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Found 17 results

  1. Anybody sell me spirals/coils for an HY900? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I know absolutely nothing about vending machines, but a few years back I picked up a triple head vending machine at a yard sale because I thought it was a cool piece of decoration. Id love to do a little restoration on it but I haven’t had any luck finding replacement parts. I believe the machine is a Seaga TV3000, and the parts I need are chamber dividers, locks, and anything that may go in the rear (I’ve seen pictures of coin catchers, so I’m assuming there is something specific to go I here). I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this. Any help is highly appreciated!
  3. Hey i recently acquired a used seaga sc5200/sm23 and was wondering if anyone had a manual they could scan and post for me. Also if there are any known problems you would like to let me know about that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey my friends, I have a Sega HYC950 that has an issue on the keypad. The letter "A" does not work. I try to find the keypad for sale but I couldn't find it. Can anybody please tell me where to find this keypad for sale. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!
  5. Hey group, Thanks for allowing me in. I'm looking at getting our first location with my 9yr old daughter , it's a hospital that currently has 1 snack and 1 drink machine stocked by a large vending firm. I got into the location with a promise of better service and healther choices. Looking at going with a brand new machine as i have no idea how to fix a used unit should issue arise and after reading post on here it seems issues are many. Shipping seems to be an costly due to weight i see that costco sells AMS & Crane machines has anyone ever dealt with Costco? Any other places i should look for new mahines? As well as any other hint, tips or trick would be greatly appreciated Father daughter team
  6. Hola amigos, I've got an opportunity to pick up a used Seaga SM22 combo (not sure if it has card reader or not yet) that was used in an office. The seller is firm on $1200 and claims everything to be in excellent working condition (what a surprise). From what I've read so far, Seaga isn't exactly the best name in vending. I'm looking around for machines in my local area and found this one on Craigslist. If I buy it, it will be my first machine. Thoughts, opinions, advice, warnings? Thanks in advance,
  7. Hi Everybody, So I have a Seaga n2g4000 machine, I came to fill it up yesterday and the machine was not working at all. That means: lights were off, cooling system doesn't work, display doesn't work. Even though the machine was plugged in to the wall - The machine is off, all the lights are out, Air Vend is cash mode. I tried unplugging and waiting then re-plugging, but nothing changed. Its also important to point out that the fan works and the bill vlidator fleshes twice - Which indicates its disabled from the system. So even though it looks like there is no power gets to the machine, these two components are powered on. I really don't know whats the issue is, Any suggestions? Please help.
  8. Hello all - - I am here to invite discussion on bad experiences that anyone else has had with 1-800-VENDING, particularly the HealthyYOU segment of their business. I have a total of 5 HealthyYOU vending machines, HY900 (which are the same as the RS900 but in a fancy "healthy" wrap). From the beginning I have had nothing but problems with these machines. I thought I had done research on this company and these machines but apparently I did not dig deep enough. Today I discovered the site www.unhappyfranchisee.com/1-800-vending-complaints/ and it has moved me to check around to see who else is as unhappy as I am with this company. Come to find out, there are many. Not to mention that HealthyYOU (1-800-VENDING) holds a class, called HealthyYOU University, for folks who purchase their machines. At our class, we all exchanged email addresses so all of us have been in contact with each other. If there is anyone in our class of about 30 folks that is happy with their experience at 1-800-VENDING, I have not heard about it. At least 5 persons in the group so far that I know of have sold their machines, all at extreme losses, for various problems and issues. We all purchased our machines in the spring/early summer of last year, 2013. The rest of the folks that I have been in contact with either want to sell, or are just "grinning and bearing" it. Issues I have with the company are as follows: #1. The warranty The warranty was the main reason I chose this company above the others. They proclaim they have the longest warranty in the business, 7 years, apparently because their machines are so well manufactured. First year all parts paid for and unlimited technical assistance. (keep in mind YOU ARE STILL THE ONE that has to diagnose and repair anything problems. Years 2 - 7 Technical assistance and parts at 1/2 price. This warranty is a total scam. One of my machines recently needed a new wiring harness. I had issues with the wiring harness for months, with my display flickering on and off and sometimes displaying gibberish. Come to find out the factory had bunched it so tightly with other wiring that about half of the wires in the flat cable were broken. I called to get a new harness and was told that even though I had been experiencing problems for months and was only 2 months out of the 12 month warranty, it would not be covered. Cost to me (plus shipping) would be $20.04. I called Seaga out of curiosity to get a price on the same part and was told it would be $25.65. (Hardly "1/2 price"). But that is not the half of it. I asked for the price of some switches and was told they would be the same price $20.04 each plus shipping. We did about 2 hours research on the internet, called a few places, and ended up with the EXACT SAME SWITCHES at $4.65 each which INCLUDED shipping. BOTTOM LINE: They promote the 7 years, but it is virtually worthless, especially in light of the fact that you are the one doing your own diagnostics and repairs. You can do research on the internet and buy your own parts for much less. But of course, this INVALIDATES THE "WARRANTY". #2. The inferior quality of the machines at exorbitant prices. About 2 months after I purchased my HealthyYOU machines, HY900, I purchased 3 other vending machines, the USI 3000 combo machine. What a vastly superior machine! I have not had one mis-vend in a year's time, nor any mechanical issues of any kind, AND they were about $2,000 less. My HY900 machines arrived with screws rolling around in the bottom of the unit, my can augers did not work then and some of them still don't, I have replaced a circuit board, 3 switches, a wiring harness for the display, and 2 wiring harnesses to individual selections (all different machines) - besides countless mis-vends, mostly beverages. They shipped an entrée unit instead of an e-port device, and one of the machines arrived badly damaged. #3. The "rosy" picture they painted of "Healthy Vending" Good locations are extremely difficult to come by. Many of the folks in my group had trouble placing their machines, with many that didn't get placed at all. The "Healthy revolution" was promoted, indicating that the healthy products would just 'fly" out of the machines. NOT SO. I finally compromised, took off my healthy wrap on a couple of machines and put in "junk" - candy bars and pop. The junk sells about 4 times as well as my healthy products (sad, but true), plus has much longer expiration dates, which is another whole problem with the "healthy". I realize "let the buyer beware" applies here. I am not really expecting to recoup anything from my investment, and will have to live with the situation that I have with these clearly inferior machines. My goal here is to MAKE OTHERS AWARE OF WHAT SHODDY AND DECEPTIVE business practices this company employs. If I can prevent others from buying into their BS and save their hard earned money, I will have achieved my goal. If you want vending machines, I heartily endorse USI. Questions, comments??
  9. I have two Seaga VC630 snack and drink machines. I've been through the manual, adjusted everything, I'm getting elec to the bottom, but the drink section says "sold out". I ran a check on the motor count...it came back with 20 (top snack section has 20), and it won't recognize the bottom. The sold out switches are in place and are getting elect. Does anyone have a clue or have faced this before. I'm pulling my hair out and pride myself on being able to fix just about anything..this has me stumped. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!! Dan
  10. Hi I have a seaga od16sb and everytime I go to restock it. I find a puddle under the machine then I open it up and I see that the drain pan is overflowing and I have no idea to fix it
  11. Hi I have a seaga yeah yeah I know everybody hates them but I have 2 machines and they do pretty well for me and they also have some problems occasionally like all the others. I have a seaga ss3200 it is a 4 section redbull machine the problem is this : I plug it in and it powers up and works great for a few minuets them power lite on control board fades and board will not work so I remove fuse from control board and push it back in and machine works fine for a few minuets again. called seaga they said either a bad fuse or a transformer ok I understand that now for my question the fuse on the control board is a regular small tube type fuse with a plastic molded end that allows it to screw into the control board, I have tried to remove fuse from this plastic holder piece and it won't come out. Do I need to find someplace to buy a fuse with attached plastic screw on piece? or is fuse supposed to slid out of this piece? does anyone know where I can buy a fuse and transformer ? how do you check for bad transformer? I live in the biggest town in upper michigan but we have no available electronic parts anywhere nearby we dont even have a radio shack so I have to buy everything online thank you for any help you can provide
  12. Dear Members, Hey Hi!..I'm just new here. actually I've a question about Seaga vending machines "SS3300", what do you think about this supplier. And is their any better alternative machines same of this one.. appreciate yours help and response.
  13. hi everyone, my fiance's work has about 35 employees. currently, there is a vendor who operators a soda machine and a snack machine. right now they have a pepsi machine (based on the outside and google comparsion, i believe its a dixie narco dn501e soda machine serving cans). to be more specific, it serves: 2 pepsi, 2 mtn dew, 2 code red dew, another dew flavor, a&w root beer, cherry pepsi, ocean spray oj, blue gatorade, red gatorade. sodas are .60c/ea fyi. the snack machine is an older model, 4 wide display, 7 columns (bottom is gum). every week i guess there is an issue with one or both of the machines... selections will be out for a long time, bill acceptor will be down, someone buys a starburst and they are rockhard, entire machine is down/not cold, non stop. anyway, the boss is very good friends with us and told do not have a contract with the vendor. they are sick of the employees complaining and just want them to be happy. some dont even use the machine because they prefer coke over pepsi. the boss said if i want the location, its mine. so... ive been doing some research. my fiance is one of a few as well, who does not bring cash with them to work... so her and a friend if they want something to drink will leave and go to the store to get something. quite often, shop people leave to go and get energy drinks. i realize buying used may be cheaper... but im wondering if it may make sense to buy new? i took a tour of seaga's plant today (im located outside of the manufacturing plant) and am considering the INF5C with a credit card reader. the total OTD price i am able to buy it for is $4269 including the card reader. of course there is an additional monthly fee of $8/mo but what is kind of nice is it will tell me total sales of the machine cash, coin, or card swipe. this particular machine is a combo, so the bottom row can be setup for drinks and the upper setup can be chips and such. i'm wondering if it is a smart investment to make to buy new so i have this built in inventory option (dont have to ask wife to check machine/boss doesnt have to worry about it either), dont have to worry about bill acceptor messing up, 12mo warranty, no comission split... all mine. considering putting this on my CC, company has been around 15 years... they arent going anywhere so the account could and would always be mine. she car pools with a friend but once a week i drive out to have dinner with her (which on that day, im thinking i could easily stock the machine). this would also keep my product from expiring too fast). locally manufacturered means (in theory) can gets parts quicker. i guess my thinking is i dont want to buy used machines and be just as bad of a vendor as the previous guy. also, i would sell energy drinks which he is not. thoughts? ps, i should also mention the break room is large and i can put in as many machines as i want. have looked at used soda machines on craigslist, saw a couple in the $500/range nothing fancy.
  14. I have a seaga triple head candy machine and unfortunately after only 3 weeks 2 of the 3 coin mechs have jammed. The quarters are loose enough to wiggle around, but I can't seem to get them out without a tool. I have a feeling I can get them out with a pair of tweezers or some type of thin shimmy. Is there a proper tool to fix these jams without having to take apart?
  15. http://www.onlineven...CFadFMgodyBgA0w http://www.usedvendi...ombo-/GA-I-944J Is getting 2 of each of these for $7500 a good deal (total 4 machines)? The Seaga are vc730's and are about 6 months old, other fortune machines are 2 years old. They are already in locations, 2 good locations and 2 semi okay oil change places.
  16. Hi, I'm looking to get in the business and want to start small to test the waters. I found the following opportunity on Craigslist. Please let me know what you think. There is a 1800Vending Machine (same model found here) located at an auto shop about a mile from my work. The guy selling it needs to the money for his carpet cleaning business and said he would keep it otherwise. He wants $2250 for it. He says he nets about $300 per month from it but doesn't keep exact records. I thought that seemed high but I found out the employees at the shop do not get a lunch and rely on the machine largely for drinks and snacks so it may be true. The machine is less then a year old and seems to be in good working order. I've read negative reviews for combo machines on here but I'm still tempted by this opportunity because of the great location. I could easily maintain it during my lunch or on the way home from my full time job. The actual CL posting is here: http://littlerock.craigslist.org/bfs/3658688731.html Thank you for your time and feedback!
  17. I saw an ad for several express marketplace machines from seaga. I have a location that could use the deli part. I like the idea of the combo machine to serve up the selection. I'm curious if anyone has any of these machines? WHat their thoughts are if you have or dont have one? What would you pay for a used one that is less than three years old if you would pay for one.
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