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Found 5 results

  1. Any way to have the door flap completly shut unless an item drops from the coil? I can't seem to find a way to google for such a device that does it.
  2. I'm currently transferring to a new role which includes managing a vending machine. In the UK we adopted a new £1 coin a few years ago but no one ever updated our vending machine to accept them. The vending machine machine has a Cashflow 690 coin mechanism made by Mars and I have checked the operating manual but couldn't find a solution. I checked their website for guidance and found instructions to disable old £1 coins, but no advice for getting the new coins to work. When I tried inserting the new £1 coin no information appeared on the display so I guess its not recognised. Are there any vending machine experts out there who know a solution to program in the new £1 coin's information using the buttons on the coin mechanism?
  3. Hello, I recently purchased 5 triple head bulk candy/gumball machines and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to maintain them and keep them from breaking down? Obviously, I know to keep them clean, but what if I spritz a little WD40 into the mechanism every time I service it? Will this help or hurt? Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!!!
  4. Hope this finds you all well. I began vending last month with a Merlin IV 650..... so far so good. I was wondering if you experienced people in the vending community could tell me which are the most reliable and problem free drink machines & drink/snack machines? Initially I'll be vending on construction sites where the guys are pretty abusive. The machines will be under cover but possibly subject to a little dust here and there, dispensing approximately 750 vends per week. Any advice or tips on machine reliability & maintenance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  5. I'm still very new to the biz since Jan 2013. Last week I got a call that my combo machine was dispensing warm sodas. I got a recommendation for a technician and planned to meet him on Friday afternoon, but he got stuck in traffic and never made it. I took a look on my own and I found I ice build up on the evaporator.... it appears to be built up on somekind of probe or very small diameter tubing... like on the order of 1/8" diameter. see attached. I've tried searching for this issue and not finding a lot other than icing tends to be a symptom of low freon? I cleaned the front of the condenser coils with a wire brush a couple of weeks ago. Also I'm not sure who the manufacturer is for this machine. The name plate on the snack side only says NAMA listed with a serial number, and cant find any serial no. or identification on the soda side. Any suggestions for how to find a manual for this machine?
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