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Found 16 results

  1. OK I totally just made up "Reckless Rewards Vending Co.". But it does sounds good! I am a hobbyist of many, I use the handle "Reckless Rewards" so all my brands for my hobbies use that same RR in their logo. Reckless Rewards - https://recklessrewards.com - Automotive, Modification, Camping, DIY Junk. Reckless Ranch - https://recklessranch.net - Urban Homesteading, Chickens, crops, DIY Farm automation. Reckless Railroad - https://recklessrailroad.com - HO Scale Railroad: Layout, Locomotives, Passenger & freight Cars, mods. I don't make money on any of my hobbies I just like to tinker and learn. So I'm sure it will be the same with this new interest of mine "vending machines"... So far I have two sets of two quarter Candy dispensers (I know not that impressive, LOL) , a Pepsi Soda Machine (Vendo) that I have had for a few years. And last but not least as of today a Coca Cola machine (Cavalier) that I hope to fix up the coke machine for my back yard, but I might put the Pepsi machine to work at a local business. I am eager to start learning for this group and at some people be able to help others. My Inventory: 1964 Cavalier USS-8-64 - Coca-Cola (My newest addition) Current Issue: Compressor Clicks on and off. Vendo V284 - Pepsi Current Issue: Freezes up And the 2 candy dispensers. (FYI: I added the Coca-Cola Logo's to go with my extensive Coke collection.)
  2. Hey Guys- My name is Arpit and I am new to the vending machine business. My partner and I plan on buying a route in Dallas. Texas and would love to get some insight into this market. Would anyone be willing to email us privately or get on a quick call with us? Thanks, Arpit Dua arpitduaa@gmail.com
  3. Hello there from Atlanta. Just getting into business and would love any help on where to purchase best bulk goods, candy sodas etc. Also are locating services worth it to help start or build?
  4. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! I hail from Georgia and I'm new to the vending business. I work a full-time job and looking to do this part-time to replace my wife's income who recently left her teaching position to take care of two beautiful daughters. I've recently ordered about 80 honor boxes total and can't wait to start placing them. I'm here to learn as much as possible and contribute where I can. If everyone can offer some tips, feel free to do so..I won't mind . Thanks jnyce84
  5. Hello, I am new on this website and also new in the vending business. I hope to learn from experienced members in this discussion community. Laj
  6. Hello everyone I am a new snack vender fron the United Kingdom. I am Happy to find this site and look forward being part of it
  7. Hi all, I am a relatively new member (less than two weeks). I posted in new members a few days ago, and I have engaged in PM. I am currently getting the same download error about which other new members have posted. Are download privileges manually granted by an administrator and not given automatically with a published post? Thanks much, Matt
  8. Hi, I am a new member at TVF and am considering starting a smaller vending business. After doing some research on the subject, I have decided that I would be most interested in the bulk vending area due to lower costs and maintenance. The business would be more of a hobby for me so I would probably only work up to 10 machines or so. I am hoping to pick up lots of cool facts and tips from this dedicated vending site and I am looking forward to my time spent learning here. Silver
  9. Our company is Your Choice Vending and we have been in business for over 3 years. All of our machines are Seaga Office Deli machines. At the moment my wife runs the business full time with my support. Doug
  10. Hey guys! I just signed up and this website looks awesome! I especially love the downloads section, but it looks like I have to post something on here before I can access them, so here I am! I'm really excited to be a part of the community, and I'm sure I'll see you all in the forums!
  11. Hello everybody, I just purchased a total of 15 machines(mixture of pop and snack) and a route from a guy who no longer wishes to be in the business. I am excited about this business and I am willing to do whatever I can to make this work. I am happy to be here; so much information to soak in and process and look forward to actively participate in forum activities.
  12. Vegas Domination!!! Muuuhahahaha Okay so I purchased a small bulk route (12 triple heads). And I have also recently bought 10 other bulk machines from a desperate seller and got a great deal at $4 each machine! Besides that I have used Locators R Us for 6 locations and all are doing good so far. I have learned so much already and this is an invaluable resource! Thanks to all the hard work and time from the pro's for teaching us rookies the way of success in bulk business... I am also looking for a mentor in this field because I believe the shortcuts to success are best learned from those who have traveled the paths If you are open to this let me know as I know a lot of info can be gleaned from this forum and I would like the extra push! Locating for Freedom!!! (Financial that is:)
  13. As a way to introduce an entrepreneural business opportunity to my 7 year old son, I and he (savings) purchased 2 ((1) single and (1) 3-compartment) vending machines after lining up 2 locations (friend's insurance business for single and my sister's car dealership for 3-compartment unit) and neither location will be charging commission off of profits from machines. My question to you seasoned veterans is: How do you track your expenses and profits from your bulk vending business? If you have a spreadsheet or advice to share, my son and I will greatly appreciate any advice that you may offer. On a funny note: I asked my son if the wanted the business name to be "first name vending" because, if so, he will have to do all of the work or "Father and Son Vending" and he said "Father and Son Vending" because he didn't want to have to do all of the work . I'm sure just like those parents (we too are guilty) that purchase a puppy, when their kids go off to college they are stuck with caring for their dog or other pet(s) and the same will apply with this small (for now) bulk vending business.
  14. Hi All, For the past few years I've wanted to get into the vending/atm machine business, but have not pulled the trigger until today. I purchased a used Seaga HF3500 as my first vending machine. It already has a home. I am also about to purchase a Hyosung 1800 ATM. I'm on a roll and will be looking to learn as much as I can as well as to continue buying and placing machines. I currently own an IT Outsourcing company by day. Volunteer EMT by night amongst other items. I'm a family man and believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket. During the summer months I like to ride my sportbike. No thanks to Sandy, my reefkeeping days are over. I found this site while looking for a way to stock my machine that currently only accepts cans with a bottle of water. While I haven't found the answer yet, I will continue to look for an inexpensive way to put bottled water in a snake can slot. I'm hear not only to learn, but also to share. Thank You for allowing me to join this community.
  15. Hello members from Vendiscuss! I fell like I already know a few of you already! I have been using the wonderful resources you all have shared here and it's been very helpful! Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a passion or maybe a illness with coin operated machines. As a hobby, I collect 70s pinball machines. I have a soda machine in the garage for fun as well. Anyways, I was on Craigslist like always and came across a lot of 9 tripple head machines (Versavend), some still new in the box, all keyed the same for 260 bucks. I offered 200 and picked them up yesterday. Here's what I'm attempting to do. 1. I registered with the NCCS and am waiting for stickers. 2. Trying to figure out what locating service to use. Locate R Us, KS, others? 3. Figuring out what to sell. 4. Figuring out where to buy like online vs SAMs. 5. What to invest 3000.00 in on starting my route. (not used towards the existing tripples & locating) 6. Learn about soda can machines. (can you still place them? Where?) 7. Interested in the possibility of trying some honor boxes. My father is retiring very soon and we are looking to do something together that we both have a passion for. I know hat several people here are not for locators but for me, at least starting out, I'd like to start with them. Thanks in advance for all the information and friendly group of individuals :-) Tony
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