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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all! I am new to this forum, I am based in the UK and looking to make the venture into honor boxes (Honour in the UK.) After browsing this forum for several weeks I cant seem to see any UK based companies? If you are from the UK and in this business please reach out to me! I have spoken to bhumphreys as everyone will know him, but I just want to get a wider selection of answers too! For those in the business: 1) What is your opinions of using a charity? Do you use charities? I know the laws differ in both countries but is anyone aware of the legal aspect of this? If I went down the route of using a charity would I need to declare some form of legislation or can I simply just donate said amount of profit without and charity licences etc.? 2) In regards to suppliers of boxes I have tried Camerons packaging and Sheridan Systems but the delivery is exceptionally high as you can imagine. I also contacted the Honour Box Guy who was kind enough to give me a quote on his boxes but the same problem occurred. So my question is mainly aimed at UK based people, who are your box suppliers? I think these are my main questions for now as I have done a lot of research on this and im excited to get going. I am aware of several success stories but if anyone would like to share with me their journey or any advice that they did or would do different upon starting their journey, I would love to hear it! Thanks for taking your time to read this! Joe
  2. I'm just a guy who had an honor box route. I understand the costs of these boxes with the price of shipping. With that knowledge, I worked to make it more affordable and easy for you. I launched the website HonorBoxGuy.com . On my website, you will find the lowest cost honor boxes and you will not have to purchase by freight-load either to get them for your route. For everyone here for the next 5 days they can get 10 percent off their order with promotion code "First Month". For those worried about shipping costs, if you are close enough and buy enough boxes it is can possible to work out a local pickup deal
  3. Recently, we started a website called VendingBusinessSolutions.com. This website is an all-encompassing site for all your vending needs in the vending business industry. I, Dominick Barbato, have been in the vending machine business for over 6+ years and have been frustrated with what is offered in the industry. About 2 years ago I set out to create Vending Business Solutions as the one-stop shop for all things vending related. We are starting off with just one product: a Charity Honor Box. Charity honor boxes are known and understand by most, but confusing to some. Honor boxes are just regular corrugated cardboard boxes that have a design on them and raise money for charity. We set out to raise money for feeding the hungry, so a portion of all the money inside the box on collection day goes back to giving meals to those that don’t have. Honor boxes could be called a “poor mans business” due to the low costs that they have to start and the low barrier to entry. If you never started a business, and are slightly philanthropic, this might be a business for you to look into. Our boxes are designed with you in mind. We want you to be able to make money, but we also want you to be able to donate to charity. Charity honor boxes are an amazing way for us to be able to raise money and feed the hungry each and every day. We, at Vending Business Solutions are so excited about our honor boxes and the future of what we can do to help you as a vendor! Youtube You can also look me up on Youtube and find recent videos I have done displaying honor boxes, what they are, and there earnings potential! Youtube.com/DominickBarbato
  4. Hello everyone, I am still looking for more pink honor boxes to update my current boxes to new condition. Let me know if you have any you need to get rid of. Please send me an instant message.
  5. Hello all, I have a question. I am trying to get started into the honor box vending. I work full-time during the day 8-5, Monday thru Friday. My plan is to try to find locations in the evenings and weekends. My concern is the people who can make the decisions are not available at that time. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get around this? Does anyone else work a full-time job and trying to find locations? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Justin
  6. Hello all, I just joined the site today. I have been researching honor box vending for the past 6-8 months. I have found a couple opportunities on Craigslist. I wanted to get thoughts - good / bad. My first question has anyone dealt with https://www.charityvending.org/. I found a posting on Craigslist for this organization. They are offering the service of finding 25 locations for cardboard honor boxes. I am just unsure can I trust the company, their location services etc. I have thought about finding my own locations. I would appreciate any advice on how to find my own locations (getting started). I am interested in acrylic honor boxes & gumball machines. Does anyone have an opinion of acrylic honor boxes vs gumball machines? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Justin
  7. Hello, I've been offered a Master Distributor position with Sweets for a Cause. I would get a percent of gross profits from honor boxes in my province. There is a large investment of almost $100,000 and there is very little tangible product to show for it. I'm wondering if this is legitimate and are there any others who have some experience with this company and the MD.
  8. I was considering approaching local hotels to see about putting an honor box on their front counter. I do the Candy for a Cause boxes. Has anyone tried this before?
  9. Please IM me if you are selling honor boxes. Thank you.
  10. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! I hail from Georgia and I'm new to the vending business. I work a full-time job and looking to do this part-time to replace my wife's income who recently left her teaching position to take care of two beautiful daughters. I've recently ordered about 80 honor boxes total and can't wait to start placing them. I'm here to learn as much as possible and contribute where I can. If everyone can offer some tips, feel free to do so..I won't mind . Thanks jnyce84
  11. Hi, I just received my caner charity honor boxes from Sheridan, and was wondering what is the best way to place these boxes, since there is no script is available. I assume it is something like tell them my name and that I am placing honor boxes in businesses to help fund a cure for cancer. Any suggestions are very much appreciated! I have place hundreds of bulk vending machines, so I am sue I can do it, but it woould be nice to hear from people that alreaqdy have. Thanks
  12. I have read tons of information on TVF and I am aware that self locating via walking in is the best and most effective way of locating. I was wondering if anyone thinks that it would be a bad idea to do some of both. Do you suppose I would "burn up" a potentially decent opportunity to walk in and pitch to a location if I decide to have the area called prior to walking in? Knowing that it takes a lot more business' needing to be called compared to the amount of walk-ins it would take to get a "yes", I don't want to waste a large area and ruin the chance at a "walk in pitch" by paying someone else to call the business' in that area. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  13. Ok, so we've come to notice that there is a real need for a locator on TVF. I've been on here for several months, helped a few members, and been helped. If you need help with your bulk charity machines or honor boxes, let us know. I put an add in the classified section with our contract. I will do all I can to help. I have a bulk vending route of mostly Uturn's. I'm in the process of starting to go more Commission and racks. If you need help with your Uturn's and repairs, start a thread and let me know. I will answer it to the best of my ability. Threads are searchable and that way everyone benefits! Any way's, just thought I would announce "officially" that we will help whoever needs it (currently only in the US). Thank you!
  14. Does anyone here know anything about straight donation boxes using the clear acryllic boxes? It seems to me that just simply placing the donation sticker on the box, maybe putting a little of your own change in the box (so that others might be tempted to leaver their money too) would be the best way to make the absolute most money and here's why: 1) If you're not selling any mints, or chocate or whatever then you won't have to pay sales tax on any of it. Where I live the sales tax is 9.25%. 2) You never have to spend any time at all buying or restocking ANY product. Go to wherever your locations are, pick up the money and leave. I'll bet someone could service over 200 accounts in one day like this. It would also be pretty damn easy to get locations because who's not going to want to help out a charity when they aren't even responsible for what happens to the box? 3) The acryllic boxes that I've seen all come with locks on them so it's not like having an open honor box where people can rip you off left and right. Your money would be safe. 4) I keep reading the posts from you guys talking about Sheridan Systems and how great they are with the boxes they sell. However, I know of a way to get those boxes FOR WAAAY CHEAPER by ordering them straight from the factory in China. Trust me, you will save TONS OF MONEY this way. Ask me about this and I'll be happy to tell you. 5) Does anyone here know of any charities to go through where you can do this (that will allow you to put their charity stickers on the acryllic boxes)? You see those donation boxes on the counter tops at retail stores all the time so there's obviously money to be made in it. 6) I'm also wondering about the legalities of this. I would imagine that you could get in trouble if it's not done in the right way. Does anyone have any info about this?
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