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Found 25 results

  1. rodney69


    From the album: current racks and set ups!

    This is where I will post my racks that I am putting in all over my area. Big difference between these and Uturns!!
  2. From the album: Misc. Bin

    A rack at the Wausau Wisconsin mall, tucked into a hallway off the food court. I stopped to grab a photo as the displays were rather unusual.
  3. I'm making up a flyer/booklet to help in locating. I recently had a home security salesman come to my house, and he had this already printed up binder all laminated and what not with very few pages, basically showing some plans, some prices and had some bullet points for reasons to choose that company. I know that's nothing new, but it seems like something I want to try especially for my racks. Mainly because when I locate people seem to wonder the same things: 1. How much does it cost 2. What size machine i'm talking about 3. how does the whole thing work etc. I'm thinking of printing up something cheap and simple and having kinkos laminate it for me. Something like: No Contracts No liability (Picture of a rack in a location) .......And i'm drawing a blank for what else should pop out. Anyone have any ideas? (Also I swear I remember reading something like this already, but for the life of me I can't find that post, so if anyone see's it and post a link, that'd be great)
  4. Hello all, and thanks for all the help as I get myself into racks. I'm trying to figure out, what can I do for ants in a rack? On a triple, I put Vaseline on the pole in a discrete place right under the head of the machine. Where can you put it on the rack? I plan on having a gumballs and maybe a skittles head. (aside from my toys) Also, I've finally started finding some laundry mats that seems perfect for a rack, and don't have any. Not getting my hopes up, but if I get them, should I be trying to figure out a way to lock it to something? Can people, or rather do people, walk off with a rack that's unsecured?
  5. PerformaVending

    NW 5-Way

    From the album: Performa Vending Machines

    I snapped a picture of one of my racks after it got products swapped out. (Can you see what I forgot until after I took this picture?)
  6. From the album: Performa Vending Machines

    One of my machines running the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" lenticular dogtags. I went with the cheaper 50 cent caps for this one.
  7. From the album: Performa Vending Machines

    One of my machines running the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" lenticular dogtags. I went with the cheaper 50 cent caps for this one.
  8. We now have new lower pricing in almost every area of the site!!! We have worked out the kinks and can handle more flow so that we are able to offer lower cost! I know that location cost is a tough one and typically expensive! I get it! So I have designed a better way to handle the loads and smoothed out a few things as well. This is to bring our customers lower pricing! Not because we were asked to, but because I believe in offering the best product at the lowest cost and lowering it when it's possible instead of trying to squeeze it out of everyone and folding when you have to. I still enjoy helping more than I do the money. Don't get me wrong, I like and need to get paid, but giving and helping is key to me. I am still trying to improve one area....... I am trying to figure out a way to use a dbase like excel that anyone can open, or a similar set up so that it's easier for customers to track, change and up date. Something that is easy for them and easy for me. The days of just pasting to an email and sending needs to come to a close, so I'm looking to improve. If someone has ideas or has knowledge about Google forms or how that might incorporate it let me know. This is important enough to me that depending on how set up it is and how turn key the idea, I am willing to pay with locations for someone to come up with the idea and the final draft!! Thank you for all the support that you as a community has given me so far. Check out our new pricing!!!
  9. From the album: Performa Vending Machines

    My biggest "single" rack currently active as of this writing- a whopper 9-way when it was installed at a laundromat on my "B" string. That sticker machine has since gone away- flat doesn't move good here.
  10. Ok, so this rack set up was designed for a 4 column in the back and 2 4's in front, but what I have is a 3 column and yellow 4's. So I'm thinking a 2" capsule next to the 3 column. I'm looking for input on whether you think it looks good enough to go in a location? The reason I put it together like this is I don't have money going out! I had all of this. In the future I will be using regular racks. Let's hear it!!!!
  11. Ok, so I was finally able to upgrade the first location to a standard rack! We used the 3 column flat, 2 Eagles that I had, and bought 2 Oak 1", a Big Oak, and an 8 way sideless rack. It cost me about 260. I'm new to the 2", I installed one on a Uturn rack that I have as well, with 2 more to install on Uturn racks. After seeing the quality of Oaks, it's obvious in the difference between at least the older Eagle's and especially the Uturn's. It looks like these racks can handle 5 panel heads. We'll see how the 4 does with the 2" first. I have 2 other Uturn racks to add the 2" to, then upgrade other Uturn locations with 4 way racks, and one with a 2" on top and 2 1" on the bottom? There is no 2" at the location that I'm thinking that on, but a 4 select sticker from the competition, so I was thinking a 2" set up?
  12. I have been thinking of hitting up one of the smaller grocery stores in my town. They have recently remodeled the store, and I have noticed a spot near the exit that would be perfect for either a rack or a crane machine.. It's about 4 feet wide,, there are no other games or bulk racks in the store. I just don't know which I should try to pitch to them. It is in a low class / lower middle class area. A lot of walk in traffic. If I go with the crane machine, what kind of commission should I offer? If I go with a rack (probably a 5 or 7 head setup, with candy and 2" toys) what would be a good commission to offer? Thanks in advance -Abram
  13. rodney69

    4 way eagle

    From the album: current racks and set ups!

    Put this in another restaurant! All feedback is welcome!
  14. rodney69

    3 way

    From the album: current racks and set ups!

    Another new location!
  15. On a rack (8 way with 4 singles, a 2" and 3 column flat), should you put wheels on it? Or does it make it to easy to steal? It's going in a smaller restaurant.
  16. Will M&I's bend ok out of an Oak single head? It's hands down the best seller at the location that the rack is going into, but I'm used to my uturn and spring stirrer's. If not, I'll just run skittles.
  17. I got a great location and I need 3 candies that are great resistant. Runts is one, what other 2? Heat in Oregon, so maybe worst case one day hits 100. It's going in an entry way at a store/ restaurant. Already have toys.
  18. rodney69

    Pic 06202014 012

    From the album: Machines to upgrade to racks!

    Here is a Uturn rack system with a 3 column on the back!
  19. rodney69

    Pic 05292014 002

    From the album: Machines to upgrade to racks!

    Here's the side shot and where I need to keep it tight so it doesn't interfere with the soda machine and the flow of customers. Thinking 6 way......?
  20. rodney69

    Pic 05272014 002

    From the album: Machines to upgrade to racks!

    Same as other pic
  21. caserri

    Folz Toy Fair

    From the album: Vintage Stuff

  22. From the album: Vintage Stuff

    Image courtesy of Collecting Candy.
  23. From the album: Big Red's Fleet

    One of the 3 eagle 4 ways I bought I keep this one and have it loaded with toys right now Looking for a home for it. It has Hammer and hands, BB, cool stuff mix, and Colored Rings in it.
  24. caserri

    Vintage Folz Rack

    From the album: Vintage Stuff

    Photo courtesy of Frank Parisi
  25. caserri

    Vintage Folz Rack

    From the album: Vintage Stuff

    Photo courtesy of Frank Parisi
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