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Found 22 results

  1. Sometime before Christmas, I ran into Rodney69 here on the TVF, and we chatted about his locating service. I was rather impressed with his story of how he ran his business, and told him that when I had a machine suitable for a locator, I'd give him a try. Flash forward to a couple weeks back, and I finally got a machine that was "suitable" for a locator. As my route is still made up with mostly rack and capsule gear, it took a bit to get a triple together for the trip. The machine selected- my trusty, modified Seaga TV3000. NW Mechs, a modded plate inside to keep the mechs from ever coming loose, and a reinforced back door. As much as I liked to think that Rodney would land me a good spot, I wanted to make sure that even if that spot was the roughest spot in town the unit would survive everything thrown at it. This Seaga has marched through many bars and laundromats, so I could think of no safer candidate for a new locator. To begin, Rodney does not charge up front. This isn't a huge deal for me- I've never had any qualms with paying locator fees up front in the past from other services, but I know this is a big deal for operators who may not be interested with paying for work before it's done. His website is neat and straightforward, and really easy to use. I had everything input and ordered (on my phone, no less) in a matter of minutes. Rodney does have a contract for the vendor to sign. It's the usual legal jargon in the event you don't place your machines, fail to pay, etc. The one thing I didn't expect was a requirement to halt all locating efforts in the zip code his team would be working in. Not a problem per se, but it kicked my timetable back a bit while I settled up my existing leads in the area before going ahead with him. If you're like me and you're working out accounts all over town all the time, just keep this in mind before you order. It took Rodney about a week from the time we began to the time I got the email saying I had a location. To my surprise, he landed the JCPenny, the last "big box" store on the west side of town. Manager knew I was coming, which charity I was benefiting, and had the space picked out for me. Perhaps this is just the manager, but the notion that I truly just came in and dropped off the machine without having to "re-sell" the loc as I have with some other locators in years past was really refreshing. In short, it was as painless as it can possibly get. You give Rodney and his team a zip code, and wait for the locations to roll in. You pay when they find locs, and they'll locate just about anything when it comes to your standard units- singles, doubles, triples, quads, and even snack boxes if that's your thing. I've tentatively given Rodney my recommendation in the past based on what others have said, now having used his service I can recommend it with confidence. I will update soon with how the location performs. In the event this one is a dud, I do have the 60-day warranty for a relocation- I'll keep you all posted!
  2. Hi, first post here, I'm trying to see if there is anyone that provides direct competition to Canteen on a national level? Is there anyone here that contributes to a National Vending Management Company that competes against them to help the independent vendors? I read some of the forums and gather that there are regional management companies but is there any groups nationally?
  3. Hello Everyone! Me and my husband are just new to vending machine business. We currently have 2 combo (snacks and drinks) machine that is ready to be shipped out as soon as we secure a location for the machine. With that being said and as a new in the business i think we are going to hire a Vending locator to help us find locations for those 2 machines. As me and my husband are currently has a fulltime job too. Anyone who have use www.ablhome.com owned by Richard Campbell. He charge 600/machine. The other locator i was planning to hire is www.qualityvendinglocations.com by Peter (i dont know his last name) but when i did some research it looks like Peter is the also the Peter from Prime Vending locations which has tons of complaints from ripoff site, BBB. as well as here in vendiscuss. Anyone can recommend a trusted locator? We are very excited about this business as my husband is somehow mechanically knowledgeable and very interested in venturing this business. I would greatly appreciate all your inputs.. thank you in advance!
  4. As you've noticed, there is reference to all three on here! No worries we're all the same person! LOL! Rodney69 is my name on the board here. I started out here for myself and personal learning. Then we started helping members on here as Family Vending (our registered name for our vending route). Everything was going so good and we decided to launch our site that was exclusive from our vending route. Our final change and destination is Vending Locator for YOU! or VendingLocator4u.com As you can see by all of our feedback on here, we go above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. We just needed to separate the 2 business' for easier bookkeeping. If you have any questions, let us know! Rodney
  5. I am new to the vending business and looking to place my first drink/snack machine in the Atlanta area as soon as possible... Any recommendations for a locator? I'm working on it myself but feel that I could use someone with experience to ensure I get a good location.
  6. Hi Guys, I am so happy to have come across this awesome site. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Philip de Armendi, and I am the founder of this new alternative lead generation platform www.leadrop.com . We have already had some successful vending machine leads being bought just last week. We are really excited! The backstory... A friend of mine owns a large vending machine company here in Orange County California and spends well over $2500 a month on Google AdWords to send potential clients to his Vending and Coffee Service website. His company's logistics have him needing locations with at least a foot traffic count of 150 employees/visitors for him to justify placing a vending machine there and sending his truck drivers out to it. The problem was that over 80% of the leads he would get to his site that contacted him were below this amount, or outside his operating region. These were leads he paid for, that he could do nothing with. He explained to me that he just through these leads away, and that there were other smaller vending companies in which this would be the perfect lead for, but they did not have the marketing budget ever to be put in touch with them. A year and a half later, with TONS of awesome technology in the backend, Leadrop is finally here to bridge the gap allowing vendors at all stages to buy quality leads from each other and not let any more leads go to waste. Our free platform was built to help the business owner; there are no costs to using Leadrop. We built Leadrop to be able to accommodate any industry, and we have already received requests to add wedding photography, electricians, auto transport, IT, and more, BUT we are dedicating all of our efforts to the workplace refreshments industry as our target industry to show proof of concept. I also love this business sector personally and find it fascinating. We already have booth 1350 reserved at the NAMA show in Las Vegas in March to say hi to the community and meet you guys. Because we are a startup, we are looking for as much feedback as possible to help perfect the platform and give the business owner the best possible service. We just launched back in early November of last year, and we are seeing some great feedback and growth from the Vending community. We are patiently building a network of vendors who can utilize our high-tech platform to buy and sell leads. We are getting plenty of traffic and new sign-ups every day. The concept is simple, with nothing but upside for Coffee Service, Vending, Micro-Market and Foodservice Operators. Here are our press releases in Vending Times and Vending Market Watch. A few facts about Leadrop: Sign up is Free Sign up is Easy With Leadrop – You Can Buy and Sell Leads Leadrop Grows Your Business Buy Leads Leadrop allows you to select your area of interest - OCS, Vending, Foodservice or Micro-Markets - and look at available leads to buy. Sell Leads At the same time, when you get a lead from Google AdWords, prospecting, incoming calls or referrals, and it does not match your business lead criteria, you can put the lead into Leadrop, sell it, generate income and offset your own marketing costs. Every Operator gets leads from various sources that they can’t use. Finally, you have an easy way to sell these leads and recoup marketing costs. Once the network is in place, there will be plenty of leads to go around. This new concept should revolutionize the way Operators get leads. Here is a short video about "What is Leadrop? " This is me "saying hello" in less than 20 seconds. We are really delving deep into the vending community to listen to you guys and hear what you have to say. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to send me an email or call directly. I would love to hear from you. Phil de Armendi phil@leadrop.com Cell: 714-887-3514 Toll-free: 844-LEADROP
  7. Whats the best locator for soda vending machines? I've been looking on here but I can't really find anything. I've used Rodney for bulk machines and he was fast and it was great but he said it would be $335 for a soda machine location but I cant pay that much. Is there anything better and cheaper? I live in Duluth, GA if that helps
  8. I have been working as a locator now for about 3-4 months. I was employed by a third party vendor and sine then have parted ways with that Co. Now I would like to do this on my own. I have been involved in Marketing pretty much my whole life, and am very good at what I do, and I am an honest and ethical person. I will try to find you locations that not only produce, but will be in close proximity with youre other locations. And if for some reason I cannot find you a location ( sure I can though ) you will not pay me anything, and I will replace a location if it is not producing. Hope someone will give me a chance, I really need to work and I really need to build up my reputation so I can be successful in this field.
  9. Can anyone recommend any locators for cold drink and snack machines in the Nashville TN area?
  10. Not sure where on this site to post this, but I'd like to take the time to share how great my experience has been with Vending Locator 4U. I did try one locator before and it wasn't a great experience. Then I started locating myself for about 10 locations. But if ever you're like myself and find yourself tied up with other affairs, with not enough time to locate I highly recommend these guys. They're fast, and found me some great locations. One location even told me that I better come back every week because their 50+ employees will empty out my machine in no time. I've used them for 8 locations and counting, and they've all been quality locations with plenty of foot traffic and people that actually wanted the machines. Again, maybe this needs to be moved to another forum, but I'm impressed, and I have to give credit where credit is do. Thanks guys!
  11. Hey guys my first time posting on the forum and I am glad this site is online you guys always give great information...I was wondering if you know of a good locator or if someone would be willing to place some prize vendors for me? I had a mall account but they needed the space so I have 4 pieces of equipment that I need to put out ASAP..I would do it myself but I don't really have the time. I need to place the following pieces of equipment: Barber Cut Lite Movie Stop Deal Or No Deal (Street Version) Hole-N-Win (Smart Ind) I've also pondered the idea of selling these as well. Ruben
  12. I just wanted to make a quick post in hopes it saves someone else the time, hassle, and potential loss of money. Before I found this forum I ordered 1 ATM location from Prime Vending Locations for $450. Peter Milazzo and Steve Milazzo are the owners. After they took my payment I was not contacted further so I started calling and emailing. After about 6 unanswered emails Steve Milazzo informed me that my order was assigned to another locator named David at setyourroute.biz and any further contact should be directed to him. After a string of unanswered emails and several calls David sent me an email to meet with a location that did not remotely meet the criteria I gave them for placement and the owner only told David she would speak to someone from my company because she didn't understand what he was offering her. David apologized for the "misunderstanding" and said it takes time to get good leads but he would produce something solid in the next week. I gave him 4 weeks and he never once contacted me so I sent 2 emails asking for a status update to which he didn't respond. I filed a fraud claim with Amex and made my Amex rep aware I did sign an E-signature form with them agreeing to there terms of service but I was never made aware they would assign the job to an independent contractor and could provide all email (and lack of response) communications if necessary. It took just 1 week for Amex to close the dispute and refund my money without me having to do anything beyond the call I made but hopefully this will save someone else a headache as you can never get your time back.
  13. Hey everyone, I wanted to add a review for VendingLocator4U (www.vendinglocator4u.com) I've worked with Rodney for a few locations here and there and I can definitely vouch for his services. From my experience, he was very quick to return with locations and didn't ask for any money until the machine was placed. Not only placed... but I was happy and satisfied with the location. The places were expecting me to show up and in his notification email to me, he included all the details I would require. I knew who had approved the machine, hours of business and contact information for the business. He was very thorough. I can't complain about any of the service. I know we've all heard of these other big companies but I am VERY GLAD that I didn't get sucked into one of those and instead listened to the reviews here on the forum. Rodney is a great guy to work with and promptly responds to any of my inquiries. Thanks for reading...
  14. Does anyone know a good locator for combo snack/drink machines? I am looking to have about 3 machines located in southeastern Wisconsin.
  15. Ok, so we've come to notice that there is a real need for a locator on TVF. I've been on here for several months, helped a few members, and been helped. If you need help with your bulk charity machines or honor boxes, let us know. I put an add in the classified section with our contract. I will do all I can to help. I have a bulk vending route of mostly Uturn's. I'm in the process of starting to go more Commission and racks. If you need help with your Uturn's and repairs, start a thread and let me know. I will answer it to the best of my ability. Threads are searchable and that way everyone benefits! Any way's, just thought I would announce "officially" that we will help whoever needs it (currently only in the US). Thank you!
  16. Hello all, its been a while! yes i have one of those ( Antares combo machines ) i was in a pinch about a year ago got it from crags list and it works not to happy about buying one but its doing its job the location i have it want wheels on it so they can move it around the front store i am really clueless about what i need as coasters to buy for the machine can somebody help with that . Been vending for only 2 years and so i am still a green horn as i learn from day to day and from all of you who give out such great advice. also i was wondering about if anybody has used a locator and who should i trust and stay a way i would be using this locator for soda and snack. again thank you all for your time. beameupscotty
  17. i have 3 kid wizard gumball machines, and 4 can soda machine need locations located
  18. This post is to inform our members about my decision to remove River Bend Locators from our locator store. I know many of you have complained about RBL's lack of communication. That lack of communication has extended to TVF as well. Shawn has not logged on to the forum in almost 30 days and in the last week, all communication from him has ceased. Including required communications that must occur to remain a participant in the locator program. As such, I had no other choice but to remove RBL's listings from our store and bar them from further participation in our program. For those of you who have outstanding orders with RBL, I will offer you the following options... If you purchased your locations directly, good luck. If you purchased your locations through our store and you submitted your work order to RBL, you must wait until the 30 day work agreement expires. If you do not hear from RBL at the 30 day mark, contact me to initiate your refund. If you purchased your locations through our store and you DID NOT submit any work order information to RBL, you are entitled to an immediate refund. Please contact me to initiate your refund. Be advised that I will attempt to verify all refund claims through RBL and will give them an appropriate time frame to answer all claims. Please be patient while this process takes place. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight something very important we can take away from this. The actions of RBL should leave us all very thankful for this new locator escrow service. It just goes to show you that no matter how well a locator has performed in the past, or how much you trust them, anything can happen and many people can lose a lot of money before word about the locator spreads to the rest of the community. Thankfully, those of you who trusted in TVF, and this service, will not lose a dime. What we have just witnessed with RBL is the very reason is why this program exists. On another note, LRU is still participating and doing quite well based on some recent ratings and reviews. I encourage anyone receiving a refund for RBL services to use their credit towards an LRU location. As always, we are continually looking for more participants for the program. Please let your favorite locator know that you would prefer to do business with them through this program.
  19. After thinking about bulk vending for years I decided to take the plunge! I bought four bulk candy vending machines and hired a locator to place the machines. As of now two of my machines have been placed by the locator. When I initally spoke with the locating company owner I was told the locator would have the locations for the machines in one week. This sounded great so at the very end of December 2012 I paid the locator to locate the machines. Just recently a week and a half went by with no communication from the locator. So I called the manager to complain later that same day the locator contacted me. The locator stated he was out of the office for a few days and that I will have my locations my tomorrow. Well now tomorrow is over and I still do not have the locations for the other machines. I have checked my cell phone and email. I have not received locaton information or any updates. Right now I have locator blues, buyer's remorse and I feel discouraged. So now I am wondering from those that use a locator what length of time is reasonable to place in a large city 4 bulk candy charity machines?
  20. Has anyone used Fawn Vendors out of IA? I'm working with my local distributor on buying machines. It's a typical one stop shop in that they'll help with placements (don't worry, I'm checking references and talking with their current customers). Machines seem great, but expensive. Seems like locator fees are built into machine costs. But it's a good financing program and the local distributor seems cool to work with. Fawn has been around forever according to their website. Factory in Des Moines, IA. Any experience in working with these guys or similar? Thanks!!
  21. Hi, I'm a newbie to bulk vending and looking for some recommendations as to reputable and cost effective, in-person locators in Southern California who do the job on time and timely make good on their warranties. Does anybody have any locators that they would recommend based on experience? Thanks!
  22. I was wondering does anybody use a locator for thete Snack/Pop machines? If so who is the best to use?
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