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Found 32 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been talking to Betson a little bit about the new AMS Steeley soda/ beverage machine. It's fairly new so I can't find a whole lot of information on it, as far as reliability goes. Anyone have any experience with one of these? I have several AMS snacks and combos on the road currently and I'm pretty happy with them. The Steely looks pretty nice cosmetically. Was hoping I could vend 16.9 oz bottles out of it.
  2. I just bought my first 6 vendstar 3000 machines for $200. I am trying to start my business, any ideas on the best candies to put in them? And where to get them the cheapest? Also I heard skittles melt and jam up the machine, is that true?
  3. I live in California and have decided to start a vending machine business. I have done a lot of research already but could use some tips if possible. I know that I need a license to have a vending machine in California. Also how much do you need to pay to allow your vending machine to stay at a place? Is it a percentage of your monthly sales where your vending machine is located or a certain amount? Do I just contact owners and ask if I can leave my vending machine there and then offer him a business deal? I am new to the business and would appreciate anything you have to say.
  4. Hi all! My fiancé and I are new to this business and are currently in the works of selecting our first machines. We are doing "healthy vending machines" and are looking for the most reliable drink and food combo machines to start with. Right now we have our eyes on the Selectivend Commander Combo Machine. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Newest member here, I'm with a 501c3 that was donated a vending machine, (DN-276,) and I have gotten it up and running. It is currently vending like new, but I would like to be able to access programming using the DEX jack, and don't want to shell out the money for the handheld. I have the schematics to make a DEX to RS-232, but was wondering if anyone has made a USB version of the cord, and what software people use. Also, the person who donated the machine didn't know the password code, so I also need to know how to reset it. Any help helps.
  6. Hi All, I am a new member. I have one office location right now. I have a full time desk job so I do vending on the weekends or nights for the last few years. Currently I have a new location I am close to getting but for this location I need a contract and to pay a % to the owner. I have neither for my other location. Few questions: 1. Does anyone have an example of Vending Contract? The example in the downloads looks simplified and not sure it would be legally binding. 2. What should I reduce from the % given to the owner. I know Cost of food and Stales but what about property damage etc. 3. How much is liability insurance for a 10-20 vending machine company? Thanks, Coupe
  7. I have an opportunity to place a vending machine at an office; however they are requesting that I send them a proposal. Any idea on how to get started and what information to include in the proposal?
  8. Hey everyone! I'm a newbie doing research about bulk vending. I'm in the process of buying my first couple machines off of Craigslist. Maybe someday I'll move into soda and snack machines. Just out of curiousity, are there any other women on this site? I get the impression that I'm the minority for gender and age (I'm 25). Thank you for this site I really appreciate this resource! -Laurana
  9. Hello, Newbie here.. Trust me I'm doing my own research and will continue to do so, not being lazy to get all the answers the first day i joined, maybe one day I will able to repay the community by helping fellow vendors. So basically, I'm looking to purchase a few machines and I found a few online for sale some from individuals, some were companies selling the Vending and the location as a package.. Some seem very attractive as they will pay off within a year give or take.. So, the vending business for sale posted online do they make sense to purchase 1 or 2 or mostly are the unwanted location that don't make any money ?? Is there any way to verify their claim of how much they make without standing to the location and counting coins .. ?? Is it better to buy from the companies that sell the machines and the locations which claim they have high traffic..?? Is it better to buy your own machines and work with a vending locator instead ? What should i be careful before I make any move and avoid being scammed ? I'm aware of the "if its too good to be true, its probably not true." So if someone can add his/her 2c will greatly appreciated.
  10. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license now. I know a guy who has given me access to 5 of his businesses right from the start. I am a complete novice and am wondering what is truly the best rout to go starting out. I will be working with about 5-$700 starting out. Yep, this is a complete from the ground up beginning for me so I am reaching out to you more experienced players in the game. What is truly the best way to start? Drinks, combo, snacks or bulk? I will be placing my machine or machines in a place where it might be a good idea for people to eat something before they have a procedure done so I was thinking a combo machine but I am not sure if I need to invest such a low amount one 1 item. Pretty much ebay is looking like they have either cheap used machines or the expensive well made good operating machines which I can't afford right now. I am aware I can look at used machines locally but don't want to start that until I at least have my license and permit. So what do you say guys? Also, any good verified places on the net to obtain decent priced used machines that I won't have to start spending money on as soon as I get it? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys. So as I have been getting slightly involved in this forum, I feel like I want to give vending a shot. I just have a few questions. 1) What is a good, "cheapish", vending machine. You know the good old starting machine. I have had a few suggestions of the AP 113 and the AP 7600, but those are $1500. Is that going to be the price I need to pay to get into the business? 2) Wholesale/distributor. Where do you go to get the pop at a better price? I live near Brush, CO where there is a Pepsi distributor, is that a good place to start. 3) Pop or snack? What is the best way to start in the vending game? Do you go for a snack machine and a soda machine? What did some of you guys do when you started as I see there are people in here who started in the 80's. Mission's cost to service topic gave some great detail on the cost of operations, but I was just wondering if there are "pointers" for new people getting into the business. 4) Contracts/Stations Those are the right words, but how does one go about getting places to put there machines at? I saw commission so I guess that you offer the owner of the place a set commission on how well the machine does. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thank You.
  12. Hey Everyone, If anyone cares to read it, I wanted to lay out my scenario and see if I can get some advice. I acquired my first machine, cleaned it up. Stickers/labels are on the way for candy and charity. Candy is on the way as well and I have a location lined up (restaurant I used to work at when younger). I know the manager well and he doesn't like how the guy in there now services his machines, so all is well there. Here is my issue. The restaurant has been sued before (didn't amount to much) because someone tripped on a machine. So the manager/GM wants an insurance policy. The quote I just grabbed is $400 down, and then $42 a month. That obviously is over what I'll be making with this one (TRIPLE) machine I assume. On the other side, I've also been talking to someone about purchasing 5 machines (on location) for $100 each and taking that route over. It's in my town and close. Those locations have been going for 5 years at least and are in lobbies and breakrooms of various businesses. All vendesigns. The only way I know to pay for the insurance that the first guy wants is to drop over 1k in funds to buy that route and then stock/refill. Then looking at about 16-18 months to pay off investment. I don't know if I need advice, or if I'm more looking for the right way to approach all this. Am I looking at this in the right ways? Thanks.
  13. I'm curious why you see very high dollar routes being sold, what are the reasons people have spent all this time building a successful route only to get out of it? What pitfalls in the business would drive someone to gross a quarter million a year only to sell for $150,000? Or even the smaller routes or lots of 25 machines or so? What makes people decide after seriously getting into the business, to get out of the business? I think the answers would be worth consideration to those just first getting into vending, including myself.
  14. teoman


    i am new and form texas been reading around here and allready bought my cand, gumballs and a 3 head machine! is there anything i need besid ethis to start this business? have famliy that own a feww stores around town think of asking them to let me place there. but do i need to legally like paper work?(thinking of getting a DBA is this enough?) saw that texas has a coin oprated machine paper but think it said that it only counts if machines are 50 cent or higher... my spelling is bad sy.
  15. Hello, I am new to vending and I decided to start with 10 triple head machines with gumballs in the middle. I bought 9 machines used and 1 from gumball machine factory new. My first question is does anyone have any advice specific to triple head vending. I purchased the machines before finding this forum. It seems like most people are using different machines from oak or AA. The machines I purchased have 25 cent coin mechs. My intention is to stay relatively small and do this part time. 4 of my machines are located already. Waiting on locations for the rest.
  16. Hi, I joined this forum today looking for parts for an old National Vendors Model 141. Hey, I know it is old. Here is my post looking for the parts: http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/17301-parts-for-national-vendors-model-141/ Anyway, I used to be in the Vending business from 1983 to 1993. Had a route that covered most of western Nebraska and parts of eastern Wyoming with video games, pool tables, jukeboxes, candy and cigarette machines, and some other odds and ends. Had to get out of the business because my leg went bad. Leg is better now. Today I work in an office at a church. I volunteer to stock and maintain the above vending machine at a local nursing home. They own the machine and buy all the snacks for it, I just stock it and try to keep it running. I enjoy stocking it. Glad to find this website. Hope I can find some help here. Scott
  17. Guest

    Starting a New Business

    I am interested in setting up a few gumball machines in local businesses. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what steps I have to go through to start a vending business. Is there a specific license I have to obtain? Thanks in advance.
  18. When most operators decide they need new machines are they more likely to buy new machines or do they look for used machines? If new, are machines from China viewed as inferior? If buying used, what search engines are best to use? Thanks
  19. I would like to add a few more pop machines and was wonding how you go about finding new locations? Seing as Im set up on my dads apartment building I dont have and places where I rent a spot. There is a large farm near me I thought about talking to and maybe a few tool and die shops in town. Any sugestions would be appreciated.
  20. Trying to break into the business and I have a million questions. How do I go about getting my first spots to put the machines in? Does anyone have a stardardized contract I could edit and use once I reach and agreement with a business? Whats the best place to get machines from? When I'm starting out with a couple machines should I just get my drinks/snacks from costco/sams club? Any other suggestions you throw my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting out in the birmingham area. Just looking for advice from those who have been there before. Thanks for any advice
  21. Hi, I have been talking with alot of refurbishers latelky and recently spoke with one about where vending is heading. He seemed to think that all of the business is going to big companys and the smaller independent owner is being pushed out. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I want to know that there is hope for someone who wants to get started in the vending business.
  22. Fellow Texas resident here- (North Dallas area). New to the forum and vending in general. Started out good, I think, by buying almost 60 Vendesign and Ashland triples for about $450, including Uhaul rental and gas! After piecing them off through Ebay, Amazon and locally, I have about 28 vendesign and 1 Ashland triplevend left, with a TON of extra Vendesign parts. Made up my mind last week, after dealing with a bunch of nutcases on Scabslist and screwing with Ebay's ourtrageous fees and commissions, to place the machines and am going through a Houston based locator by the name of Eddie Bauer. I bought 13 locations to start off with and looking to place the others within 30 days or less. My goal is to get to about 150-200 lcoations by teh end of this year. Too aggressive? I like this forum a lot based on the reading I've done so far. Any tips on locating my own locations? And do a lot of you guys use professional brochures, business cards, and other literature, etc when you approach these businesses? Also, what are sme tips on finding cheap machines? Thanks all. Roger Fountain Plano, Texas
  23. Well, as some of you know, I started small with a couple bulk vending machines for my minor son to learn. As it turns out, an old friend noticed my son's picture with a machine on Facebook and he comes by my office this past Friday and it was a "GOOD FRIDAY" INDEED because he offered to sell me his bulk vending business at a price that I could not refuse or I would have be stupid to let it go because when opportunities like that come a knocking, you must answer the door and let them in. Now, rather than only having 4 heads working for us we now have 35-Double Head V-Line machines working for us with 23 already placed and stocked locally. Words cannot express how blessed my son and I will be with this opportunity and for this man's kindness and help for he started the business with his Grandson and he really liked that I was doing the same with my son. He not only stocked the already located machines for us but he also left us all of his leftover product. My son and I are very excited and we expect to get our ROI really quick....worst case probably within 2-3 months (Yes, that good of a deal). If anyone else has a route using V-Line Double-head candy machines, we appreciate any advice and support on this forum. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday. God Bless, MrKentuckian
  24. Used and on sale machines (2) - $168 Labels (25 cents & candy stickers) - $14.50 Product ((1) 850 ct. 1" Dubble Bubble gumballs, (2) 48 oz. Reese's Pieces, (2) 54 oz. Skittles, (2) 56 oz. M&M's @ Sam's Club for $72.50) Total: $255 Locations: Insurance Company for Single machine (Reese's pieces) Car Dealership for 3-compartment machine (Gumballs, M&M's; Skittles) Question or Time will only tell, the time frame we will see a profit from these above expenses (6 months, year?)
  25. ?By way of introduction, my name is Martin and 7 year old son Seth are just starting out in the bulk vending business in Frankfort, KY. We have purchased 2 machines with 1 single head gumball/candy and 1 3-head machine. The single head I had mistakenly assumed it was a commercial machine but it accepts all coins but I'm going to place it in a friend's auto insurance business and put a 25 cents sticker on the globe in hopes of preventing scammers. However, I let the business owner in on the secret since he is allowing us to place a machine with no commission fees. The 3-head I found a great deal on Craigslist for $90 and my sister is moving her car dealership to a new and better location next weekend which should get sizeable traffic and we are excited about the opportunities with this location. It is about a 40 minute drive but it gives us an excuse to go visit family more often too. I have found 2 gumball machines on Craigslist for $75 and it is near my sister's business and considering purchasing these machines after I get more descriptions from the seller. From everyone on this forum: What is a good number of machines to have when starting small? Is it advisable to start strictly with double or triple head machines for better ROI?
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