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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I have a mini crane that runs on pulse. It is not yet MDB ready to accept a credit card reader. Question: What would be the easiest method or way to make it so a card reader can be installed onto the mini crane vending machine?
  2. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many cashless vending machines there are in the U.S, and maybe if anyone has noticed more machines using E-Port's.
  3. Hi everyone! I've been perusing this forum for awhile now, and I feel like it's time for me to make my first post. I'm a new hire at an established vending company who's here to bring the company into the 21st century or something close enough. We've recently started using Nayax card readers and have them on about 15% of our machines. We have over 600 in total in the field at the moment and looking to grow larger and retain our older accounts as well. I've also been working on monitoring them through Nayax's management suite. I'm completely new to the vending business and I want to please the boss who doesn't know much about the software. What are the full capabilities of this software? I've been looking around and talking to the Nayax personnel but they are slow to reply oftentimes and don't have updated user manuals. Those who use Nayax- what are the major things you find useful with it? Also- what are some other things we can do to really update what we're doing here? I'm open to all suggestions!
  4. Hey guys I have an interesting problem, My account of 2 years asked me to lower my prices from $1.00 sodas to $0.75 sodas. SO I did that regretfully, but added a $0.06 CC charge then today they called me to say the CC machine charged someone but nothing was vended? Is there some kind of disconnect? Why is this? Its a Vendo Soda Machine.
  5. The events that lead to the problem are listed here: 0. Finish stocking the machine, close the door, Bill Accepter is online 1. CC swipe. Bill acceptor turns off. Completely normal process. 2. Item is vended 3. *PROBLEM IS HERE* The Bill Accepter never comes back on, on its own at least, after CC transaction is complete the Bill acceptor will stay off till someone pushes a random button. 3A. During my investigation I opened the door when the Bill acceptor was off and the MEI series 2000 BIll Acceptor beeped twice for "Disconnected from Mech". 3B. After I push a random product button on the machine the light goes back to solid. 4. Once a random product button is push (even the coin return button) the bill acceptor turns back on. Credit Card provider is through NAYAX Bill Acceptor MEI series 2000 Is this a part issue? I thought maybe it had something to do with my jammed coin mech but I cleared the jam and the problem is still there. Please help! Thank you!!
  6. Just testing the waters before creating a classified ad and taking a bunch of pictures. I just upgraded all of my card readers from Nayax to Crane. So I am looking to sell all of my Nayax devices, hopefully all together. This would include: 110 regular modems (upgraded to verizon) 2 IRIS (now AMIT) modems 66 VPOS card readers 52 Standard card readers 27 adapters to MEI 4in1 50 Ethernet cables 80 Antennas 112 harness sets 70 Temp harnesses 63 temp probes Let me know what you feel a fair price would be for the entire package, I would really prefer not having to spend the time piecing them out. Let me know if you have any questions about the Nayax system or would like a list of all the serial numbers for you to verify with Nayax before you buy them. Thanks
  7. I have a Crane National 765H chilled snack machine. It is accepting money and vending properly, but as of around 3 weeks ago, DEX reading from Nayax remote monitoring have been failing/timing out. I have tried swapping the Nayax box over (which generally fixes this problem for other machines), but to no avail. The Nayax unit I removed successfully reads the dex from an AMS in my shed. I have tried the RAM clear procedure as suggested by Nayax, and the local Crane distributor said I have tried everything he would have tried (e.g. tested the dex lead for continuity/shorting). Short of buying a new control board, for which I have been quoted roughly $500, I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
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