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Found 10 results

  1. I have recently acquired a Northwestern Triple Play that I reconditioned and a Vendstar machine. I am wanting to get these placed in restaurants. What products would be recommended in these? My traditional 850ct gumballs wouldn't work, so I was thinking candies. Has anyone tried the smaller gumballs in these machines?
  2. Where do you guys purchase your inventory for your vending machines? jarci
  3. ok Say you have a vending machine that holds chips and such. Can that vending machine be adjusted or is it automatically adjusted told hold whatever you put in it???
  4. I recently found a vending products distributer that is allowing me to meet the truck driver at his hotel on Sunday afternoons to collect my order and pay without a fee for not meeting minimum. For a small fish like me, I think that's a big win because this will allow me to buy the exact products my customers want without having to buy the variety packs at the wholesale club and half the product expires before I can sell it. I will still continue to buy from the wholesale clubs, but having this arrangement with this distributer will help me drive the business forward. Please share with me your top 5 or more sellers in your drink and snack machines. My locations are all white collar businesses and 1 private school grades k-12. I've been having an issue with my 20 oz bottle Aquafina in my royal 650. The bottles jam (stick together) in the column. Is there a fix for this? I had an issue while servicing my vend 721. It looked like a soda exploded when it fell into the bin. There was soda splatter on the live display and the promotional back drop door and a small puddle on the bottom of the machine inside. There was not splatter in the product columns. At one time I had a problem with the diet coke freezing, so I set the temperature to hhh. A few days ago I set the temperature to hhhh when I saw the soda splatter. No one has informed me of the exploding soda and that's very odd because this location informs me of everything. Should I assume the soda exploded when it dropped into the bin or could someone have accidentally pulled the tab on the can when they were taking it out of the bin? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Just want to thank everyone who is a part of this forum. You have been a great help to me. I now have a 3 location business with only 4k in debt and gross revenue each month of $1700. Looking to add another location before June.
  5. kinda of new to vending im just starting to get a feel for what to buy so i wanna see how everyone is doing. I want to give and get suggestions. 2" -skull finger boards -adventure time bracelets -mario keychains 1" don't have any 1" product machines yet but by all means just post what ever you are selling at a high rate regardless of what it is. stickers -sugar tattoos candy -fastest selling candy are chewy spree and cry baby tears
  6. Looking at the AP UltraFlex and GPL Fusion on Crane MS' website, they appear to be identical. It looks like Crane MS is offering them as low-cost alternatives to the high-end National Merchant series. So, are there ANY differences at all between the two? Why would Crane MS sell the same exact machine under two brands? Might as well drop the GPL brand and focus on the National, Dixie-Narco, and Automatic Products brands.
  7. Hey guys. What do u suggest for both a machine and product ideas for a 150-200 person gym? I am kind of lost as to what to offer lol. Do gyms do well? Maybe gatorade/snack combo machine since it's pretty small??
  8. We have just released 3 new sets of Temporary Tattoos. -Day of the Dead Tattoos -Get Inked Giant Tattoos -Pretty Edgy Tattoos We are focusing full force into more fresh & exciting tattoos and stickers for you!
  9. Hey guys. Currently, I'm a small fish in a big pond. I have 3 locations. 1 grosses 1400 per month, 1 1200 and 1 200. I buy variety packs on a handful of brands because they don't offer individual products at my local wholesale club. With these products, I rotate them in the row, so I'm not stuck with the one that doesn't sell. I haven't had any complaints yet. My question is "Is this ok to do" and when should I start considering buying from a distributer that can give me the exact products and sizes I want?
  10. Just got a new location. Office building with 150 employees. No commission discussed. I'm a small fish in a big pond. This would be my 3rd location. It's just me and my father-in-law. I have a full time job and he's retired. We take no money out of the vending business and grow it when we have the funds to purchase equipment. Our 1st location is an office with 40 employees. We are using a Royal 650 and AP 111. Our second location is a private school with 250 students. Royal 650 and AMS 39 with a chiller located in the cafeteria. I would like equipment suggestions for the new office with 150 employees. I like the Royal 650 and I'm familiar with it. I like the AMS 39, but I think it's kind of too big with too many choices. I'm not opposed to trying different machines. I just don't know what's out there that's reliable and relatively easy to maintain. I don't have contracts with any of my locations. I do pay the school 10% of sales. All the locations have been people I know so it's just been a hand shake agreement. Any advise would be appreciated.
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