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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, newbie here who is planning on purchasing and donating a bottle vending machine for my local church. I have a budget in mind of $1,500 and want to buy a good, dependable machine. Based on the popular opinion here, it seems Dixie Narcos are the way to go - I can purchase an older refurbished model. A bevmax 4 is nice, and I’m wondering if it’s worth saving up for that instead. In either case - I thought I’d open up the discussion to the more experienced members of this great forum: How would you spend $1,500 today if you wanted a reliable and easy to operate machine?
  2. Hello, I've bought a used (well used, Ive found a sticker dated 1995 inside the machine) drink vending machine on a whim and it mostly seem to work, but some of the slots doesn't vend. I've figured out that it seems the "arms" of the slot are in the wrong positions (the two slots to the left on the image). How do I reposition the arms so I can fill those slots with cans?
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Jackie and I am from Orange County, California. I’m doing research to start a vending business to make some extra money for my family. I would appreciate any advice or recommendations. I started my research looking at healthy vending. Companies such as healthy you, healthier 4u, instahealthy etc. but the more research I do it seems like I’m better off starting it on my own with used machines. Thank you in advance edit any tips and recommendations. Also wondering what kind of permits are required in California to start a vending machine business. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Jackie and I am from Orange County, California. I’m doing research to start a vending business to make some extra money for my family. I would appreciate any advice or recommendations. I started my research looking at healthy vending. Companies such as healthy you, healthier 4u, instahealthy etc. but the more research I do it seems like I’m better off starting it on my own with used machines. Thank you in advance edit any tips and recommendations. Also wondering what kind of permits are required in California to start a vending machine business. Thank you
  5. Good morning everyone! My name is Kevin, I live in Westchester County, NY (if any other vendors are close by). I’m diving headfirst into the vending business, with 2 used soda machine and 1 used snack machine. I have tons of questions about my machines, however I am merely testing the waters on this forum to see how responsive this community is. Have a great day everyone! I hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Hello, I am BRAND new to vending, i am self employed and work from home, and i have some money i can dump into this so i figured i'd give it a shot. I started out purchasing 2 vendstar 3000 machines on ebay from ebay for 199. i know nothing about these machines, they haven't even arrived yet, due tomorrow, but i plan on taking them apart and really looking them over. I also plan on using Rodney from vending services to help place most of my machines. My questions are as follows: 1: are vendstar 3000s decent machines? i have read pros and cons.. some people say they are junk because they are plastic, and the mechanisms fail often? opposite that, they say never get metal machines, too heavy, too expensive and you dont want metal or rust near the candy, and it heats up too much. so im not really sure what to do here. 2: Pieces per vend - i see a lot of people talking about 10 pieces or 18 pieces etc, how can you control how many pieces come out? i mean i know there is a wheel with numbers on it, but how can you make sure exactly 10 come out? 3: Gumballs, i see the 850 ct gumballs do pretty well, but is there a special mechanism to get just one gumball? how can i make sure only one comes out? or is there a special "gumball" wheel i need to purchase thats round? 4: Best place to buy? So far i've only seen 2 contenders for good prices per pound, Amazon has most of them, and sams club has 1 or 2, but the numbers i've seen are kind of amazing, Where on earth is anyone shopping to get these prices? the most i've seen is 40 pound bags of runts or something like this. but i have not seen any skittles for anywhere near the price of 2.72 per pound. 5: realistically, how much can i expect to make per month Per triple head machine? honestly i am only expecting like 5 dollars a month, but i know this is subject to location and trafic and tastes of people who come in. 6, is there an app or something that i can keep track of my inventory, cost per vend, profits, margins, or what candy is doing well? or is everyone just old school using pencils? and i mean a free app , not one i have to pay for monthly. 7, what is a good place to buy bulk vending machines? im still researching but what do you think is a good price for a triple head machine? i think 100 is a bit much now that i've looked around. but maybe 75? 8: any candy machines you recommend? Thanks for taking the time to read. Erick
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to vending. I just started a healthy vending business in Dallas. I'm also launching a podcast to share my entrepreneurial journey with others. Any tips on this business in general? Here's my new podcast http://vendingbusinessmastery.podbean.com/ Thanks, Dylan
  8. I'm new to bulk vending and I'm getting more locations in my area and I'm wondering how y'all manage your keys? Do you have one or a few keys that unlock all the machines? I find it awkward to use my keyring with the bulk candy machines and I usually take the key off and leave it in the lock to refill and collect money. I just feel like I'm not doing this the most efficient way. Just looking for some feedback.
  9. Hi everyone, I've want to start my own vending business, the problem is I've got two jobs and work 6 sometimes 7 days a week, so there's no time for me to look for locations, so I want to buy a small venging route but not sure if it's a good option, right now there are 2 for sale: One claims to have 4 machines in 2 buildings grossing 600-700 per month, he is asking 5500, the other one12 locations, with multi-head coin op vending machines. Plus 6 additional machines to expand route. 300-400 gross per month, and asking 2200, what do you guys think, is it a good option?
  10. Hi Guys, A couple of friends and I are trying to get started in the vending business. We would like to start off with Snack and Soda machines and maybe move into higher margin healthy snack machines later. I live in Boston but I have no idea how to get started. I would appreciate some steps/guidelines. Are there any licenses/permits i need to get before I start? Is it better to buy a machine out right or franchise? what suppliers would you suggest? From my previous research, I know it will only be worthwhile if we are able to setup a vending rout. That being said, i would also appreciate a conservative breakdown of the economics of the business i.e average sales, profits and expenses for lets say a soda or snack machine. Thanks a lot for your help :-)
  11. It's 10am on 1/28/15 and at 3:30 pm, I'm supposed to go look at 4 Office Deli machines to purchase. I wasn't given the model numbers. Just the serial numbers and a picture, which I attached here . There are 4 machines total. -2 machines are said to be working just fine and in a business park. (they need to be removed but they work fine) -1 machine supposedly has a bad compressor in the refrigeration unit. -1 machine isn't cooling the sodas. My questions: 1. What questions should I ask the sellers before deciding to buy? 2. Anyone know of anyone in the Ventura/ Los Angeles county areas that can repair these machines? 3. Are these machines worth buying at about $1500 for all 3? I already have a location for one of the machines if I buy, so it can be placed immediately. I was going to hire a locator to place the others ASAP, as soon as they are working properly. Any advice would be helpful!!!
  12. Thank you for the add!! I am very new at the Bulk Vending so any advice would be great. I have all Vendesign machines which were bought second hand.
  13. At the moment just getting all info and ideas. Then make logical jump.
  14. So I just got back from wholesale they were pushing Grow healthy vending any comments would be awesome
  15. I'm brand new to this forum and brand new to bulk vending. Bulk vending is something that I've thought about off and on for years. Recently I've been thinking about it again and I think I may actually follow through and take the plunge this time. My question to you guys is this: What, as a minimum, do you think I need before I head out and start trying to locate? My initial thoughts are to get 2 or 3 decent machines setup to vend gumballs and single head stands for them and locate those before spending more money. My problem with that is that it seems mighty inflexible. What do I do if I find a location willing to do business with me but wants something specific that's more than what I have available starting out? What did you start with?
  16. Hello, I'm new to this whole vending machine thing and I'm not sure whether to start off with a snack machine, soda machine, or a combination machine!! I'm leaning more towards the combination machine, since I would like to place it in an office building where they currently have no vending machine, but I would like input from people that have more insight on this than me! Snack machine? Soda machine? Combination machine? Why? PLEASE HELP! -Nathlye (I currently have a 5' gumball machine that was given to me for free. I was considering selling it to help pay for whatever machine I decide to get. I have no children, I'm unmarried, I'm 25 and live at home, so there isn't much standing in the way of me getting whatever machine would end up being most profitable in the end. Also, I would like to use healthier snack/drink options, whichever kind of machine I invest in.)
  17. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nathlye (pronounced "Nat-Lee"). I'm 25 and I live in Southern California- Ventura County, to be more specific. I have been wanting to get started in the vending machine business for quite a while now. I was even given a free 5' gumball machine to start out small, but it has just been sitting in my garage. My fear of rejection has paralyzed me quite a bit in the past. But, I'm here to work on that and get started. One step at a time, right? Anyway, does have any advice for a naive newcomer such as myself? Dos and Don'ts? Any advice is welcome, or just saying hello would be appreciated:) -Nathlye
  18. Hello All! I'm new to the vending business and can't wait to get the few machines that I have placed and going! This forum is so helpful and only wish that I could have found it sooner. I've been gorging myself with all of the info on here and can't wait to learn more and more. I'd love to get advice from the seasoned vets on here and would really like to see if there are some fellow vending guys and gals out there that are also in the Dallas area. Let me know, I'd love to hear from you! -Timothy
  19. Hi! I'm a newbie getting ready to take on vending. I've been looking at a couple routes in my area that are up for sale. The first I've already posted about. It's a snack/soda route, but the seller is asking way too much. The second is a bulk candy route. I like the numbers on this one a little better but you guys are the experts. Let me know your thoughts! Asking: $2850 Average Monthly Gross Sales: $300-$500 Locations: 7 Radius: 83 miles Farthest Distance From My House: 76 miles (1 location, 2 machines) Seller lives in the same city as me. He services once a month and says it takes him 6-8 hours total to do the whole route. Machines: 45 total (22 on locations, 23 not placed) Vendstar 3000 1-800 vending U-turn 4 canister All-Metal Pro I am currently waiting on the seller to verify financials and to specify how many of each model he has. I'm not a fan of the idea of 76 miles travel for the one location. If something gets jammed and I need to get out to service, that seems like it could become a pain. I'm thinking I'd probably just move those 2 machines which would cut the farthest distance from my house down to 45 miles, and the radius down to 52 miles (much more manageable). What do you think?
  20. This question goes out to all you industry veterans out there. I currently have a small Amusement / bulk vending operation going and I'm looking for the best way to expand my business rapidly in terms of revenue. My intuition (and many previous posts) tells me that high-end redemption games like Keymaster, Winners Cube, Barber Cut, and Prize Transporter are the best way to go. I've read through the vast majority of the posts in the Amusement Vending section and the wisdom here is vast. Thank you to all the big contributors like Bill Nuts, Dogcow, Roostyr, Ronsidney, Havending, Mainor5251, Jayhawk22, will.vend, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting. I've already learned a ton from you guys before learning things the "hard way" and it is sincerely appreciated. Specifically I'm curious about the following items which I have not yet seen in other posts: What is the "lowliest" type of location you would put a Keymaster like machine in? Obviously malls, movie theaters, & other similar locations work great, but what about say a busy restaurant, or a 99 cent store? Related to #1, going after the big accounts like Malls, movie theaters, etc goes without saying but since those can take some time, what would you consider the "average" type of location where you might be willing to put one of these. What is the low-end monthly revenue at your lowliest locations (before prizes and splits)? What types of locations are these? What is the least acceptable monthly revenue number in your opinions on a Keymaster or similar? For every $1000 in revenue monthly, how much of that normally goes towards prizes? I know many of these settings are built into machine just want to get an idea. For these types of machines what splits are you usually offering locations? 25%, 35%? On Gross or Net? Anyone out there using the Impulse Industries Prize Transporter? How does it compare to Keymaster, Babercut, Stacker, etc. This seems like a great machine but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. For those in CA, does anyone know if there are any important Legal & license considerations to take into account in California for these machines specifically? I've seen many posts complain about the strict laws in GA for example, just curious if there are any similar concerns in California. What is the best way to find and buy used or refurbished equipment of this nature besides Ebay & Craigslist? Is there a good universal way to install CC readers and remote monitoring on these machines? Seems like this would be very useful to optimize collections and down-time. I feel capable and ready to move into this high-end arena for many reasons not the least of which is that I'm very comfortable around computer internals and electronics. Thank you Bill Nuts for driving that point home in previous posts! I'm sure I have a lot to learn but I'm a quick study and hungry to get going. If you have any other important pointers which I might have missed please do share. Thank you in advance for your responses.
  21. HI guys. Im not exactly a newbie but im here to start my vending business. I am aware that this is not a get rich quick business. I did vending about 10 yrs ago and was young and basically spend all the profits I made. I have decided now that I would like to be more serious and run this like a business this time. I bought 6 machines from a local vendor that wanted to clear more space in his warehouse. I really dont want to spend the money to hire a locator but I just kinda need to see how its done first before I start my own locating. I suppose I could start caling businesses from the yellowpages with one of the scripts in the downloads section and if after 50 OR 60 calls maybe look at other options. Any suggestions?
  22. Hello guys, I am new to the food & beverage vending. I started initially with bulk vending only to realized that it's not for me, I waited till I made my initial investment and sold the machines. Now as I am looking into the food & bev and mainly trying to do strictly healthy vending (w/o having to go through a shady franchise company) , it looks to me that most of the machines break very often. I thought I'd reach out here to the experts and ask the following 2 questions: 1- What are the best /most recommended machines for food & bev (combination of parts availability, price, and durability). I looked around the forum and found alot of inconsistent answers that got me confused a little . 2- Why is the healthy vending business not picking up? I thought about it a few years ago and now am still surprised to see that people are still placing machines that sell junk food. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello Everyone, My partner and I have just started in the full line vending business. In November we purchased a route with 21 machines (6 candy and 15 soda) placed in hotels. Our revenue for the month of December was significantly less than the numbers that the seller provided for December 2012 and December 2011, but we still managed to make a profit. Last month we expanded by purchasing a route with 9 more machines (4 candy and 5 soda) in 4 locations. Two of the locations are pretty slow, but the other 2 more than make up for it. In fact, one of our slow accounts is in a Macy's breakroom at a mall, but it is going out of business so we'll soon need to find a new location for our machines. I look forward to working will this forum as I learn the vending ropes and hopefully generate a substantial second income. Ken
  24. Hi everyone, I am very excited to learn more about the vending business. Thank you very much for all the helpful posts on this website. Several newbie questions i have: 1. i've been reading old threads on the forum (thank you). What other books would you folks suggest to read? Anything in particular? 2. i tried to download the book on the downloads page but it says that i don't have enough posts to download. how many posts do i need? can someone maybe send this book - if thats ok? THANK YOU!!
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