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Found 14 results

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I own a car wash and I'm working to keep things from getting stuck. Anyone know where I can get more of these or what they are called? There are only a few in my machine that came with our wash. I really have no idea and can't find them. I've tried searching for a lot of names with no results.
  2. Hi y'all, Im a newbie in this field with a couple used machines. I have one royal soda machine, one dixie soda, and one snack machine. Is anyone located in/around Westchester County, NY? I could use some help trouble shooting. Perhaps somebody is close by and has a surplus of parts. Thanks, Kevin D
  3. Hello, I know absolutely nothing about vending machines, but a few years back I picked up a triple head vending machine at a yard sale because I thought it was a cool piece of decoration. Id love to do a little restoration on it but I haven’t had any luck finding replacement parts. I believe the machine is a Seaga TV3000, and the parts I need are chamber dividers, locks, and anything that may go in the rear (I’ve seen pictures of coin catchers, so I’m assuming there is something specific to go I here). I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this. Any help is highly appreciated!
  4. I have recently acquired a Mac-32 combo machine and the keypad is really hard to use so i want to replace it but since the machine is like 11 years old it is very difficult to find a replacement. Can you help me figure out a compatable keypad? I have been searching for a while. The pictures are down below
  5. I have an old polyvend 6640. I don't know how to change prices. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I have a used Brand Imports/Brand Vending Products sticker & tattoo machine, which I'm told they no longer manufacture. In the pictures below, the metal rectangular weight pictured in my hand is what I'm missing. It holds down product in the machine, but also prevents quarters from being inserted when the column is empty, using the small metal piece sticking out of the middle. Does anyone have any suggestions for compatible parts? The larger rectangle measures 4.5x3", and I can give more precise measurements if needed. Thanks for your help.
  7. I purchased some machines at an awesome price! But the Northwestern Super 80 Sticker machine is missing a cash door! I can not fine one anywhere! Could someone help me?! Where could I locate one? Color does not matter. Im going to repaint the machine. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hello, I have looked all over for a new keypad. I own a fortune resources RS 800/850 which has the same keypad as the Healthy You 800/850, manufactured by Seaga I think. Does anyone have one they could sell me? Or be able to point me in the right direction? Right the machine is sitting idle in a location. I have attached a picture. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys, Since NEN (National Entertainment Network) bought Rainbow Crane, their phone number to order parts is no longer active. Does anyone have a new phone number to order parts for Rainbow / Sugarloaf / Toy House etc type of cranes? I need some claw components. Thanks in advance. Allen K
  10. Does any body know where I can find some U Turn 1" Gumball Tumblers? I currently own four 4 canister U Turns and I want to turn all four canisters on each machine into gumball dispensers only. I looked on ebay and craigslist but no luck. Please help me.
  11. Looking for part for a National Vendors Crown 72 Model 141. I know this is an old machine made in 72 or 73. I only need the product spacing bars for both the chip and bar trays. Have contacted many vending supply companies online with no luck. Have even contacted Crane and they say they are obsolete. This is a good working machine and had a bill acceptor and Mars coin changer in it. I just need these product spacers to sell different sized product. There has to be someone that has parts for this out there. Please help.
  12. Hello everyone! Is it safe to buy key pads from Vending Concepts.com (fort worth, texas) or U Turn vending, (Idaho)? They will be shipping me the parts for old Genesis Combos. These machines have been horrible. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hi folks, I just aquired 20 used U-Turn original 4 selction machines in good shape. None of them have keys. I've been looking online and I see the occasional #22 or #5 key's here and there from $9 up to $12 and now I'm all confused. Do I have to have U-Turn keys or if I can slap some regular cam locks in from the local lock smith? Has anyone use the 4 in 1 keys for these?
  14. I am brand new to the industry, and I just bought 13 UTurn machines second hand. I need replacement parts to get them ready to place. I called the UTurn company when I first bought the machines asking to purchase a user manual, but they were not willing to sell one to me unless I bought new machines & training from them at a very expensive price, so I don't think I have a very good chance of getting them to sell me replacement parts. I have not been able to find the parts I need on ebay (new canisters, the plastic flaps that go above the dispenser in the canister, etc.). Does anyone know where I might be able to get new spare parts? Thank you!
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