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Found 4 results

  1. I just got a dn 501e t/sii-9 with 16.9 bottles set to the right with the double wide stack so I can put 2 side by side with 2 more in the front (so 4 total per row) and when one dispenses, one side drops, which causes the row to become offset, jamming that section. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello All, I'm looking for a little advice. I recently purchased an old RC Cola - Dixie Narco for in my carport at home. This is my first vend, I wanted something that could do cans, and be within the 1970's-80's era. (and within my budget) It's a small unit that takes coins only (single price - Coinco with Jones Plug) The compressor works and keeps the drinks cold, and the outside is in good condition, but it won't vend. Thinking this is a simple fix - I started with the Coinco - it had some old coins crammed in it, so I downloaded the manual... took it apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. Now it works great and I figured out the dip switches to set the price to $0.50 per can. I then tried to manually trip each of the motor switches, and they all power cycled and would dispense cans manually. Although I did end up stripping one down and cleaning it because it was a little gummed up. But never unplugged any wires there. Still it won't vend. I can now add $.50 - the "add correct change light" goes off - I cannot add any more money it just falls through... so it's prompting me to make a selection... but after trying all six buttons - no motors are engaged to dispense a drink? Signal not passing from the button selection switch to the motor switch? After reading a few posts online, I turned my attention to the "selection switches"... Figuring that if one went bad they all would be bad, I just bought six new ones from a company in Maryland. (less than $5 each) Last night they arrived in the mail, so I started installing them... Nothing. Still won't vend. I'm guessing I'm down to either the Jones Switch Relay or the Wiring Harness? But I really don't think it's the Jones Switch because of the way it prompts me after adding the correct change to the machine? So I'm thinking there is a short or break in a wire somewhere that isn't allowing signal to pass from the selection to the vend motor? I'm going to try a tone generator on the wiring harness tonight, I've attached the wiring diagram below in case someone else has an idea? I'm not electrically inclined - so any advice is greatly appreciated. Positive note - I LOVE to Tinker!!
  3. Hello, I have a dixie narco bevmax 5000 (coke branded) drink machine and it's having issues that I can't figure out, please help if you can. This model has a shelf that moves vertically and delivers the drinks by conveyer belt on the shelf. However the shelf won't move. I have checked all the connections, then Iz replaced the door switch thinking that maybe the machine thinks that the glass door is open, but that didn't work. Then I removed and tested the motor, and the motor ran fine when plugged into another bevmax I have on hand. The machine will accept money, and after you select a drink the screen reads "vending". But the shelf just stays at the bottom of the machine and after about 30 seconds the machine returns the money. What could be causing this. I have been trying to fix it for weeks and I'm now at a loss of ideas. Please advise if you can.
  4. I have a brand new Vendo 721, 10 select, live view that column 5 will not vend a 12 oz. can. Took all the cans out and reloaded, still did not work. Display light goes from green to red then says sold out. Tried to test vend. Sounds like motor wants to turn, but doesn't. Checked depth setting, set at 4 deep. Took cover off the motors to check spring. Spring looks fine. Any advise?
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