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Found 23 results

  1. I am surprised to see so many use spreadsheets to run their business, I don't work for them, I just got a problem with them! I have the full version of the software, and believe me, its great, I don't have to guess, or figure out what goes where or worry about lost locations, I put it in once, set it and forget it, until next time. when its ready, itll show up red, and then I can go service the location. but my issue is a simple one, a few years ago I had a full version, but it was the older version, so I figured id buy the new one since it was half price if you already had the program. now back then, I was able to activate the software on any pc, so if I had 2 pc's I can activate them both, one is a steady, and one for backup. a few years ago I contacted them, letting them know that I am upgrading my pc, and that I would like to activate the software on the new pc, after 2 years, I finally get a response that I have to pay for it again, I asked why? they said it was all newly updated, you can get the demo to see it, so I did, no harm, but then I started checking the versions of the program, and it winds up that there was no update, in fact my current software was beyond what they were trying to make me pay for $150 for, now I don't mind paying for newer stuff, but why would I pay for something that's older than what I have? apparently their versions that they so called "updated" are "outdated"! now I also understand they cannot do everything for free, but I made it clear, I'm not paying for stuff older than what I already have! so I asked them to activate my new PC so I can have the full version instead of the demo, and till this day no response! $150 for old stuff, and I thought my software was outdated, its like Microsoft trying to sell you windows 97 in 2018, only $100! ha ha ha, I want to make sure everyone knows about crooks in the vending business, they are all over, the worse thing is, they were very helpful back in the day, why not now, everyone struggles, and that's understandable, but don't give me BS! http://www.softessentials.com/ record your stuff with them! still to this day no response! the most recent one is from 8/17! we have time people, hopefully they will read this and make some real changes!
  2. Hey Guys- My name is Arpit and I am new to the vending machine business. My partner and I plan on buying a route in Dallas. Texas and would love to get some insight into this market. Would anyone be willing to email us privately or get on a quick call with us? Thanks, Arpit Dua arpitduaa@gmail.com
  3. Hey guys! Been awhile since my last post. I'm going into year 3 and have enjoyed the journey. Another company approached me and offered to buy my route. I have downsized some since my highest peak, anyway what's left did $35,750 gross sales in 2017. It's 6 locations, 10 machines. Total machines and equipment are worth $15,000. All sales are tracked and I have the proper records in place. I read that an easy evaluation is to split gross sales in half and than add value of machines and assets. My selling price would be $32,875.00. Too low? Just right? Too high? Any thoughts and advice is appreciated! Thanks... BT
  4. So I'm looking to expand my bulk operation, I'm currently looking in: Staten Island Long Island Brooklyn Queens I am also open to New Jersey, Connecticut, and PA call m-f 10am-9pm or text with info 24/7 917-731-3891 9177313891
  5. I am looking to get back into vending and figure the quickest and easiest way it to buy an existing route. Trying to figure out which way is best from these examples and what metrics are key to be looking at. All Locations are relatively close to each other. Machines are mostly Can and snack with bill acceptors, not sure on card readers. 1.Asking Price $12,000.00 - Yearly Grosses $11,856.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations 2. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 3. Asking Price $ 10,500.00- Yearly Grosses $11,400.00 - 2 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 4. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 5. Asking Price $18,500.00- Yearly Grosses $18,400.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations
  6. If i were to want to sell my route, how would i go about this??? Its a really good route, makes really good money just don't know if i want to continue to mess with it or not as its a side business. Who do you contact for something like this??
  7. After a lot of planning and consideration, I've decided to jump into the bulk vending game. I'm a newcomer to this and I know that my biggest struggle will be working up the courage to make a sales pitch to new locations. That said, I do have a fair chunk of cash to invest, so I was thinking of starting off by simply buying an established route. The fact that I already operate a number of machines seems like it might make the sales pitch a bit easier. I have found one in particular that seems like it might be a good fit. The ad is as follows: The first concern I have is whether an ad like this presents any red flags. Are there any common scams involving the sale of routes? What information should I be asking for to make sure everything checks out? Finally, does buying a route include a transfer of ownership of the machines themselves, or am i simply paying for the rights to service them? Any answers, advice or resources you might have would be greatly appreciated!
  8. hey everybody! I am new to the vending world.. figured I will start with bulk vending to start learning the ropes... I found what seems to be a good deal on craigslist for a route and types of machines... I would really appreciate any feedback, tips, questions to ask... honestly anything helps... If you have 5 minutes to talk on the phone to help me out, EVEN BETTER! I would really appreciate it! I will be meeting up with him tonight to talk about the route... The add pretty much states the following (the post expired or I would actually post it)... "$2500 for 12 machines already located... 5 extra machines to expand route... supposedly it grosses $400-$600 a month" Selling because this was a test route because he is in soda and snack vending but lives in another city... this is a commute for him to service... The Gross seems a little too good to be true (but then again I am new to this)... and feel it might be too expensive and says he doesn't have records or anything for poof of what they actually gross... he sent me an email with the type of location and type of machines located there... Here is the list of locations, with the types of machines: Dry Cleaners, Reeces, Bubble, Pnut, Mike&Ike. 4 selection UTurn. Corporate Office, Hot Tamales, Gum, Skittles, Pnut. 4 selection UTurn Dry Cleaners, HT, G, Pnut, Skittles. 4 selection Uturn. Real Estate office, Pnut, Reeses. Two head Oak. Real Estate office, Pnut, Gum. Two head Oak. Warehouse, Pnut, Reg M&M. Two head Oak. Machine Shop, Gum, Skittles, Pnut. Three head Oak. Auto dealership, Gum, Pnut, Reeces, Skittles. 4 selection Uturn. Apartment Complex, Gum, Reeces, Skittles, Pnut. 4 selection Uturn. Machine Shop, Pnut, Gum. Two head Oak. Motel, Pnut, Skittles, HT, Gum, Reeces. 8 selection double stack Uturn. Auto Engineering, Gum, Pnut x2. Two head Oak. There are also five additional machines as follows: 1x 8-selection double stack Uturn. 2x triple head oaks. 2x 4-slection Uturns.
  9. Hey guys and gals, I have another route that is for sale that I am looking at purchasing and since all of you are so kind I know you will give me feed back. I have been in email contact with the gentleman. The details are as follows. -Owner is selling due to lack of time to service the route. - 15 charity locations that have been on site for about 5 years. -The asking Price is $3500 for the route. ($233.73 per location) -The machines are 2 8 head racks and 13 doubtle/triple head machines. Hasn't disclosed the makes of the machines. -The route has done 3335.73 in gross profit in the past 12 months and it is serviced every 2 months. The route vends Gumballs, Bouncy Balls, 1" Toys, 2" Toys, Skittles, P Nut M&M's, and Mike & Ikea. First off the price seems high for the route so what would be a reasonable price based on the information given? The gentleman doesn't want to give up too much information on locations until there is an agreement in place (which makes me fishy). Is that normal to do? Any other input on or opinions will gladly be appreciated for everyone. Thanks for the time.
  10. Hi there, I am fairly new to the vending machine business. Recently I purchased some Vendesign bulk vending machines (technically 20, but I'll explain in a moment). I have established 5 locations, all of which are performing regularly and decently. When I purchased these vending machines they were not in "tip top" shape, all though they're perfectly operable, they were sitting in a garage for years. However, there are great machines and they still have many years left in them. The 5 machines that I've placed have all been "refurbished" with a clean coat of primer, paint, and clear coat; all 5 of those machines look and perform like brand new. When I purchased the machines they were all separated in different parts. Meaning I've got the body's of the machines, the hoppers, the coin mechanisms, and the banks, but they're not all pieced together machine by machine. Due to some of the parts being in poor condition, I don't think that if I were to assemble everything that I had it would make 20 WHOLE machines, I'd imagine it'd make somewhere between 15-17. Here's a picture of one of the machines "before and after" it was refurbished: So... Here's a list of assets with this small business: 1) 20 Vendesign machines (5 of which already fully refurbished) 2) Candy inside of the 5 machines (about $250 worth) 3) A lifetime Enterprise Edition for Vendsoft (A company that allows you to track and maintain your locations, machines, inventory, etc.) This system is EXTREMELY valuable http://www.vendsoft.com/pricing 4) I have a TON of extra banks that have never been used (I'd say 30+) I've seen these go for $30 a piece on eBay 5) I also have a $100 coin counter to count and manage the quarters 6) I also have detailed records of every dime I've ever spent, every piece of candy I've ever bought, and every machine I've ever serviced. With the information that I've given you, is it fair to ask $3,000 for my business? I'm curious what you all would sell for. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
  11. i am going to buy my first route so what do you think. 3 antares combo vending machines on location. they are selling them for 380 each and make 40-60 per month and no commission. i was thinking it would be a grate price for entry level but the antares machines are terrible from what i have heard should i buy it?
  12. Came across this posting - http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bfs/4595246739.html I have asked for the specifics, but any feedback is appreciated.
  13. I am a newbie trying to start my first route Want to start small, learn the kinks and then expand I have 2 different machines with locations being offered 1. Full Size AP/Vendo Select $200 gross/mo - needs service every 2 weeks Asking price - $2000 2. Full size snack machine $100 gross/mo - needs service every month Asking price - $1000 Pros: 1. Slow moving, need only couple of days/month 2. The machines have been there for over 2 years 3. Very close locations Cons: 1. Slow moving, so might not get the hang of it when the locations are fast moving Thoughts?
  14. I have been offered an established route in South Florida that might be up for sale. The route consists of about 40 locations with double and triple heads on each location. Talking to the owner, they state that the route nets about $1000 per month. What is a good price to offer for this route? I still have not seen what kind of machines are set on the different locations, but I think that they are Oaks. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. I'm starting into an article writing exploration and have a new one up on bulk vending. Let me know what you think! http://www.infobarrel.com/The_Truth_About_Making_Money_in_Bulk_Vending
  16. OK, so most of you know that my minor son & I acquired a bulk vending route of 35 machines around the 1st of April. Again, as most of you know, this was a very neglected route that we have been working hard to turn around these past few months. We have done about everything but remove poor performing machines from businesses. We have temporarily taken out machines to clean them and make "ant proof", changed up products and replaced from gum ball heads to bulk vending heads, and removed from a couple of businesses for newer and better (we hope) locations. I'd say out of the 21 machines that were located at the time of our purchase, only 4 locations brought in $9-$10+ each month. We have subscribed to vend-trak software program to keep track of everything and reports are showing no light at the end of the tunnel. We are finding some new profitable locations from time to time and have discovered that our best products are plain M&M's, dry roasted peanuts & cashews, and most recently pastel hospitality butter mints at our 2 bar/restaurant locations (no chain restaurants). We are doing our best to "weeding out" chewing gum and gum balls because they do not sell here except for gum balls at my eye doctor friend's office located in a Wal-Mart (gum balls & peanut M&M here). I am asking for guidance from seasoned bulk vendors as to what steps we'll need to take. I think my answer is to start fresh in search for better locations and, once obtained, move machines out of poor performing locations to new location because $2-$4 a month is a waste of our time. Our reasonable goal would be $10+ per machine (all double-head) per location. Products: Reese's Pieces (do OK but not great) M&M (Great) Peanut M&M (OK) Dry Roasted Peanuts (Great...may need to clean machine quarterly but worth the risk) Cashews (Weeding out to peanuts because only 30% ROI) Skittles (OK but not great) Chewing Gum tabs (only do well at bar locations) Gum Balls (not good except for one location mentioned above) Trail Mix (tried once at a healthy conscious doctor's office & failed so they have peanut M&M) Pastel Butter Mints (verdict is still out but seems to do well at restaurant/bar locations) Thanks for listening and we welcome all advice. By the way, our machines are 35 double-head V-Line, 1 single-head; 1 triple-head Amerivend (trying to find just the right location for this one).
  17. Hey guys Im new to the vending world and looking to purchase a route with 250 locations total 84 locations are bulk toys and the remaining are bulk candy... the purchase also includes 150 machines not placed on location all candy machines are 1-800s and the bulk toys are oak/A&A global machines. the gross on both routes are $7200per month and the net is $3500 the asking price he is asking is a huge 100K im meeting with him tomorrow to get in the paper work to back these numbers. can anyone help me determine if this asking price is anywhere close to what its worth?? any feed back is GREATLY appreciated.
  18. I was wondering if any has had experience purchasing an existing snack/soda route through a business broker. If so, which companies are recommended? I came across this listing, (without too many details) seems like 2 years profits + equipment. (Profit seems low for the # of machines.) What does everyone think? COKE / SNACK VENDING nets $400 PER WEEK IN JUST 4 HOURS PER WEEK.....ONLY....$65K total Service ONLY 2 Commercial Stops and net after all operating expenses $400/wk! 100% All Cash Business. Includes 13 Machines (8 Soda Machines, 4 Snack Machines and 1 Combo Machine). Equipment is only One (1) years old and approximate value $25K. The 2 Stops are right across the street from each other. Great area and GREAT start up business. Can easily be expanded. Full training provided by Experienced Seller.
  19. I have been keeping my eye out for a soda/snack route for sale. One came up for sale and I wanted to know what other people think about whether it is worth it or not. Here are the details. The route contains 3 soda machines and 1 snack machine in a busy hotel. I would take over the account right away. The seller has financed the route through Federal Finance, a company/bank out of Iowa. I have never heard of them and can't find any info about them on the web. Has anyone ever heard of them? There are about 45 payments of $330 per month ($14,850 total) remaining on the loan. There is no commission paid to the hotel. I am planning to meet with the seller over the next few weeks to talk about taking the route over. He has sales numbers he will share when we meet. He says that he needs to service the route every week. How good should the numbers be for this to be worth it? Should I ask him to pay down some of the loan to make it worth my money? 45 payments at $330 seems like an awful lot unless the machines bring in huge money. Any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks!
  20. Found a route for sale and was wondering if this was a good deal or if i should pass. 2 royal soda machines (10 selections not sure capacity) have bill validators 1 snack machine 3 wide for chips (19 total selections) with bill validator does a total of $100 a week for all 3 right now but does almost double in the summer (so he says) at a pretty big apartment complex, one soda's outside and the other's inside by the snack machine also said most of the money's made from the soda He's asking $4000 for everything(machines plus products in it). Let me know your guys opinions please!
  21. Fellow Texas resident here- (North Dallas area). New to the forum and vending in general. Started out good, I think, by buying almost 60 Vendesign and Ashland triples for about $450, including Uhaul rental and gas! After piecing them off through Ebay, Amazon and locally, I have about 28 vendesign and 1 Ashland triplevend left, with a TON of extra Vendesign parts. Made up my mind last week, after dealing with a bunch of nutcases on Scabslist and screwing with Ebay's ourtrageous fees and commissions, to place the machines and am going through a Houston based locator by the name of Eddie Bauer. I bought 13 locations to start off with and looking to place the others within 30 days or less. My goal is to get to about 150-200 lcoations by teh end of this year. Too aggressive? I like this forum a lot based on the reading I've done so far. Any tips on locating my own locations? And do a lot of you guys use professional brochures, business cards, and other literature, etc when you approach these businesses? Also, what are sme tips on finding cheap machines? Thanks all. Roger Fountain Plano, Texas
  22. I'm trying to get into the business, and I think I've found the perfect way to get my feet wet. Found a route on Craigslist (as suggested by other posts) and I just wanted to run it by you all to see if this is worth the hassle:
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