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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, first post here, I'm trying to see if there is anyone that provides direct competition to Canteen on a national level? Is there anyone here that contributes to a National Vending Management Company that competes against them to help the independent vendors? I read some of the forums and gather that there are regional management companies but is there any groups nationally?
  2. Ran across this article today. Way to automate and monetize lead sharing? https://www.vendingtimes.com/articles/leadrop-connects-vending-operators-to-exchange-pro-11091
  3. I have been working as a locator now for about 3-4 months. I was employed by a third party vendor and sine then have parted ways with that Co. Now I would like to do this on my own. I have been involved in Marketing pretty much my whole life, and am very good at what I do, and I am an honest and ethical person. I will try to find you locations that not only produce, but will be in close proximity with youre other locations. And if for some reason I cannot find you a location ( sure I can though ) you will not pay me anything, and I will replace a location if it is not producing. Hope someone will give me a chance, I really need to work and I really need to build up my reputation so I can be successful in this field.
  4. I am brand new- this is my first post but have been reading this forum every evening for 2 weeks now. I am a stay at home mom and have built up a successful ebay business but the opportunity came to add vending (bulk) to my plate. I purchased (10) triple head and (6) spinning 4 container (not sure what the name is for these is but they are great and only take up 1 Sq. foot) candy machines. 11 of them already had locations and I have a few to locate myself. They were half full with candy already and I purchased all for $900. Thought that was an awesome deal so I jumped on it. Anyway, I am looking to add honor boxes to this and really grow- I will be purchasing about 100 pink ribbon boxes. I have the time now at this phase of my life so I am willing to put about 15-20 hrs. a week into it. I have 3 teen children who I can pay to help me with various aspects of this business so I feel I am in a good position for this. I plan to use a locator (already found one who I have read many reviews of on this forum) as well as my college age daughter to do some locating over the summer. My question is what types of locations should I stay far away from so not to waste time. I'm sure my locator already knows this but I want to know for myself. I research everything thoroughly but I have not seen many posts about where NOT to place honor boxes. Thank you everyone for all the excellent advise. I really enjoy reading and learning.
  5. Can anyone recommend any locators for cold drink and snack machines in the Dallas, Texas area?
  6. Hi, I can help you guys finding premium locations within the US. PM me if you are interested!
  7. My firm is launching a new network of approximately 20 ATMs in Phoenix Metro. We will need help with locations, equipment, and the variety of services. Reputable and Reliable referrals please. Thanks, Bill
  8. HI guys. Im not exactly a newbie but im here to start my vending business. I am aware that this is not a get rich quick business. I did vending about 10 yrs ago and was young and basically spend all the profits I made. I have decided now that I would like to be more serious and run this like a business this time. I bought 6 machines from a local vendor that wanted to clear more space in his warehouse. I really dont want to spend the money to hire a locator but I just kinda need to see how its done first before I start my own locating. I suppose I could start caling businesses from the yellowpages with one of the scripts in the downloads section and if after 50 OR 60 calls maybe look at other options. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi Everyone! Some of you know me as Grazing Hippo Vending. I have been a member of TVF since October 2013. Since my time joining, I have had the pleasure of doing business with a few members. Those of you that have done business with me will be able to attest to my honesty and fair dealings. Now I would love the opportunity to do business with many more of you through my new company, Lighthouse Locators. Lighthouse Locators is now open for business. We are accepting orders for bulk vending placement. We locate candy, toys, and flatline machines (sorry, no racks at this time). Currently, we have a staff of 5 (including myself) ready to get your machines placed promptly. You will find that we operate differently from some of the locating services that you have dealt with in the past. Many of you have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with less than honest locators. Many of you have had a difficult time communicating with locators in a timely fashion. Even more of you have probably read similar posts to this one in the past. Lighthouse Locators is different. How? We put our money where our mouth is: 1. We are accepting orders through the forum online escrow service from day 1. Your money is only released to us once we provide you the location(s) you paid for. 2. We are limiting our orders to 50 for the month of March. We are confident that we can comfortably handle at least twice as many orders but I want to prove to you that we are not in this for the quick buck. 2. We are offering a 105% money back guarantee! If after 30 days from the date that you submit your information to us, you have any unfulfilled orders, you can request a refund for 105% of your purchase price. No hassles, no arguments, no questions asked. We expect to fulfill orders well before 30 days have passed, but in the case that we do not, I want you to be made more than whole. 3. You will ALWAYS have clear and consistent communication with ME. Even though we are a team of individuals ALL communication goes through me. When you call, I answer. If I can’t answer, I will return your call promptly. When you send an email, I will respond promptly. I may not always be able to tell you what you want to hear, BUT I will be HONEST with you. 4. How many of you have received a location from a locating service only to find out that they didn’t really get permission for your equipment? We have a solution for that problem. When you receive your locations from us, you will also be receiving an audio file in the email. This audio file allows you to personally listen to the confirmation portion of the phone call that has secured your location. You will be able to verify the name of the person granting permission, their title, and the business name of the location we are providing. Now, you may go to drop off your equipment and the location has changed their minds. We have no control over that BUT, you WILL KNOW that we have been honest in our dealings with you right from the get go. Locations will change their minds. Thats the nature of the beast. When it happens, we will find you another location. If you need some assistance getting your machines on location, please consider trying us out. You can place your order safely and securely by clicking on the “Locations” tab at the top of your screen. Please also take a few minutes to check out our website when you have a chance. If you have any questions please contact me by one of the methods below or post to this thread and I will reply. Thank you all for taking the time to read this lengthy post! I look forward to working with you in the future! Mark A. Stappenbacher www.lighthouselocators.com Toll Free: 1-800-838-5910 Call or Text: 585-298-1174
  10. What verbiage should absolutely be in a Locator Agreement? I’m thinking of hiring an outside locator to find bulk vending locations. I want to make my own agreement that protects me. What would you include in your perfect agreement? Such as: Performance and “kick-out” guarantee Time Limits for placement Minimum gross per machine Handling Disputes etc... If you an agreement from a locator, I'd love to see how it's written. I will post the final agreement I come up with for the group. Thanks, Bart
  11. Dearest Clients, Thanksgiving is coming. But for us in Locators R Us, it also coincides with our birthday as a company. Although we’ve been locating for almost 6 years, last November 19, 2011 we started as new company serving different vendors across US. And wow! It’s been a year! I know that we have ups and downs like every other business does, but I want to THANK all our clients for the trust and faith they have in us and for giving us chance to deal with our shortcomings and most importantly for paying us even though we send late invoices. Lol! Thus we inform you that, in gratitude for doing business with us, you are entitled of a $5.00 OFF (for every machine/location) on your first 20 orders starting today until December 31, 2012. The one year is a milestone for sure. But we know we have many more to come. And we look forward to doing business with you guys in years to come! Meanwhile, let’s just continue doing business together. Thank you and Good Luck to your vending business! Sincerely, Gale and Team LRU
  12. Hey guys. I'm a newbie getting started in the vending business. I have read up a lot on this forum to get some information and valuable resources. I know how everyone have their own opinions about locators but I would like to mention my experience with a locator by the name of Chad Edwards. He is a phone locator that knows his business. I decided to give him a try since I really didn't know how to get my own locations. I live in Memphis Tn and this place is very very competitive. Coke and Canteen basically have 85% of the accounts here. It makes it soooo hard for us small guys. Well Chad started working for me and managed to get me some locations. Chad doesn't charge ANYTHING UP FRONT. Unlike other locators that want 50% up front. Chad doesn't require any money until you go meet with the manager and place your machine in the business. In times like this, where can you find an honest person that will do business like this. To make a long story short he found me a total of 4 to 5 good locations. After going to look at them I decided to take 2 of them. I was under no obligation to take them unless I wanted to. I took two blue collar warehouses that I think will do well. He will replace a location after 60 days if its a dud. I will let you know how the locations do after a few weeks. He will work hard for you if you need more locations to expand your business. . His number is 773-892-5413
  13. Hello, I am a bulk vendor with a route in S.E. MI. I understand what you want and what you dont want. I am not a thief, or a scam artist We can talk and make arrangements where I will come to your area, no money up front - locate your machines - take you to meet the owner/manager who gave the approval and then you pay me. I will replace or refund any location that kicks out within 30 days of installing the machine. I am reasonable (hopefully you are as well) and we can talk about what you define as a non-producing location and what a rack location is. For the next 2 months I will be doing in person locating for charity locations at $40 per. I personally use the National Childrens Cancer Society - I am very familiar with the charity and well acquainted with Shirley Pye. But if you use another charity thats legitimate, I can study their information and properly represent them. I am in S.E. Michigan - if your interested call me and we can talk - how far I travel depends on your situation and my schedule. Thanks, Rubin 734-625-4941
  14. Hi, I'm a newbie to bulk vending and looking for some recommendations as to reputable and cost effective, in-person locators in Southern California who do the job on time and timely make good on their warranties. Does anybody have any locators that they would recommend based on experience? Thanks!
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