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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Everyone! Me and my husband are just new to vending machine business. We currently have 2 combo (snacks and drinks) machine that is ready to be shipped out as soon as we secure a location for the machine. With that being said and as a new in the business i think we are going to hire a Vending locator to help us find locations for those 2 machines. As me and my husband are currently has a fulltime job too. Anyone who have use www.ablhome.com owned by Richard Campbell. He charge 600/machine. The other locator i was planning to hire is www.qualityvendinglocations.com by Peter (i dont know his last name) but when i did some research it looks like Peter is the also the Peter from Prime Vending locations which has tons of complaints from ripoff site, BBB. as well as here in vendiscuss. Anyone can recommend a trusted locator? We are very excited about this business as my husband is somehow mechanically knowledgeable and very interested in venturing this business. I would greatly appreciate all your inputs.. thank you in advance!
  2. How difficult is it to win a bid for a school district (public)?
  3. I am looking to get a few machines and i need some help about locations. There is a new senior center being built i am considering this even though it is not yet built i think it will get a lot of traffic. I also have my public library, i need help with that because there is a no food or drink rule and the administrator said the machines being outside the entrance might be "tempting". Is there any way i could sell it as something good to change her mind. All help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I am looking to get back into vending and figure the quickest and easiest way it to buy an existing route. Trying to figure out which way is best from these examples and what metrics are key to be looking at. All Locations are relatively close to each other. Machines are mostly Can and snack with bill acceptors, not sure on card readers. 1.Asking Price $12,000.00 - Yearly Grosses $11,856.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations 2. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 3. Asking Price $ 10,500.00- Yearly Grosses $11,400.00 - 2 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 4. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 5. Asking Price $18,500.00- Yearly Grosses $18,400.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations
  5. So I snagged a spot on my first attempt! But the guy wants 50%! There are already some machines in there but no FLAT Vending Machine. So I offered my 6 column sticker/tattoo machine and offered a higher commission than what other other vendors were offering. (is that a ahole move to make) His response was "if you cant offer more than 50% than I wont take out any other machines because they all pay me 50%. So will you pay 50% on the sticker/tattoo machine?" I shook his hand and agreed because it is currently in my living room and I need to get it placed and it was my first try and somewhat a success so I was excited. The perk is that it is at one of the best Laundry Mats that is always busy! What do you think?
  6. We have a location available for a snack and soda in Denver, CO First come first serve! 119 employee's Needs Coke and Pepsi products in the drink machine. Snack machine as well. Contact me for information. 541-979-5474
  7. I have an opportunity to place a vending machine at an office; however they are requesting that I send them a proposal. Any idea on how to get started and what information to include in the proposal?
  8. Where do you guys purchase your inventory for your vending machines? jarci
  9. Hello all, I been reading this forums, and gathering as much info as possible to get started, been looking for possible locations. So long story short, my wife asked one of the town clerks where she worked if they have vending machines in the location and the answer was NO, and it would be nice for then to have vending machines.. The problem with that is that she mentioned that they had in the past vending machines, but people will leaving bottles and trash all over the place and they removed them, not sure how long ago it was that.. I like to approach them again, and since this will be my first time and I don't have any proven vending business at the moment just starting out ( I do have the funds for machines and merchandise), but don;t want to mess it up by saying or offering the wrong thing.. Any idea how to make them comfortable ? I know I can't stop people from leaving trash behind, but is there any way to make a good case ? I'd really love to get this account, it would be a great way for me to start.. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a location to put a machine, but im new and want to start off right. Any help would greatlyy help. My location is inside a 15,000sq cheerleading gym. 100+ weeklky. During the summer months its twice as much. I want to be able to do bottle (ex. gatoroade,powerade) and well as chips and cany in one machine.
  11. rodney69

    3 way

    From the album: current racks and set ups!

    Another new location!
  12. Hello Everyone I am very new to the vending machine business I haven't bought any machines as of yet still trying to figure out if I want to buy into a franchise or start out on my own. Any suggestions? And if I start out on my own is it beneficial to hire a locator company or is it better to call on my own?
  13. This question goes out to all you industry veterans out there. I currently have a small Amusement / bulk vending operation going and I'm looking for the best way to expand my business rapidly in terms of revenue. My intuition (and many previous posts) tells me that high-end redemption games like Keymaster, Winners Cube, Barber Cut, and Prize Transporter are the best way to go. I've read through the vast majority of the posts in the Amusement Vending section and the wisdom here is vast. Thank you to all the big contributors like Bill Nuts, Dogcow, Roostyr, Ronsidney, Havending, Mainor5251, Jayhawk22, will.vend, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting. I've already learned a ton from you guys before learning things the "hard way" and it is sincerely appreciated. Specifically I'm curious about the following items which I have not yet seen in other posts: What is the "lowliest" type of location you would put a Keymaster like machine in? Obviously malls, movie theaters, & other similar locations work great, but what about say a busy restaurant, or a 99 cent store? Related to #1, going after the big accounts like Malls, movie theaters, etc goes without saying but since those can take some time, what would you consider the "average" type of location where you might be willing to put one of these. What is the low-end monthly revenue at your lowliest locations (before prizes and splits)? What types of locations are these? What is the least acceptable monthly revenue number in your opinions on a Keymaster or similar? For every $1000 in revenue monthly, how much of that normally goes towards prizes? I know many of these settings are built into machine just want to get an idea. For these types of machines what splits are you usually offering locations? 25%, 35%? On Gross or Net? Anyone out there using the Impulse Industries Prize Transporter? How does it compare to Keymaster, Babercut, Stacker, etc. This seems like a great machine but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. For those in CA, does anyone know if there are any important Legal & license considerations to take into account in California for these machines specifically? I've seen many posts complain about the strict laws in GA for example, just curious if there are any similar concerns in California. What is the best way to find and buy used or refurbished equipment of this nature besides Ebay & Craigslist? Is there a good universal way to install CC readers and remote monitoring on these machines? Seems like this would be very useful to optimize collections and down-time. I feel capable and ready to move into this high-end arena for many reasons not the least of which is that I'm very comfortable around computer internals and electronics. Thank you Bill Nuts for driving that point home in previous posts! I'm sure I have a lot to learn but I'm a quick study and hungry to get going. If you have any other important pointers which I might have missed please do share. Thank you in advance for your responses.
  14. I just received a call from a company in the city of Orange that is requesting some vending machines. They have 35 employees. PM me for the contact information.
  15. Hi, I am thinking for setting up soft drink vending machine. What is the ideal foot fall per day i should look for ? what is the buy rate ? any other info will be help full... Thanks, Richi
  16. Hi all, I'm new on the forum, this is my first post. (My main language is french so I may make some english mistakes) I was searching a way to invest around 10k and I didnt know where to invest it to get some good returns. I did some reasearch and found that vending machine business could be a good way for me. I went on craiglist and local websites to find some used machine for sell. I found a guy selling 29 pringles/candy/peanuts with a supplier for 11.6k. The only problem is that they don't have any emplacement right now. The machines are working perfectly. With this supplier, I can buy each item in them for around 0,70$ and sell them for 2$. I think these are pretty good margins. I called the guy to see if he could sell me less machine. He said that he can sell 15 of them for 6k so half the machine for half the price. Each machine are worth around 1k and he is selling them for 400$. Is this a good investment? How hard is it to find emplacement for 15 machines? Thank you
  17. I was looking at the document posted and how many of the scripts refer to donating to charity. While I couldn't say that unless I actually was donating a comission to charity. I'm curious for those willing to admit it, how many use charity as a way to get in, but don't actually give to charity and who uses that and DOES actually give to charity?
  18. Hi im Garrett. I started a Vending Machine business about 6 months ago and purchased 3, rs 900 1800vending combo machines with the credit card readers and the LCD screen for advertisements, and a Dixie Narco 600E 7-UP machine. For the past 4 months i have been going out 6 days a week for 10 hours a day, trying to place my machines. I have not tried making cold calls as I feel I it shows more dedication to walk in and talk to the potential clients face to face. i have not had ANY luck placing a single machine. I have now had the cops called on my twice, and have had the F word yelled at my a total of 22 times. Now the thing with me is I am not a pushy salesmen what-so-ever, well as, being EXTREMELY curtious. the potential client says "no thank you, not interested" I graciously thank them for their time, and leave them a business card and a brochure, so that in the event they change their mind, they will have my information. Now I am only 22 years old and have spent upwards of $25,000 starting this business and im about to lose everything if I do not place these machines and in a somewhat timely mannor. Can anyone please give me some advise on how I might better place my machines or helpful sales techniques? Any advise is GREATLY apprecited! thank you! (places I have tried are: Hospitals, Banks, Oil Change Centers, Tire Centers, Large Office Buildings,ETC.)
  19. Just wanted to post that I have my first 2 locations on the board. Both machines are NW Triple Plays. One was placed in busy pizza place in a college town. This place is open til 4a.m. on the weekends and is a favorite late night spot for drunk college party kids. The owner of the pizza place allowed me to screw the base of the machine into the concrete floor in the lobby because the kids break things and take things if they are not literally bolted down. I was thinking Giant Lag bolts but the contractor that came in to install (because I do not have tools to drill into concrete) just used some 4 inch screws so I hope my machine will be ok. The other machine was placed in a local instant oil change. Probably unlikely that many customers will get out of their car to buy the treats so I hope the employees like to snack. Also any advice on something I noticed on my first day of locating. The local Lions have a blue NW super 60 in almost every business I walk into. They sell these tiny little gumballs and have apparently been there for years. Almost every business I talk to points to their little blue machine and says "we've had that for years, and that is plenty". anybody have experience/advice going up against something like this? If it was a few places it wouldn't bother me but it is literally 90% of the little mom and pop places in my small town and its for the local Lions and appears to be 100% operated by the Lions?
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