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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a Vendo 511 beverage machine. Being that I use 16.9 oz bottles of soda in a lot of my AMS machines, I always have this size on hand. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as shims or spacers that I would need to vend 16.9 oz bottles properly? I'm fairly new to these machines specifically so I'm not sure which parts I would need, thank you.
  2. I have a v721 with the live buttons (12 large buttons) display, the lock is automatic, I lost power to the machine, checked the breaker on the cord, it is fine, but hot, I cannot get inside the machine, how can I get power to the machine to open the door? or how can I open the door?
  3. My highschool ag department has recently bought an old 1970's/1980's Pepsi six selection vending machine and we need to find out who made it, and we need to find a service manual or something to rewire and refurbish it. I took several pictures to help people try to find it. Please reply to this thread to help us in any way!
  4. I've been offered a Pepsi machine that has a tag that says property of Pepsi. Atlanta ga but one we are in fl 2 this machine is over 25 years old is it legal to buy
  5. I just picked up a Lektro Vend VS99 with a location...my problem is the Bill Validator [hopefully not the machine.] I have a MEI VN2311 with a Maka to MEI harness. Coin mech takes coins well, all motors works, board seems to function properly. Here is the problem: The BV accepts the dollar but doesn't show a dollar credit on the display board. Can anyone give me some suggestions thank you .
  6. I just came across an FSI / USI 3039 The Bill Validator takes a few bills then has trouble with the next. [$1 insert then vend, $1 insert then vend & repeat - then stops] Make: Nippon Conlux Co., LTD Model: NB2-16A-400 I want to change the whole BV all together. Looks like a single price soda machine harness - not too sure. Can the forum please help me out in this situation I am up against. Happy Mother's Day - Mothers!
  7. An older style Pepsi machine was just posted to craigslist in my area. Looks like it may be a DN368 model. Seller states machine is in good working condition and is ice cold. Asking price is $300 / OBO. Just trying to see from you guys is this machine even worth taking a look. Picture is attached, and I see that it does not have a dollar bill acceptor. I figured it may be ok for blue collar workplace or barbershop.
  8. hello i have a Dixie Narco 501e i purchased machine assuming it worked.. got it home plugged it in let it run 2 days and it never got cold.. pulled the deck found a leak. ordered refurbished deck installed now the top selector button will not work ​ ,, i replaced the membrane but still nothing .. does anyone know what i should do next? i cant program the machine with out button 1&2 working at this moment i am lost... any and all help is very greatly thankful..
  9. Hi all! I'm new to TVF, and semi-new to vending. I stumbled upon this ad for a Dixie-Narco 276 vending machine... http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/bfs/3908671907.html As it says, it is $250. I don't have a large enough vehicle to haul it in, so I would have to hire a mover. It Is about a 2-hour drive from me. I'm wondering if any of you here at TVF have any experience with the 276? Is i$250.00 a good deal/fair price? Oro should I just pass it up? Thanks. -Ayden
  10. I've heard you can get machines from say Coke or Snapple. How does one go about getting a machine from them? I'm assuming there is some sort of lease-to-own option here that allows me to get a new or refurb machine in with a reduced margin while I'm under the corporate umbrella hopefully for a couple years. In addition to who or where to contact to find out about the options available....I don't hear much thoughts on renting or leasing machines. Everyone seems to be in the own inventory business or stash machines in the garage and hope the wife doesn't complain business. Does anyone rent or run their business not owning machines?
  11. I am relatively new to vending. I have 40+ triple bulk candy vending machine and 30+ mint/honor boxes. I am looking to expand into full line vending. Currently I have the opportunity to put soda machines in 3 very good locations. I am thinking about going wth Coke and using their products. Any thoughts and how do I get in touch with the right person at Coke in my town.
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