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Found 40 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm (hopefully) going to be locating three new machines in the near future. They're 2" .75 Cent toy capsule machines. I currently only have one machine placed, and it's been doing pretty well. I have a few questions for some of you more experienced folks. 1. Could you give an estimate for your success rate when trying to find a place for your machine? Like 10%? 30%? 2. What kind of locations are best? My machine is in a mexican restaurant, and I'm planning on targeting mexican restuarants primarily. 3. How selective are you about where you inquire about placing your machine? I feel like I'm being too picky when I skip over a place, for some reason or another. They may be too upscale, maybe they already have a machine there, too small of a space, etc. I'm not really interested in hiring a locator as I only have 3 machines to place and I need to force myself out of my comfort zone anyway. I also plan on using the gift card method I've seen in this forum to convince the decision maker to let me place. Thanks!
  2. Got out there today and did some pavement pounding. Placed 7 locations and pulled 1. The Long and Foster I placed last week had negative shrinkage. I think -12%, off the top of my head. I can’t help but wonder if the manager who was worried about shrinkage put in extra just Incase I was short, she seems like the type to do that. Also, was at a friend’s auto shop yesterday and placed a box and soda machine there, was getting work done and he mentioned coke had pulled the machine that had been there since he opened because the operator was constantly leaving it empty, he practically asked if I knew anyone who did vending. Was nice since on the way over I had decided to try to sell him on a soda machine and had been praying that his previous machine would be gone and I wouldn’t have to sell him hard (I hate pitching to friends and family.) Got a pretty clear answer to that one. Have a significant amount invested in product now and am anxious to see the returns come in. I think there was a part of me that had to see the cash in the honor box to actually believe people would buy my product. Feels good.
  3. We would like to thank all of the service members in the United States! Although there are many different opinions and problems that we face, there is one thing that stands true, our service members put their life on the line for us and we'd like to thank you for that! All service members in the military, police, and fire all receive 10% off all of our services no matter the size! When you order, please put in the notes that you are a service member (validation may be needed) and you will receive 10% discount on all services (may not be combined with other discounts). Request Locations Here
  4. I am about to locate my machine and was wondering if this is how it all works. 1. Make cold call or e-mail. 2. Say the thing, negotiate commission or say charity. Give sheet to person in charge to select type of candy. I plan on doing 6 options so it doesn't get crazy. I have vendesign carosuel 3. They approve and tell you when its ok to stop by 4. Leave machine in car first and introduce yourself. 5. Setup machine. 6. Give quarters to person in charge to test out 7. Smile and leave. Did I get everything right here? Will I ever have to introduce myself to the whole staff, that's my fear. Candy sheet even necessary?
  5. I have been working as a locator now for about 3-4 months. I was employed by a third party vendor and sine then have parted ways with that Co. Now I would like to do this on my own. I have been involved in Marketing pretty much my whole life, and am very good at what I do, and I am an honest and ethical person. I will try to find you locations that not only produce, but will be in close proximity with youre other locations. And if for some reason I cannot find you a location ( sure I can though ) you will not pay me anything, and I will replace a location if it is not producing. Hope someone will give me a chance, I really need to work and I really need to build up my reputation so I can be successful in this field.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! First time ever, VendingLocator4u.com is offering a BLACK FRIDAY Special! From now through Sunday Nov. 27th at Midnight we will be offering bulk vending locations for all time low advertised price! 37.99 for 1-3 heads! This is for charity locations only! Must receive order from our website, Must receive either signed agreement, or prepaid by Sunday Midnight! This is just to say thank you to everyone that has been a customer of ours over the years. We hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  7. VendingLocator4u is having a sale on Charity Vending Locations!!! Mention this ad to receive charity bulk locations for 40.99! (1-3 head) (59.99 for 4-8 heads) ORDER NOW! Same great service! Same Great warranty! Same great Locations!!! What are you waiting for? This will last no longer than December 31, 2016! Questions? Call me direct! 541-497-7899
  8. I run a small-medium sized full service vending company in MA (south of Boston). I NEED locations for soda/snack machines ASAP! I have 5 unplaced machines in my garage as well as I am pulling 5 machines from a location. WHO CAN HELP????
  9. What is the best time of day to approach a barbershop? My barber approach feels weak and I always feel like I'm interrupting something when I go in. Who is the person in charge at these places? I usually just go in and there's a bunch of people just standing around cutting hair. So I just make a general pitch until I figure out who that person is. Any tips on improving my chances?
  10. What's the first sentence you guys use when trying to locate face to face? For instance, you walk in, and ask an employee to fetch the owner/manager/person in charge, the person in charge walks up to you and says "Hi, how can I help you?" and your first words ARE? I'm pretty good with selling once the conversation is started, but the opening sentence is a crippler for me, also, some have asked me "Do you have any details about it?" Details? It's an effing candy/sticker/gumball machine!
  11. Hello - I am really nervous for some reason to talk to business owners to place my first machine. I'm not sure exactly what to say or expect. Anyways - I was thinking of trying to get a hold of a owner of a busy laundry mat. It seems there are always kids and people already have quarters. Are these good locations?
  12. My most common rejection is the place simply doesn't have enough space for a 5 way rack. I show them the size, and some potential areas it could fit with a cutout, and they still give me the same reason. I know people are different and all that good stuff. I'm just wondering if that's a knee jerk reaction, or has anyone come up with a good counter to that complaint? Don't get me wrong, some places I won't even pitch because I can see there's not enough room and there's no point. But A lot of these places have room and I'm just not sure why they don't want free money from my commission.
  13. Ok, so I have been using Vending Locating Services to help locate some of my machines. The girl Lynn has been working for just over a week and having a hard time locating my machines. She did find a location that she emailed me on which I am currently questioning. It is a popular Bikers/Sports Bar and Grill in the area. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever placed a Tattoo machine in a Bar. How well did it do? Is it a good move? It is a Steiner Tattoo Machine. Pretty Heavy and very sturdy so I am not worried about it getting broken or anything like that. Just wondering about sales. As for kids coming into the bar to eat during the day, not too many come there. But some do. What do you think?
  14. I'm making up a flyer/booklet to help in locating. I recently had a home security salesman come to my house, and he had this already printed up binder all laminated and what not with very few pages, basically showing some plans, some prices and had some bullet points for reasons to choose that company. I know that's nothing new, but it seems like something I want to try especially for my racks. Mainly because when I locate people seem to wonder the same things: 1. How much does it cost 2. What size machine i'm talking about 3. how does the whole thing work etc. I'm thinking of printing up something cheap and simple and having kinkos laminate it for me. Something like: No Contracts No liability (Picture of a rack in a location) .......And i'm drawing a blank for what else should pop out. Anyone have any ideas? (Also I swear I remember reading something like this already, but for the life of me I can't find that post, so if anyone see's it and post a link, that'd be great)
  15. Is anybody using the company CharityVending for locating? Thank you
  16. I am brand new- this is my first post but have been reading this forum every evening for 2 weeks now. I am a stay at home mom and have built up a successful ebay business but the opportunity came to add vending (bulk) to my plate. I purchased (10) triple head and (6) spinning 4 container (not sure what the name is for these is but they are great and only take up 1 Sq. foot) candy machines. 11 of them already had locations and I have a few to locate myself. They were half full with candy already and I purchased all for $900. Thought that was an awesome deal so I jumped on it. Anyway, I am looking to add honor boxes to this and really grow- I will be purchasing about 100 pink ribbon boxes. I have the time now at this phase of my life so I am willing to put about 15-20 hrs. a week into it. I have 3 teen children who I can pay to help me with various aspects of this business so I feel I am in a good position for this. I plan to use a locator (already found one who I have read many reviews of on this forum) as well as my college age daughter to do some locating over the summer. My question is what types of locations should I stay far away from so not to waste time. I'm sure my locator already knows this but I want to know for myself. I research everything thoroughly but I have not seen many posts about where NOT to place honor boxes. Thank you everyone for all the excellent advise. I really enjoy reading and learning.
  17. Not sure where on this site to post this, but I'd like to take the time to share how great my experience has been with Vending Locator 4U. I did try one locator before and it wasn't a great experience. Then I started locating myself for about 10 locations. But if ever you're like myself and find yourself tied up with other affairs, with not enough time to locate I highly recommend these guys. They're fast, and found me some great locations. One location even told me that I better come back every week because their 50+ employees will empty out my machine in no time. I've used them for 8 locations and counting, and they've all been quality locations with plenty of foot traffic and people that actually wanted the machines. Again, maybe this needs to be moved to another forum, but I'm impressed, and I have to give credit where credit is do. Thanks guys!
  18. Hello Everyone, Looking to get back into the Vending business part time in Washington state. I started out many years ago with Vendall - Very bad experience as they went out of business after taking our money. I have several machines sitting in the garage, probably like a lot of people :-) Plus I have acquired more machines, a couple here and there with the anticipation of setting up a route again. But I thought, why not get them out and located. So I will give it another shot. I will most likely get some located with my warm market but thought I would give a locating company a try too. The bulk machines seem to be priced around $50 for each machine located. Has anyone had good/bad experience with locating companies?
  19. Hello, sorry if this is a topic somewhere I can't figure out how to search for it. Anyway, a book I read on locating said to bring the machine in with you to every location, something about how when they see the machine it helps overcome some barriers. My problem with this is, my machine is half full of candy, and it's a triple head (All i have are vendesign and 1800 triples) So taking in a machine just to hear the owners not here, or we already have one, or talk to corporate, seems like it would tire a person out really quickly. Any thoughts on this, any experiences, if it's better I can try it, but for now i use a picture on a tablet when i mention what i'm trying to do. thanks
  20. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or processes for gaining access to the people that you need to talk to (decision makers) when trying to get a vending machine into their business? Specifically snack or drink machines...
  21. We have started having a lot of issues with contracts not being followed. This is just an FYI people, read the contract! Jeez!
  22. Hi guys! I've been lurking around the forums for a few months, and I've finally decided to start building up a vending route. I read through the pinned threads, but still have a couple questions--for one, do any of you write up a contract for the store you're setting up in? And do you pay the person whose space you're renting in person, or through a different method? As far taxes go, did you register your business as an llc or did you use an alternative business type? I'm pretty new to this, so advice is appreciated!
  23. We added a new Facebook page for the locating end of things. Any likes would be appreciated! I think this will be where we advertise deals and so on, still trying to work it out. Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! Thank you!!! https://www.facebook.com/VendingLocator4u If this is in the wrong area, I apologize.
  24. I may need some help building a website for our locating company. I'm going to do it myself if I have the time, but that's not likely to happen! LOL! If anyone is good at it, let me know. Thanks!
  25. Ok, it seems that we have gotten pretty busy on the locating end of things. So it might be time to start up a website to help streamline the process. I've had to hire more help to keep things smooth. The question is: website address? I think it needs to be simple and include what we do. So I'm reaching out for ideas! Only one I've come up with is www.(Removed at posters request).com Any input will be much appreciated!
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