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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Brand new to forum and vending in general--thank you for having this resource, I have already leapt forward miles in my education in a short time. I became interested in bulk candy vending years ago when I didn't have any money to invest. Now that's about to "change", and I still feel the vending business model fits me best in every way. My concern is that the small amount of change received in each candy machine would require having hundreds of locations in order to generate the level of income I'm aiming for, roughly 6-7k net profit per month. So my question is, what types of vending are known for producing the best net income while consuming no more than two weeks per month of solid, full-time daily effort? (My wife and I would like to take an occasional vacation). My goal is to be 100% realistic, work hard, have patience, serve the public, maintain integrity, listen and learn from you experienced folks, and build slowly if necessary. Purchasing necessary equipment to build quickly will not be problematic. Thanks
  2. Hey Everyone!! I'm glad to be a member because I see there's a ton of information on the site! But......to tell you a short exclamation of my thoughts are: Explain to the wife starting a Vending Business on the side could be a great extra income if not full time. So the questions are: If I have lets say 10,000 to invest in buying a machines...and finding good/general locations how could i figure the profits? (to break it down more- Lets say I have 10 vending machine, all soda....) With a good route and buying I'd say in bulk for having 10 machines... I know this is a real broad question..... :-/ But I'm also talking myself into investing this kind of money into a business i'm not quite sure of? And I've did a good bit of studying online etc. But I've come here to learn new wisdom/examples of owning/building a business in vending and to see if it's worth my while? ...I don't know... I want to be able to be my own boss and make my own hours like everyone else in this world......so I guess i'm quite the enterprenuer as most are and that's why I've heard and read in certain places this could be a great business to own! #Looking for Wisdom :-] ~Tyler
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to this game. I'm a college student and I'm looking to get into vending with my younger brother who is in high school. I am scoring a deal or what I believe to be a deal on some Vendstar 3000's at 20/ea. I know some do not like these machines however, I figure at 20/ea how hard can it be till I see a ROI. So what my question to those of you that have Vendstars... What can I expect to see as far as revenue per machine on Average? I do know that a lot of this depends on location, however I'm looking for your average to get an idea. Thanks!
  4. OK, so most of you know that my minor son & I acquired a bulk vending route of 35 machines around the 1st of April. Again, as most of you know, this was a very neglected route that we have been working hard to turn around these past few months. We have done about everything but remove poor performing machines from businesses. We have temporarily taken out machines to clean them and make "ant proof", changed up products and replaced from gum ball heads to bulk vending heads, and removed from a couple of businesses for newer and better (we hope) locations. I'd say out of the 21 machines that were located at the time of our purchase, only 4 locations brought in $9-$10+ each month. We have subscribed to vend-trak software program to keep track of everything and reports are showing no light at the end of the tunnel. We are finding some new profitable locations from time to time and have discovered that our best products are plain M&M's, dry roasted peanuts & cashews, and most recently pastel hospitality butter mints at our 2 bar/restaurant locations (no chain restaurants). We are doing our best to "weeding out" chewing gum and gum balls because they do not sell here except for gum balls at my eye doctor friend's office located in a Wal-Mart (gum balls & peanut M&M here). I am asking for guidance from seasoned bulk vendors as to what steps we'll need to take. I think my answer is to start fresh in search for better locations and, once obtained, move machines out of poor performing locations to new location because $2-$4 a month is a waste of our time. Our reasonable goal would be $10+ per machine (all double-head) per location. Products: Reese's Pieces (do OK but not great) M&M (Great) Peanut M&M (OK) Dry Roasted Peanuts (Great...may need to clean machine quarterly but worth the risk) Cashews (Weeding out to peanuts because only 30% ROI) Skittles (OK but not great) Chewing Gum tabs (only do well at bar locations) Gum Balls (not good except for one location mentioned above) Trail Mix (tried once at a healthy conscious doctor's office & failed so they have peanut M&M) Pastel Butter Mints (verdict is still out but seems to do well at restaurant/bar locations) Thanks for listening and we welcome all advice. By the way, our machines are 35 double-head V-Line, 1 single-head; 1 triple-head Amerivend (trying to find just the right location for this one).
  5. Well, as some of you know, I started small with a couple bulk vending machines for my minor son to learn. As it turns out, an old friend noticed my son's picture with a machine on Facebook and he comes by my office this past Friday and it was a "GOOD FRIDAY" INDEED because he offered to sell me his bulk vending business at a price that I could not refuse or I would have be stupid to let it go because when opportunities like that come a knocking, you must answer the door and let them in. Now, rather than only having 4 heads working for us we now have 35-Double Head V-Line machines working for us with 23 already placed and stocked locally. Words cannot express how blessed my son and I will be with this opportunity and for this man's kindness and help for he started the business with his Grandson and he really liked that I was doing the same with my son. He not only stocked the already located machines for us but he also left us all of his leftover product. My son and I are very excited and we expect to get our ROI really quick....worst case probably within 2-3 months (Yes, that good of a deal). If anyone else has a route using V-Line Double-head candy machines, we appreciate any advice and support on this forum. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday. God Bless, MrKentuckian
  6. Used and on sale machines (2) - $168 Labels (25 cents & candy stickers) - $14.50 Product ((1) 850 ct. 1" Dubble Bubble gumballs, (2) 48 oz. Reese's Pieces, (2) 54 oz. Skittles, (2) 56 oz. M&M's @ Sam's Club for $72.50) Total: $255 Locations: Insurance Company for Single machine (Reese's pieces) Car Dealership for 3-compartment machine (Gumballs, M&M's; Skittles) Question or Time will only tell, the time frame we will see a profit from these above expenses (6 months, year?)
  7. As a way to introduce an entrepreneural business opportunity to my 7 year old son, I and he (savings) purchased 2 ((1) single and (1) 3-compartment) vending machines after lining up 2 locations (friend's insurance business for single and my sister's car dealership for 3-compartment unit) and neither location will be charging commission off of profits from machines. My question to you seasoned veterans is: How do you track your expenses and profits from your bulk vending business? If you have a spreadsheet or advice to share, my son and I will greatly appreciate any advice that you may offer. On a funny note: I asked my son if the wanted the business name to be "first name vending" because, if so, he will have to do all of the work or "Father and Son Vending" and he said "Father and Son Vending" because he didn't want to have to do all of the work . I'm sure just like those parents (we too are guilty) that purchase a puppy, when their kids go off to college they are stuck with caring for their dog or other pet(s) and the same will apply with this small (for now) bulk vending business.
  8. Did my first pull today. Did not get to all the machines because some have not been out very long. Pizza Place: Triple Play - $18.75 - On location 2 weeks Oil Change: Triple Play - $5.50 - On location 2 weeks (Will be replacing with a single this week to make better use of the triple elsewhere) Sports Bar: Double Head - $8.50 - On location 1 week I will update at the beginning of December with all locations.
  9. Version 1.0


    I put this spreadsheet together to help me with keeping track of most of the major things taking place i.e. gross, COGs, charity/commission, net profit, notes, keys, locations, etc. I have created some formulas within the sheet so that you only have to enter some information each time you service the machine, and the sheet will keep track of the rest. This is also a book with the final page "Totals" will total up your entire route for you. Fields in Yellow are Auto Fill, Fields in Blue are Manual. When completing the form with information from servicing, enter the requested numbers in the blue fields. The yellow fields will automatically update when you are finished. The "Totals" page is all autofill and will update from the information from across the book. To create new sheets, right click on any of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the book other than the totals sheet and select "move or copy",choose where you want the new sheet to appear and check the "create copy box". You will need to rename the newly created sheet by right clicking on the new tab at the bottom and left click on "rename" When you create a new sheet, you will need to update the "totals" page formulas to include the new sheets. To do this, left click on the yellow field. The formula will appear in the edit bar at the top of the page. You will need to edit the last number before the exclamation mark to the name of number of your newest page. For example: Change =SUM('1:4'!E7) to =SUM('1:99'!E7). Any suggestions on improvements to the form, the book, or my lousy instructions are welcomed. Hope a few people can make good use of this form. I will update once I have received some suggestions for improvements. Thanks


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