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Found 13 results

  1. Have two Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. On both claws, the voltage will not increase over 35v, even though there's plenty of room left to turn the knob. In test mode, the VR3 shows 45v, but on this crane, it's a default max setting and I cannot alter the VR3. I measure these at the terminal above the claw during test mode. The analog meters in both games work and match my meter readings. The coil and pots have been changed on one, but not the other (since there was no improvement). The power supply also reads 49.6v at the power supply, and drops to 44.1v when activating the VR1 in test mode. I'm at a loss on this. Especially since both claws are doing this. Please advise?
  2. Okay everyone, I'm new here, and looking for help. I picked up a second hand Toy Soldier 46 Jumbo Plush Crane. It has a DBA installed and it works, but for more practical application I would like to install a coin mech as well. Does anyone know what type I can Plug and play in this machine? I believe it has special hookups for the harness, not just spade connectors. Any help would be awesome! I can post pics of my wiring if needed, and the door, but everything appears to be stock.
  3. Has anyone bought plush from one of those large vendors like Vendomatics or NEN? I notced NEN now has a rewards program on their plush, would it be smart to try and buy their plush? Is it possible? Sorry I am a new vendor trying to learn the amusement vending business as best as possible.
  4. While Supplies last in both warehouses------------------- Balls 27mm Bowling Balls- $10.00 per bag of 250 Plush Jumbo Christmas plush - $112.50 / box Goolies - $98.00 / box Gray 50 Bears - $125.00 / box Germies - $238.00 / box Plushees - $96.00 / box Redemption Lil Team Mates ( call in for available teams )- $2.00 each Hanging Iphone Accessory Kit - $210.00 2" Capsules Family Guy figures _ $45.00 In One ear And Out The Other - $ 25.00 Mobile Phone Stands - $23.00 Wrap Pack organizers _ 425.00
  5. Check the website for Homies Zombies and Fuzzy Shades of Gray plush bears
  6. We treat you like our most valuable asset...because you are! We offer you the fruits of our labors with good old-fashioned hard work. If you need us to keep it simple, that's what we will do, but we give you all the time you need to ask questions or place your order. We hope we inspire you with our positive attitude and integrity. At TNT we offer value and quality in all our products and regularly bring in new selections for you to choose from. Add to that our extraordinary customer service. But it all starts with you, our valued customer. We are proud to be "Partners in your Vending Success". For 2013 we are introducing an all new innovative PLUSH line that will be revealed at the NBVA in Las Vegas this March! Come by our booths and check us out! Also, we offer custom stickers/labels for your sticker machines, coin mechs, crane machines or whatever you want to stick them on. Call for more details! Contact Info: WWW.TNTVEND.COM Rachel and Vicki Top Notch Toys 307 Mathew Street Santa Clara, CA 95050 Toll Free: 1-800-572-2501 Local: (408) 855-8500 Fax: (408) 855-8543
  7. 1.1" - $.25 Ninja Fighters CA Gold Treasure Chest Glow Sticks ( 1 per cap ) Moustache 1.1" - $.50 Glow Rings Punch Balloons Xoddo Glow Sticks ( 2 per cap ) Bok Choy Boy 2" - $.50 Birthstone Bears Googly Eye Finger Puppets Punch Balloons Yoyo Balls Funny Teeth 2"- $.75 In One Ear and Out the Other SpongeBob Yoyo Balls Touch Pen Danglers SpongeBob Slap Bands BlingTeeth 2"-$1.00 DC Heroes String Dolls ( returning 08/22 and 09/01 ) order now ! Animal String Dolls Family Guy figures Original String Dolls DC Heroes pocket projectors Flat NFL Helmet stickers NFL Logo stickers Trendy Nails tattoos (returning to California on 08/22 ) DC Heroes Logo tattoos MLB stickers Self Vending Self Vending Mix NBA balls SpongeBob foam balls MLB balls Sports balls Plush / Toys 5" Knobby Large Punk Ducks 6" Rainbow ball Large 50/50 Mix Small $1.10 Mix Prizes Single MP players, no memory MP3 large box MP4 MP3 Best Value Stacker Mix
  8. 1.1" - $.25 vend Ninja Fighters Treasure Chest CA Gold Grow in Water Moustaches 1.1" - $.50 vend Punch Balloons Bok Choy Boy Silver Stone Rings Glow Sticks ( 2 ) Clear and Cool Rings 2" - $.50 vend Birthstone Bears Punch Balloons Yoyo Balls FunnyTeeth Sticky hands 2" - $.75 vend SpongeBob Yoyo Balls Adventure Time slap bands Touch Pen danglers SpongeBob slap bands Looney Tunes slap bands 2"- $1.00 vend Animal String Dolls DC Hero String Dolls ( back ordered IN CA , not MD ) Puppy Palz String Dolls, version 1 Eye Poppers, version 1 Flat MLB stickers Trendy Nalz ( back ordered in MD, not CA ) DC Hero tattoos NFL Helmets ( stock up now on all NFL ! ) David Gonzales version 2 Self Vending Self vend mix MLB baseballs NBA basketballs SpongeBob Wacky Rollers Sport Balls Plush and Inflatables Punk Ducks ( Super Hot ! ) 5" knobby balls ( solid colors in a box ) Large 50% license Family Guy 5" balls ( on sale in June ) Small generic $1.10 Prizes Loose MP-3's ( no memory ) Red and White headphones White Crackle headphones MP-3s , 2GB in a box MNP4-s , 4Gb in a box
  9. 1.1" - $.25 vend Ninja Fighter CA Gold ( returning in July ) Treasure Chest Grow in water sea creatures 1.1" - $.50 vend Punch Balloons Glow Rings Clear and Cool Rings Glow Sticks ( 2 per capsule ) 2"-$.50 vend Birthstone Bears ( returning in July ) Tongue Tuggers ( light in CA ) Yoyo balls Punch Balloons 2" - $.75 vend SpongeBob Yoyo balls Adv. Time slap bracelets Gooli figures ( on sale ) Domo Yoyo balls ( on sale ) 2"- $1.00 vend DC Heroes dog tags ( returning in August ) Puppy Palz Tins with puppies Voodoo Dolls ( original ) Animal Poppers New Release today -- Animal String Dolls ! Flat MLB stickers DC Logo tattoos Yin Yang tattoos NBA stickers ( new ) Self Vending Self Vending 32mm NBA Basketballs MLB balls SpongeBob foam balls Plush / Toys 5" Knobbie balls Large 50/50 mix Goolis Funny Monkeys Prize Power Banks MP3-2GB large box MP3-2GB MP4-4GB Sleeper !-Best Hanging Kit
  10. Who do you crane owners buy plush from? What company typically has the best prices? I searched the forums and didn't find a similar post, so if there is one please point me to it. THANKS.
  11. 1.1 " capsules Fighting Ninjas, CA Gold, Treasure Mix, Moustache Mix, Glow Sticks 2" capsules NFL cups, NFL tabletop footballs, Karma Bands, Birthstone Bears, Punch Balloons 2" capsules - $.75-$1.00 vend SpongeBob Yoyo balls, Turbo Disc Shooters, Adventure Time slap bracelets, NFL Helmets/ pencil toppers, Smurf Figurines Flat Vend NFL helmets, NFL logos, NFL prismatic footballs, Turbo stickers, Best of Now Plush- cost per piece large $1.99, medium $1.25, NFL licensed- large only, large Xoddo, large $2.25 Prize Kits 4" Basic, Stacker Key chain 2, Electronic kit w/ MP3/ MP4. Smurf kit Candy Crane mix- price per piece $0.035, $0.0197, $0.043, $0.039, $0.08
  12. From the album: Grim Girls Plush

    © Paramount Plush LLC

  13. Top Notch Toys has partnered with Paramount Plush to bring an exclusive high end plush "Grimm Girls" to the vending world. We introduced our line of 10 designs at that NBVA/ AMOA tradeshow this past March. The response was fantastic and we are now selling our second container of this unique item. Want to increase your crane sales by 20-30%? Call us today for more information! www.tntvend.com or 800-572-2501
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