoyo Balls Touch Pen Danglers SpongeBob Slap Bands BlingTeeth 2"-$1.00 DC Heroes String Dolls ( returning 08/22 and 09/01 ) order now ! Animal String Dolls Family Guy figures Original String Dolls DC Heroes pocket projectors Flat NFL Helmet stickers NFL Logo stickers Trendy Nails tattoos (returning to California on 08/22 ) DC Heroes Logo tattoos MLB stickers Self Vending Self Vending Mix NBA balls SpongeBob foam balls MLB balls Sports balls Plush / Toys 5" Knobby Large Punk Ducks 6" Rainbow ball Large 50/50 Mix Small $1.10 Mix Prizes Single MP players, no memory MP3 large box MP4 MP3 Best Value Stacker Mix
  21. 1.1" - $.25 vend Ninja Fighters Treasure Chest CA Gold Grow in Water Moustaches 1.1" - $.50 vend Punch Balloons Bok Choy Boy Silver Stone Rings Glow Sticks ( 2 ) Clear and Cool Rings 2" - $.50 vend Birthstone Bears Punch Balloons Yoyo Balls FunnyTeeth Sticky hands 2" - $.75 vend SpongeBob Yoyo Balls Adventure Time slap bands Touch Pen danglers SpongeBob slap bands Looney Tunes slap bands 2"- $1.00 vend Animal String Dolls DC Hero String Dolls ( back ordered IN CA , not MD ) Puppy Palz String Dolls, version 1 Eye Poppers, version 1 Flat MLB stickers Trendy Nalz ( back ordered in MD, not CA ) DC Hero tattoos NFL Helmets ( stock up now on all NFL ! ) David Gonzales version 2 Self Vending Self vend mix MLB baseballs NBA basketballs SpongeBob Wacky Rollers Sport Balls Plush and Inflatables Punk Ducks ( Super Hot ! ) 5" knobby balls ( solid colors in a box ) Large 50% license Family Guy 5" balls ( on sale in June ) Small generic $1.10 Prizes Loose MP-3's ( no memory ) Red and White headphones White Crackle headphones MP-3s , 2GB in a box MNP4-s , 4Gb in a box
  22. Is there a difference between a sports card machine and a sticker/ tattoo machine? Is it interchangeable?
  23. 1.1" Adventure Time tattoos - $12.00 Domo Figures - $25.50 Giant Gem Necklaces - $20.00 Hematite Jewelry - $ 20.00 2" Domo Figures - $29.50 Phurry Phreaks Figures - 28.00 Sea Animal Suction Cups - $22.00 DC Comic Projector Projectors - $50.00 Xoddo Small Figures - $28.00 Flat Best of Now stickers - $20.00 Kung Fu Panda LOA tattoos - $20.00 Internal Gears and Zippers - $ 20.00 Turbo Tattoos - $15.00 Bulk 27mm Swirled Balls - $11.25 per bag Beavis/ Butthead foam balls - $7.50 per bag of 50 (min. 16 bags ) Domo Figures - $8.00 per bag of 100 ( min. 20 bags )
  24. Ok, so I bought the route a few weeks ago, 1 of the locations is screaming for an upgrade! It's a basketball tournament and roller derby gym where people pay money to play and compete. It's busy 10 months out of the year, empties an 8 selection in one weekend on big tourney's. There is snack and soda, but they don't even take commission for the bulk! But, I know that a rack will pull more money and I won't have to service as much. I have several eagle vista 300's that I will put on the front, but looking at the back. I've gotten sage advice from several on here about no 2", but I would imagine that this place would be an exception, or would it? Should I just put a flat on top and the rest 1"? What set up should I use, mind you it will be my first rack besides the Uturn racks that I have on location. I also haven't discussed this with the owners yet, but they did say that I could put another 8 selection in! I haven't yet, I don't have much money at this exact moment, but should have enough for a rack soon (a couple). I have a 3 column and I have the 1" eagles already. I'm thinking an 8 or 10 way, and like Havending said in another thread, with spacing. Those of you that have switched from Uturns to racks I would appreciate your input as well as everyone else. Thank you in advance! Just a side note, most of my Uturn's are being cut down to 4's unless in a restaurant or like this place till I can put racks!
  25. rodney69

    Pic 05292014 001

    From the album: Machines to upgrade to racks!

    This is a tight spot! Not so much sideways, I can go over to the right about to the edge of the stainless, but depth is the problem. Open to suggestions!
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