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Found 59 results

  1. Im New to vending and this is my first machine. I want to convert this coin only machine into one that accepts bills and card.
  2. I am very new to this. I need to say first that I fully admit I am an idiot. I have a Seaga sm22. I was hooking the wires to the ports on the control board and back of the inside while it was plugged in. (like I said, idiot). I smelled something hot and the display started scrolling random characters (see photos). The light on the control board stays red. Did I fry my board or is it something else. How can I further diagnose it?
  3. I live in California and have decided to start a vending machine business. I have done a lot of research already but could use some tips if possible. I know that I need a license to have a vending machine in California. Also how much do you need to pay to allow your vending machine to stay at a place? Is it a percentage of your monthly sales where your vending machine is located or a certain amount? Do I just contact owners and ask if I can leave my vending machine there and then offer him a business deal? I am new to the business and would appreciate anything you have to say.
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I own a car wash and I'm working to keep things from getting stuck. Anyone know where I can get more of these or what they are called? There are only a few in my machine that came with our wash. I really have no idea and can't find them. I've tried searching for a lot of names with no results.
  5. Hello, so recently I bought myself a used old polyvend machine. I believe the model may be an R40, however I do know that it was made around 1995. I was able to successfully test all the motors and see them all work, the only issue I seem to be having is setting the price on the machine and with the bill acceptor. My machine does not have a coin acceptor, however I thought I could try to bypass this by placing it on force vend and only allowing bills to be accepted. The bill acceptor I have is a Coinco BA32SA. It blinks 5 times which indicates a bill jam, however there is no bill stuck upon checking. When I try to change the price on the machine, it will tell me that I have an Error code 3 which indicates the control board has lost communication with the changer. I was wondering if it would be okay to use the machine without a coin acceptor and how to get rid of these messages so that it may become functional.
  6. Hey Guys- My name is Arpit and I am new to the vending machine business. My partner and I plan on buying a route in Dallas. Texas and would love to get some insight into this market. Would anyone be willing to email us privately or get on a quick call with us? Thanks, Arpit Dua arpitduaa@gmail.com
  7. Hello everyone, i hope everyone of us is enjoying good health , the reason for my post is that I recently started vending machine business and I bought Snack Machine VCM3000 . It suddenly stopped working and displays a message (MACHINE ISNT READY ) and details tell error number 5... can someone help me sort it out .. i shall be very grateful.. your faithful faheem
  8. I have a 7 pin keyed alike tubular (circle) key, and i bought this used vending machine for 3/4 the price because the owner before lost the key. Can someone tell me what kind of key this is and where to buy one? Thanks! -Zack
  9. I have recently acquired a Mac-32 combo machine and the keypad is really hard to use so i want to replace it but since the machine is like 11 years old it is very difficult to find a replacement. Can you help me figure out a compatable keypad? I have been searching for a while. The pictures are down below
  10. Needing help with a used Dixie Narco 501E i purchased. Motors will home but not correctly, and sale mode shows SOLD OUT no matter what I try. Any advice regarding this machine would be much appreciated. So every time I close the door switch, the display says homing, and then in order starting from 1 to 9 each motor will move.they make 2 full rotations and once this has completed the display says wait the bill validator will cycle and then it returns to sold out display. I have noticed that after this, each of the motor switches is not it one of the home positions on the cams. However they are all in the closed positions and stop on the cams in which I assume is "between vend cycles". So what I did was loosen all the motor switches, moved them down while still being plugged in to "trick" the machine that each column is in a "home" position. Still with no change. So I'm not too sure what i am missing.
  11. I have an old polyvend 6640. I don't know how to change prices. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi! We're a club at a university that recently got our lock for the vending machine busted. At first, the T-Handle was on too tight (I think the one in charge of the machine twisted the T-handle too tight). We tried prying it out, but in one of our attempts, I think we dislodged the tubular lock and now the tubular lock is now free-flowing and still locked. Would you guys have any suggestions on how to solve this? We have been looking through the internet, and a lot of people have been just drilling these out (and if all else fails we would probably do this), but 1) I am not exactly sure how far I can drill without breaking the actual machine, and 2) I am not sure if there is another better solution. I think our vending machine is a Dixie-Narco one? Though if you guys can point to me how I can verify what my vending machine is, that would be swell. Many thanks and all the best.
  13. I had all my game keys stolen out of my vehicle and I'm in the process of having to break into all my machines. I was going to do a lock replacement that afternoon and had my box of spare locks and keys on me, which also was taken. I had about 30 keys for my 47 machines. As I'm still a one-woman business, this has been a pretty devastating blow. I have over 40 Beaver locks that used only 3 keys and I've yet to find anywhere with Beaver locks less than $13 not including shipping. You guys can do the math... I am unsure how to proceed with breaking into a few of my machines. First question, should I attempt to drill out a lock on the glass door? They're Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. Can the top possibly be removed? For my 6 mech Sticker machine (pic attached) , there's a lock found under the top 3-mech assembly after you lift the assembly out. Unlocking it allows you to remove the bottom 3-mech assembly. Does someone know what type of lock it is? There's also one on top that lets you take the first 3-mech assembly out. I'm pretty inexperienced in locks and types and best places to get them. Same with power tools haha I learned yesterday to lubricate the bit to keep it from getting too hot... I'd appreciate any tips offered on this situation.
  14. Hello, Just picked up an older pepsi vending machine. Right now it is only coin operated but looks like there is a place where a bill acceptor would go. I would like to add the bill acceptor but I have no idea what i need and I've tried googling with no luck. Please help Model: 324210001 940502 Basic Unit: v312 Serial No: 281209 Vendo PE-2837 Thanks, Steve
  15. I recently purchased a FOLZ Vending Rack. Imaged below. The rack had no locks so I had to order a bunch of them. I ordered the cam lock imaged below thinking it was the right size. However, it still wont work for the 2 bigger heads and the flat vend on the right. Do you guys know where I can find the correct locking mechanism needed? I searched everywhere online and in store and have no luck. Im thinking I can get away with using the locks if I could find s shaped cams (the arms on the locks) but can not find those anywhere either. Or if I could order shorter cylinder cam locks (which I can not find either). Any help or direction would be awesome. Thanks!
  16. Hi guys! Literally the new kid here. I am a teenager ha ha who just bought my second claw machine for placement! It is a treasure chest claw in pretty good shape. It only has one problem, The claw will not open. After spending hours online, I believe it is a bad capacitor or diode. But without a manual or schematic I have no idea what to go after. Does anyone have experience with this problem? Thank you so much, I am excited to explore this forum!uyy
  17. Hi guys so on the new black diamond machines we removed a candy tray by taking off the dividers and pairing 40 to 41, 41 to 42 etc. Work great. I got 10 that were silver color in the front and those both candy trays the spirals all face the same way instead of the selections working opposite. Say 40 turns clockwise then 41 does too instead of one counter clockwise as all dual coil chip selections do. How can i fix that do i need new motors or new spirals? Lastly i have an older 5 wide with a big blue display i thought it would pair the same as the newer ones. I go to pair menu and i dont know what to do from there. It says pair on the screen w blue big letters but i click enter or click most buttons and it does nothing. How do you pair on those machines??? Thanks in advance!
  18. Brothers and sisters, Im a rookie at the vending machine business near San Jose and Pleasanton area of California, I'm looking for a reliable and efficient way to get started by starting reasonable and building up. Does anyone know any trustworthy vending machine programs or partnerships that I can join which can hook me up And help me with everything possible and give me some tips that lead to your huge success ?? I'm also looking for reliable low cost wholesellers for snacks and drinks?
  19. Newest member here, I'm with a 501c3 that was donated a vending machine, (DN-276,) and I have gotten it up and running. It is currently vending like new, but I would like to be able to access programming using the DEX jack, and don't want to shell out the money for the handheld. I have the schematics to make a DEX to RS-232, but was wondering if anyone has made a USB version of the cord, and what software people use. Also, the person who donated the machine didn't know the password code, so I also need to know how to reset it. Any help helps.
  20. Hi!! I am a college student that purchased 2 used Saeco SG 200 machines to place at the school in order to help subsidize my education. I had the first one placed, it was working well however I noticed a small drip coming from the bottom side of the boiler, the leak went away then one day came back with vengeance. I switched the top part of the machine out for the top of my other machine (first time I've used this one). I turned it on for the first time and it has the same drip coming from the bottom of the boiler!! I cannot see exactly where the water is leaking from but it gathers on the metal plate below the boiler and drips from there. The drip only occurs while the machine is in use and not while sitting dormant. I live in a remote northern community in northern BC, Canada and do not have access to all the 'city' amenities. Any suggestions are welcomed and certainly appreciated!! Thank you!! Cheri
  21. Hello. So I will be purchasing a claw machine just like what is pictured in this post. I have an almost 3 year old daughter that is now almost obsessed with claw machine so i figured I'd be a great father and buy her one for the basement. Currently it is non-operational. The question is that I have not the slightest clue as to where to start to diagnose what may be wrong with the machine. It seems to be an older model machine with fairly simple electronics inside, still not sure where to start. I have a basic to intermediate understanding for electronics and am almost positive if i was pointed in the right direction I could manage most to all for the repairs myself. Also curious if parts for this can even be found anymore? any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated by myself and especially my daughter!!! When I get it home in a few days I can post pictures of the inside to help show what its setup looks like and to help diagnose!!
  22. I got a new machine and the tag and info panel was ripped off the side so I need help finding out information I can only guess its a 80's model
  23. Looking at buying a route possibly. 40 machines 150-900 a month. Not all have keys. How much is a good price for that? Also any advice on the best placement strategies.
  24. Ok after looking around I've seen that combo and seaga machines are bad. What type of machines should I get? Looking to get snack and coke machines. $35,000 to invest.
  25. can anybody tell me how to buy out an operator from a location...whats the process???
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