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Found 30 results

  1. Hi all! I am new to this forum, I am based in the UK and looking to make the venture into honor boxes (Honour in the UK.) After browsing this forum for several weeks I cant seem to see any UK based companies? If you are from the UK and in this business please reach out to me! I have spoken to bhumphreys as everyone will know him, but I just want to get a wider selection of answers too! For those in the business: 1) What is your opinions of using a charity? Do you use charities? I know the laws differ in both countries but is anyone aware of the legal aspect of this? If I went down the route of using a charity would I need to declare some form of legislation or can I simply just donate said amount of profit without and charity licences etc.? 2) In regards to suppliers of boxes I have tried Camerons packaging and Sheridan Systems but the delivery is exceptionally high as you can imagine. I also contacted the Honour Box Guy who was kind enough to give me a quote on his boxes but the same problem occurred. So my question is mainly aimed at UK based people, who are your box suppliers? I think these are my main questions for now as I have done a lot of research on this and im excited to get going. I am aware of several success stories but if anyone would like to share with me their journey or any advice that they did or would do different upon starting their journey, I would love to hear it! Thanks for taking your time to read this! Joe
  2. I'm just a guy who had an honor box route. I understand the costs of these boxes with the price of shipping. With that knowledge, I worked to make it more affordable and easy for you. I launched the website HonorBoxGuy.com . On my website, you will find the lowest cost honor boxes and you will not have to purchase by freight-load either to get them for your route. For everyone here for the next 5 days they can get 10 percent off their order with promotion code "First Month". For those worried about shipping costs, if you are close enough and buy enough boxes it is can possible to work out a local pickup deal
  3. I thought that I posted this last night so if there is multiples I apologize. Brand new to this forum and brand new to vending. I am going to be raising money for at least 4 different charity organizations this year because I couldn't make up my mind on 1. Most boxes go to pink ribbon but I have some for National Childrens Cancer Society and Americans For Lost Children. My actual machines will contribute towards American Parkinson Disease Association. I scored a storage unit filled with candy, sticker, toy capsule and gumball machines. Realizing that I need to refurbish my most of my machines to them location ready. I also scored some U-turns that were ready to go so I've put them on location. Also, scored a soda machine and 2 claw machines that I need to fix. So far I have spent about 2 grand on storage, machines, honor boxes and candy. That got me about 40 bulk heads (some damaged, all used), 7 5 column sticker machines, about 5 basketball/soccor/bowling mini pinball/bulk head machines, 2 claw machines (they work but the crane does not move side to side), an 8 selection dr pepper machine with dollar bill acceptor (compressor out), 3 U-Turn Candy machines and Since I had no locations and my machines need work I've started an honor box route 3 days ago. This is my third day and I am about to go get locations. I've added 15 locations to my route since I started on 4/15. I am taking video of everything so I can upload edited clips on youtube and posting them here for you guys and am going to document everything here and on my website bulkcandyvendor.com - expect my first video soon, I am just waiting to be able to show the first collection. Any advice is appreciated because I am brand new. Wish me luck!
  4. Hello, i am new to this forum and plan on starting a charity honor box route in the very near future. I was just wondering if anyone here uses the pink ribbon boxes from Sheridan Systems and what their thoughts are on these boxes? Do you notice a decrease in shortage with these particular boxes? Any and all info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Got out there today and did some pavement pounding. Placed 7 locations and pulled 1. The Long and Foster I placed last week had negative shrinkage. I think -12%, off the top of my head. I can’t help but wonder if the manager who was worried about shrinkage put in extra just Incase I was short, she seems like the type to do that. Also, was at a friend’s auto shop yesterday and placed a box and soda machine there, was getting work done and he mentioned coke had pulled the machine that had been there since he opened because the operator was constantly leaving it empty, he practically asked if I knew anyone who did vending. Was nice since on the way over I had decided to try to sell him on a soda machine and had been praying that his previous machine would be gone and I wouldn’t have to sell him hard (I hate pitching to friends and family.) Got a pretty clear answer to that one. Have a significant amount invested in product now and am anxious to see the returns come in. I think there was a part of me that had to see the cash in the honor box to actually believe people would buy my product. Feels good.
  6. Honor Box Location Binder Templates View File These are templates (Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel respectively) that follow the accounting model from Vending-Business-Information.com, as laid out by Dennis. This sheet will do all of the percentage calculations for you as well as auto filling your "Route Totals" sheet. I recommend adding a new "digital binder" for every route you run. To input a location, simply duplicate the template sheet and fill in the information from your location card. Then add that location to the formula on the "Route Totals" page and drag the new formula over all of the cells. I hope this helps y'all avoid the confusion I faced when first starting out. Benjamin Submitter VAVending Submitted 08/15/2018 Category Vending Tools  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    These are templates (Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel respectively) that follow the accounting model from Vending-Business-Information.com, as laid out by Dennis. This sheet will do all of the percentage calculations for you as well as auto filling your "Route Totals" sheet. I recommend adding a new "digital binder" for every route you run. To input a location, simply duplicate the template sheet and fill in the information from your location card. Then add that location to the formula on the "Route Totals" page and drag the new formula over all of the cells. I hope this helps y'all avoid the confusion I faced when first starting out. Benjamin


  8. So I was part of a discussion about this in a separate thread and figured I should pull it over here so it would be more easily searchable. Anyone is welcome to post their way of “selling” here. Specifically Honor Boxes please. My recommendation is to find the points you like and practice them at random with a helpful friend or family member.
  9. As you've noticed, there is reference to all three on here! No worries we're all the same person! LOL! Rodney69 is my name on the board here. I started out here for myself and personal learning. Then we started helping members on here as Family Vending (our registered name for our vending route). Everything was going so good and we decided to launch our site that was exclusive from our vending route. Our final change and destination is Vending Locator for YOU! or VendingLocator4u.com As you can see by all of our feedback on here, we go above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. We just needed to separate the 2 business' for easier bookkeeping. If you have any questions, let us know! Rodney
  10. Hello, I am new to the forums and just introducing myself. My business is brand new so I am here to learn and post updates on my route to possibly help others once I figure out my way around.
  11. Does anyone know if Sheridan Systems is just a supplier of vending supplies or do they locate accounts, etc. too? Thank you!
  12. Hello! I just purchased my first 50 honor boxes from Sheridan and I have 23 located thus far. These are the pink ribbon lollipop/mint boxes, not the snack boxes. I’ve read through almost all of the threads about honor boxes and there is a wide variety of people who have done good and also people who wish they wouldn’t have gotten into the business. Ideally I’d like to do this full time and replace my income. I’m sure it’s hard to put a consistent dollar amount on each box but is it unreasonable to think that each box could or should average 4 dollars a week in PROFIT? If that’s the case if I was able to locate 500 boxes at 4 dollars profit per week per box that would end up being just over 100k in profit in a years time. Is this unrealistic? This might be a hard question to answer but any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  13. I have a pink ribbon honor box route for sale in the areas of Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Staunton VA. 56 locations with 57 (2 in one location) honor boxes on location and average $13.00 per location every 3 weeks. I am asking $2,750.00 this includes the boxes, locations, the candy for one working (that I will be with you to introduce you to the customers) and all route material and transfer of zip codes from Sheridan Systems. You may email me directly if you have any questions regarding this. jlstevensnc@gmail.com
  14. So after reading threw this forum for several months I took the plunge and ordered 25 charity honor boxes. I'm still waiting on the package and locations but I have few questions maybe y'all can help with. This forum has been so helpful not just with vending business information but business information in general there is really a wealth of info here. 1. Mint box, single type of candy box (i.e atomic fireballs only) or mixed candy box ? 2. After the first drop off , When you switch out the box do you check in with anyone ? Or just switch it out and leave? 3. Do you wear a name tag,hat ,shirt or anything else that identifies your company ? I plan to track my progress here so I'll update when I'm further along. thanks in advance for the help
  15. Been lurking the forums for a little while now, and felt like it was only right to say hello. I appreciate all of the info you guys/gals give. I will be starting my vending venture real soon. I decided to go the honor box route, and would gladly take all of the schooling I can get from you guys/gals. I know confidence is a must in this biz, and you gotta take a "NO" with a straight face, lol. I feel like I'm on to something here, with this biz, and ready to take the plunge. Look forward to reading more of your comments, ideas, ups and downs. Thanks Mark Black Star Vending
  16. I recently started mint boxes. I was doing bulk, but I see a decline in this business. The boxes make money, but I have had some odd situations come up. Out of ten locations that I started with, only six have lasted more than a week. I have a hard time finding out why when I question them. The reasons are untrue and lame. If you do not want the box, just say so. Do not waste my time or yours. Don,t tell me there is no room when there obviously is room. The boxes look attractive and I use good candy and blow pops, so that's not the problem. I only question the location so I can do a better job, but I can,t seem to get a straight answer. Anybody else have this problem?
  17. We now have new lower pricing in almost every area of the site!!! We have worked out the kinks and can handle more flow so that we are able to offer lower cost! I know that location cost is a tough one and typically expensive! I get it! So I have designed a better way to handle the loads and smoothed out a few things as well. This is to bring our customers lower pricing! Not because we were asked to, but because I believe in offering the best product at the lowest cost and lowering it when it's possible instead of trying to squeeze it out of everyone and folding when you have to. I still enjoy helping more than I do the money. Don't get me wrong, I like and need to get paid, but giving and helping is key to me. I am still trying to improve one area....... I am trying to figure out a way to use a dbase like excel that anyone can open, or a similar set up so that it's easier for customers to track, change and up date. Something that is easy for them and easy for me. The days of just pasting to an email and sending needs to come to a close, so I'm looking to improve. If someone has ideas or has knowledge about Google forms or how that might incorporate it let me know. This is important enough to me that depending on how set up it is and how turn key the idea, I am willing to pay with locations for someone to come up with the idea and the final draft!! Thank you for all the support that you as a community has given me so far. Check out our new pricing!!!
  18. I recently got 50 pink boxes from Sheridan. Margaret seems very professional and friendly. I have been in bulk for about a year and I see a decline in that business for many reasons. Chocolate prices are going crazy is one of the main problems. I bought 8 selection uturns and that was a mistake for various reasons. Not many locations are busy enough to keep that much candy fresh and profitable. The honor boxes make money, but I have run into some strange circumstances. People refuse them for reasons that do not seem to add up. If you do not want it at your business, just be honest and state that. I do not have a problem with that. I have had several locations deny them or give me a dishonest reason. I question them to not necessarily change their mind, but to get insight on what improvements I can make. The answers just make things more unclear. I do not think I am the only this happens to. On a positive note they do make money. I have had success with mini candy bars and blow pops. These seem to do better than mints.
  19. On Sale Now! 26.00 locations for orders of 50+! This is our lowest price YET! Less than 50 is on sale for 28.00! Don't miss your chance! Order now! This is for a limited time, currently only till the end of June! We are running lots of specials right now! Don't wait till we're to busy and stop the sales! Dust off the equipment and get ready! We have current customers that are on here that can testify to how much they make! www.VendingLocator4U.com
  20. I am interested in buying some honor boxes and plan on starting out with 10. Before I buy them I wanted to find out a few things first. Are you guys using the mini york patties or the regular size? Is there somewhere to buy the mints at a good price besides sams and bj's? I have no memberships and am not sure if it's worth getting one for only 10 boxes.
  21. I had a location contact me that wants a snack honor box. They have 18 employees and need snacks! If you live or service this area, let me know! Should be a great location!
  22. Has anybody tried making there own honor boxes from plexiglass? I've been reading up on the subject and think I'm going to try it. Plexiglass and a heat gun. How hard can that be? I have 4 of the cardboard style from Sheridan out on location and in just a short time they look pretty trashy.
  23. I placed my first box last Friday and I thought it might be worth someone else's while to know how it did in the first 7 days... I filled the box with 88 mints. 75 of the mints were gone. My price point was .33 cents. I purchased the mints for .074 cents a piece. With 75 mints being gone my potential gross income was $24.75 The actual amount in the box was $18.35 that is about 74% of what should have been in the box. This means that my shrinkage was 26% The total cost of the mints that were missing from the box was $5.55 $18.35 - $5.55 = $12.80 net before gas and cost of box (gas didn't cost extra this time because the box is in a place I must go to every day anyway) Am I missing anything? There are about 10 people daily in the office where I placed the box. Do these numbers seem consistent with the norm? I am excited about getting the rest of my boxes out and will be going out today to place a few more. (I set my goals extremely low, so as not to become disappointed or discouraged)
  24. Hi Im new to honor boxs and im going to try the 50 pink ribbon mint boxes to start. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to find locations and what has worked for you to place them. do you just ask the managers of the place? How often should the boxes be checked when you run the route maybe every 2 weeks? any help or added information would be greatly appreciated on getting started.
  25. I went to Sheridan's website today to order some more candy boxes and it looks like their prices have jumped quite a bit on mint candy boxes. The price for a mint candy box with the pre-printed graphics is $3.85 per unit WITHOUT a coin box which is another $.36 cents! (99 or fewer units) The price for a mint candy box with NO pre-printed graphics is $3.75 per unit also without the coin box! (99 or fewer units) So, basic plain white boxes with NO graphics are priced just $.10 cents less than those with graphics. Correct me if I am wrong here, but weren't the plain boxes like $2.45 each just a couple of months ago? I have a bunch of acrylic boxes so I may be remembering the price of the the basic corrugate boxes incorrectly. The plain white mint box is $1.30 MORE than the full size plain white snack box! My hypothesis is that they are trying to get people to buy the pink ribbon boxes which are marginally more money at $4.47 each BUT come with a $.50 cents monthly royalty payment to find a cure for breast cancer. The pink ribbon boxes are wax coated also! I don't think that the other cardboard mint boxes that I mentioned are even wax coated! Plus, a quick search of Cameron Packaging shows that their "honor snack box with divider" costs just $2.78 each when you buy 10 or more! I think that the Cameron boxes are to big to use for mint sales. Am I mistaken in the fact that I think Sheridan just dramatically increased cardboard mint box prices? Can the basic cardboard mint boxes be purchased elsewhere for less? Cameron seems to sell only cardboard snack boxes (no smaller mint boxes), is that correct? Thanks!
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