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Found 7 results

  1. Hey All, I'm new to the world of vending and I just wanted to make sure that a soda machine I was considering buying is decent and worth the asking price. It's a Dixie Narco 504P. I would only be using 12oz cans in the machine. The compressor is in good working condition. I think the coin mech and validator are also in good working condition, but they may not be based on the issues that the seller has been having with the machine (listed below). The asking price is $500, but I think there is room for negotiation if I'm armed with more info. Some selections give false "sold out" readings when they're not Some slots jam every few sales Occasionally gives wrong change or no change I'm not sure what is causing these issues, but I plan to look into fixing them if I buy the machine. Even tough I'm new to the world of vending, I'm pretty handy. I've attached photos of the machine as well. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  2. I have a Dixie Narco 5591 machine, the default prices on it are 1 dollar, trying to get to the service mode to change it but the display does not work. When I power up the machine random characters show up on it then the screen goes blank. Everything else is operational, any ideas what is wrong?
  3. so I bought a vendo! I know, I know..... I set it up, the machine is fairly new, and in great condition, I changed the bill acceptor, there are 10 lines in the machine, and 9 buttons, I am slowly learning the machine menu, it vends everything perfect, except 1 selection, sometimes ill put $1, and it will not vend, so I put another $1, it then vends, the next time I put $1 in, it vends for $1, this happens every other time, on this one selection only. what is wrong with it? what do I need to do? is it something in the menu? 2. I do I remove force vend? when I put $1 in, and press coin return, it will not return, and force me to purchase, please help
  4. Hello, I have a dixie narco 600E, the machine was working fine for at least a year. I relocated the machine a week ago and the ëxact change light has been on since the move. I tried using another coin validator and it does not go away. Tried the ol' classic turn off and on again still the light on. Anyone with a possible solution?
  5. I am new to vending machines. I recently bought a Dixie Narco 501e machine for personal use and need help with the setup. Currently the wide column is set to vend 20oz bottles and the rest is setup for cans. I would like to know what I need to do to set it up to dispense the nestle Pure Life 16.9oz bottles and for Pepsi 16.9oz bottles as well as coke 16.9oz bottles. I don't have access to 20oz bottles except through convenience stores so I'd like to set it up so I can purchase them at the store. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi everybody, I am new to this site but already see so much valuable information that I can use. As the subject shows, I have a Dixie Narco 368. I have upgraded the control board and the display. I also put a refrigeration deck in it. The problem I'm having is when I plugged it in with the new control board, the machine immediately started homing then displayed A JC-9 & and JC-10. I know those represent a jammed column on the 9th and 10th columns. The problem is I' only have in the eight selection machine. How can I get it to not look for the ninth and tenth column?
  7. Hello Everybody, I'm fairly new to this forum and have received a lot of useful info over time. About 2 week ago we purchased a new vending machine which is a refurbished Dixie Narco 501e. Its been in use for about a week and but we might be having issues with the cooling deck. Take a look at the picture I've posted below, as you can see what appear to be snow (ice) is forming around parts of the cooling deck. Is this supposed to be normal? If not and it is indeed a problem, what can I do to fix this and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. (cooling deck breaking).
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