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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I'm new to this forum (just signed up tonight) and I have to say I've learned a lot already. My business partner and I are starting a vending machine business and are planning on purchasing units from a company called Healthy You. Has anyone heard anything about this company? Information and ratings on them seem to be a little too good to be true. So, I just wanted to see if anyone had some objective advice on going through a company like Healthy You or just advice in general about healthy vending machines. Thanks!
  2. Hello all - - I am here to invite discussion on bad experiences that anyone else has had with 1-800-VENDING, particularly the HealthyYOU segment of their business. I have a total of 5 HealthyYOU vending machines, HY900 (which are the same as the RS900 but in a fancy "healthy" wrap). From the beginning I have had nothing but problems with these machines. I thought I had done research on this company and these machines but apparently I did not dig deep enough. Today I discovered the site www.unhappyfranchisee.com/1-800-vending-complaints/ and it has moved me to check around to see who else is as unhappy as I am with this company. Come to find out, there are many. Not to mention that HealthyYOU (1-800-VENDING) holds a class, called HealthyYOU University, for folks who purchase their machines. At our class, we all exchanged email addresses so all of us have been in contact with each other. If there is anyone in our class of about 30 folks that is happy with their experience at 1-800-VENDING, I have not heard about it. At least 5 persons in the group so far that I know of have sold their machines, all at extreme losses, for various problems and issues. We all purchased our machines in the spring/early summer of last year, 2013. The rest of the folks that I have been in contact with either want to sell, or are just "grinning and bearing" it. Issues I have with the company are as follows: #1. The warranty The warranty was the main reason I chose this company above the others. They proclaim they have the longest warranty in the business, 7 years, apparently because their machines are so well manufactured. First year all parts paid for and unlimited technical assistance. (keep in mind YOU ARE STILL THE ONE that has to diagnose and repair anything problems. Years 2 - 7 Technical assistance and parts at 1/2 price. This warranty is a total scam. One of my machines recently needed a new wiring harness. I had issues with the wiring harness for months, with my display flickering on and off and sometimes displaying gibberish. Come to find out the factory had bunched it so tightly with other wiring that about half of the wires in the flat cable were broken. I called to get a new harness and was told that even though I had been experiencing problems for months and was only 2 months out of the 12 month warranty, it would not be covered. Cost to me (plus shipping) would be $20.04. I called Seaga out of curiosity to get a price on the same part and was told it would be $25.65. (Hardly "1/2 price"). But that is not the half of it. I asked for the price of some switches and was told they would be the same price $20.04 each plus shipping. We did about 2 hours research on the internet, called a few places, and ended up with the EXACT SAME SWITCHES at $4.65 each which INCLUDED shipping. BOTTOM LINE: They promote the 7 years, but it is virtually worthless, especially in light of the fact that you are the one doing your own diagnostics and repairs. You can do research on the internet and buy your own parts for much less. But of course, this INVALIDATES THE "WARRANTY". #2. The inferior quality of the machines at exorbitant prices. About 2 months after I purchased my HealthyYOU machines, HY900, I purchased 3 other vending machines, the USI 3000 combo machine. What a vastly superior machine! I have not had one mis-vend in a year's time, nor any mechanical issues of any kind, AND they were about $2,000 less. My HY900 machines arrived with screws rolling around in the bottom of the unit, my can augers did not work then and some of them still don't, I have replaced a circuit board, 3 switches, a wiring harness for the display, and 2 wiring harnesses to individual selections (all different machines) - besides countless mis-vends, mostly beverages. They shipped an entrée unit instead of an e-port device, and one of the machines arrived badly damaged. #3. The "rosy" picture they painted of "Healthy Vending" Good locations are extremely difficult to come by. Many of the folks in my group had trouble placing their machines, with many that didn't get placed at all. The "Healthy revolution" was promoted, indicating that the healthy products would just 'fly" out of the machines. NOT SO. I finally compromised, took off my healthy wrap on a couple of machines and put in "junk" - candy bars and pop. The junk sells about 4 times as well as my healthy products (sad, but true), plus has much longer expiration dates, which is another whole problem with the "healthy". I realize "let the buyer beware" applies here. I am not really expecting to recoup anything from my investment, and will have to live with the situation that I have with these clearly inferior machines. My goal here is to MAKE OTHERS AWARE OF WHAT SHODDY AND DECEPTIVE business practices this company employs. If I can prevent others from buying into their BS and save their hard earned money, I will have achieved my goal. If you want vending machines, I heartily endorse USI. Questions, comments??
  3. Hello, I have looked all over for a new keypad. I own a fortune resources RS 800/850 which has the same keypad as the Healthy You 800/850, manufactured by Seaga I think. Does anyone have one they could sell me? Or be able to point me in the right direction? Right the machine is sitting idle in a location. I have attached a picture. Thank you!
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