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Found 11 results

  1. Mars DBA AL4-R1 I can’t find any information on this one particular item I got it with a machine and it said works on it. I hook it up via 9 pin and leds are steady red but it won’t recognize a bill in the bill path?? Help??
  2. Hello, Ive recently purchased a fsi 3132 with a coinco ba32sa validator, i want to upgrade the validator to accept the new 08 $5 bills. I think my unit is MDB. from what i understand any mdb validator should work. However would i need a harness and would it work with the coin mech i currently have. The coin mech is a coinco. Also any recommendations on bill validators im currently looking at a mei ae 2451. Would i need a special harness and would it work with my coin mech. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, Has anyone ever added a MEI machine that takes credit cards on their Crane Machines? If so, can you explain how and what was needed to accomplish this. I currently have a MEI series 2000 and would love to put an MEI 4-1 instead. Thank you, cLAW
  4. Any idea where I can purchase a few of these? Thank you
  5. I just picked up a Lektro Vend VS99 with a location...my problem is the Bill Validator [hopefully not the machine.] I have a MEI VN2311 with a Maka to MEI harness. Coin mech takes coins well, all motors works, board seems to function properly. Here is the problem: The BV accepts the dollar but doesn't show a dollar credit on the display board. Can anyone give me some suggestions thank you .
  6. I just came across an FSI / USI 3039 The Bill Validator takes a few bills then has trouble with the next. [$1 insert then vend, $1 insert then vend & repeat - then stops] Make: Nippon Conlux Co., LTD Model: NB2-16A-400 I want to change the whole BV all together. Looks like a single price soda machine harness - not too sure. Can the forum please help me out in this situation I am up against. Happy Mother's Day - Mothers!
  7. Hello: I'm new to all of this vending. I've got a small number of machines and I bought an Easitrax 1000 device to install in one of my Dixie-Narco machines to help manage pull data/inventory. Question: Trying to get my software to pull 'dex' data to my used Motorola handheld to read dex. Does the MEI box +antenna have to connected to the remote MEI telemetry service?, or can I do it with just antenna hooked up (manual says has to be) and then just pull data to hand-held... for starters? (later on I plan on signing up for MEI service trying to save costs). Any advice appreciated or if I'm doing this wrong. Thanks.
  8. Hi All! I'm new to this forum. Primarily a pinball guy and post all the time over on Pinside as The_Director. Anyway, I live in North Carolina and Brady Distributing just had an auction to clear out one of their warehouses in Charlotte. There was a lot with a lot of vending parts and some arcade/pinball stuff. I threw a bid in just because I wanted the pinball coils and wells gardner stuff and ended up winning! So, that leaves me with a ton of vending parts to liquidate which will be sitting in my garage until I do so. I want to move these items, so I'm willing to sell parts for good deals. Anything that can be used for pinball/arcade I will be keeping, but all vending specific items will be sold. Here's a list of what I will be picking up Monday from the lot I won: https://docs.google.com/a/downfenixmedia.com/spreadsheets/d/1le_lJEz3TLh-cPtkKFtUON8Mv5sw3l32si3Yqdthq_w/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true I know I'm new to this forum and don't have a reputation, but feel free to check Pinside under "The_Director", my ebay is Pinkfloyd2500 and my pinball repair website at www.carolinapinballrepair.com. All items can be paid through Paypal. I am willing to sell bulk lots and will bundle as much as possible for shipping through USPS flat rate boxes. I'll be happy to answer any questions I can and take as many photos as possible once I pick it all up early next week. Thanks, and hopefully some of this stuff can help some of you guys with your machines!
  9. has anyone had issues with installing a crane telemeter cardswipe and radio in the 721 vendo soda machine. I have had quite a few issues with the machine not allowing enough time for the transaction to be processed therefore locking the machine up with the highest priced item. in my case $3.00. ive been on the phone with streamware and crane numerous times they are currently trying to figure out the problem. and the only way to temporarily fix the problem is to unplug the machine and plug it back in.
  10. Looking for a Bill Acceptor / Recycler that is MDB compliant. What has your experience been with the various brands? Coinco, MEI etc Looking for reliability, value, service and support and any other info you may add. Thanks
  11. Hey! I recently bought some used MEI 7900 cashflows and one of them has problem with 50 [C] eurocent which it puts in a 10 tube, so actually blocking it. Does anybody knows solution to this problem?
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