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Found 4 results

  1. I am looking at getting into the vending business, especially the soda/can business. I started with looking into healthy type vending and then found big soda. Big soda looked way better on ROI. I have been in contact with the big brands and they'll say they will let me place and run their machines and that they will provide and deliver them as well as maintain them, in exchange I have to buy xx+ cases a month per machine, stock the machines and collect the money. Is this a good way to go? At first glance, it was like shoot! I don't have to pay for the machines?! Wahoo! But now I am thinking these things have ups and downs, will I be drowning in soda? I bought 2 sights with big soda owned machines off of a guy and granted it is cold but they are each doing like 2 cases a week, which is below the quota (but it is cold here now) I was told in summer it picks up (makes sense). If you are currently doing this, would you recommend it? All the soda brands in my area say I can put a card reader if I ask them first but they won't include one. What brand of reader/provider do you recommend? Big soda seems to use USA Tech. So in short 2 questions: 1. selling soda with a quota for the big boys is it a good way to start? 2. Card readers, recommendations. I would like a mentor. Thank you for your help! Any advice?
  2. Used and on sale machines (2) - $168 Labels (25 cents & candy stickers) - $14.50 Product ((1) 850 ct. 1" Dubble Bubble gumballs, (2) 48 oz. Reese's Pieces, (2) 54 oz. Skittles, (2) 56 oz. M&M's @ Sam's Club for $72.50) Total: $255 Locations: Insurance Company for Single machine (Reese's pieces) Car Dealership for 3-compartment machine (Gumballs, M&M's; Skittles) Question or Time will only tell, the time frame we will see a profit from these above expenses (6 months, year?)
  3. ?By way of introduction, my name is Martin and 7 year old son Seth are just starting out in the bulk vending business in Frankfort, KY. We have purchased 2 machines with 1 single head gumball/candy and 1 3-head machine. The single head I had mistakenly assumed it was a commercial machine but it accepts all coins but I'm going to place it in a friend's auto insurance business and put a 25 cents sticker on the globe in hopes of preventing scammers. However, I let the business owner in on the secret since he is allowing us to place a machine with no commission fees. The 3-head I found a great deal on Craigslist for $90 and my sister is moving her car dealership to a new and better location next weekend which should get sizeable traffic and we are excited about the opportunities with this location. It is about a 40 minute drive but it gives us an excuse to go visit family more often too. I have found 2 gumball machines on Craigslist for $75 and it is near my sister's business and considering purchasing these machines after I get more descriptions from the seller. From everyone on this forum: What is a good number of machines to have when starting small? Is it advisable to start strictly with double or triple head machines for better ROI?
  4. As a way to introduce an entrepreneural business opportunity to my 7 year old son, I and he (savings) purchased 2 ((1) single and (1) 3-compartment) vending machines after lining up 2 locations (friend's insurance business for single and my sister's car dealership for 3-compartment unit) and neither location will be charging commission off of profits from machines. My question to you seasoned veterans is: How do you track your expenses and profits from your bulk vending business? If you have a spreadsheet or advice to share, my son and I will greatly appreciate any advice that you may offer. On a funny note: I asked my son if the wanted the business name to be "first name vending" because, if so, he will have to do all of the work or "Father and Son Vending" and he said "Father and Son Vending" because he didn't want to have to do all of the work . I'm sure just like those parents (we too are guilty) that purchase a puppy, when their kids go off to college they are stuck with caring for their dog or other pet(s) and the same will apply with this small (for now) bulk vending business.
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