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Found 28 results

  1. Hey guys, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was buying 2 AP Revision Door machines. Anyway, I did get the 2 machines and put them on location. They are both 111 machines I believe, 5 wide. I have one that has 2 selections (110 and 118) both on the top shelf that are not working currently. Everything worked fine when I placed them. The VE board homes all motors when you open the door, but these 2 remain out of home and continue to say "not available". I haven't taken out the tray and switched it with another one yet, which I do plan on doing soon, just to start somewhere. Any ideas? Or has anyone run into this problem before? I have other VE boards that are not on revision door machines that never had this problem. I'm assuming it has something to do with the drop sensors? Also, these are dual spiral machines. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. I recently came across, what I feel, is a good deal for 2 AP 113 snack machines refurbished with the revision door. I do like the AP 112 and 113's a lot as they were originally. These new ones will be ready for credit card readers also. Anyone have experience with this series of machine with the revision door? If so, I'm curious if you guys like them. Wondering if they are just as reliable with the door as they were factory original. The only problem I ever had with those AP machines was having to replace the harness that goes behind all the trays. Other than that, great machines!
  3. Hey All, Great site. I have learned a ton from this site over the past year. I got into vending by buying a close friends route as a part time job. Since then I am now weighing out the options of scaling to a very large size. I want to open up the question for vendors that have large routes and need to hire a driver(s), create budget, etc. The primary information I am looking for is a understanding of your gross income and a percentage breakdown of your yearly budget after that(I don't care about your real numbers just want to get a understanding of your pay to employees vs. net income, repair, upgrade etc). For just a snapshot here are some numbers I am playing around with. The route would be roughly 150 stops ranging in cashflow with 330 machines. Yearly Budget 400k Gross (Assuming 200k loan w/5 year payoff - 6% interest) Gross Income - $400,000 COGs - $204,000 Loan Payback - $46,000 Employee Wages/Taxes - $43,000 Van/Insurance/Maintenance - $5,000 Mileage - $10,000 Vending Upgrade - $12,000 Vending Repair - $8,000 Accounting/Tax Prep - $5000 Net - $67,000 Following the 5 year loan payoff and reducion of transportation cost(assuming can save there), I would be increasing the overall take and increasing the upgrade budget. I would likely carry a $1000 month loan forever to expedite those efforts. Can anybody tell me from experience that these numbers are way off(not enough labor cost, vending repair, etc)? Thanks!
  4. Just bought a box of 64 Jalapeno Chips on Amazon. Received this email today. Recall message from Sam's Club April 22, 2017 Subject: Frito Lay, Inc. – Miss Vickies Variety Pack Potato Chips Dear Sam’s Club Member: We have been notified that Frito Lay, Inc. in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated a Class I Recall of their Miss Vickies variety pack potato chips due to the jalapeno potato chips in the pack may be contaminated with Salmonella. Frito Lay, Inc. has asked us to recall any of this product with a Use By date of “JUN 20” or prior. Our records reflect that you may have purchased the item listed below after January 11, 2017: Miss Vickies Variety Pack, UPC #2840005003; Use By “JUN 20” or prior If any of this product is still in your possession or inventory, we request that you return the product to your local Sam’s Club for a full refund. If you have resold any of this product, we request you contact your customers and notify them of the recall. At Sam’s Club, we adhere to strict quality assurance controls and work with our suppliers to ensure that we provide you with quality products. The supplier is cooperating fully with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to resolve the issue. Your prompt action to this notice is strongly encouraged. Frito Lay, Inc. recommends consumers with any questions or concerns about this recall call its consumer hotline at (866) 272-9393. Sincerely, Frank Yiannas Vice President of Food Safety
  5. Hello, My best account (grosses $400 a week) just called me to tell me they want to discuss pricing (of snacks, and sodas) with me on Thursday morning. Currently everything in my snack machine chips and candy's is $1.00 and the danishes are $1.25 Soda is $1.00 and the monstor $2.25 and 12oz redbull is $3.00. It has been this way for about 2 years. Any advice on how should I negotiate? I mean if I drop prices further I'm worried about working for free essentially, and things would inevitably sell faster. I mean not that it matters I give away like 2 or 3 things away everything that I go. Maybe I should not have done that..
  6. Hi just got my first machine up and running. It's an AP LCM4 combination for snacks and cans. I have read through those comments about combos already but there's a space issue at this location and final price was about $1000 as-is but works. I'm finding that the bill validator is kinda picky. It doesn't accept 1 dollar bills sometimes (a lot of times) even if the dollar seems fine. In the mean time, does it simply need to be cleaned? If so is there an area or areas I need to pay attention to? I plan on upgrading this part anyway so that it can take at least 2 bills at a time rather than 1. Any suggestions on what manufacturer and part to go with?
  7. I have been with my bank for about 5 years. I deposit large quantities of bagged, sorted, counted, weighed, and clean coin once per quarter. All of this coin comes from our various vending operations. I normally deposit about 60 bags per quarter. I have my own Cummins Allison Jetsort, and deposit near perfect counts. My problem is that my Stagecoach bank just changed my account and added the $4.00 bag fee per bag. Needless to say, I need a new financial institution. I'm wondering what your banking experience is like. I'm in Southern California, but any comments are helpful. Thanks everyone.
  8. We have a location available for a snack and soda in Denver, CO First come first serve! 119 employee's Needs Coke and Pepsi products in the drink machine. Snack machine as well. Contact me for information. 541-979-5474
  9. Hello, I'm a noob when it comes to vending. I have this old Polyvend snack machine and I decided to put it to work but it has no bill validator. I bought one from eBay but of course, it's never that easy... I got the wrong validator. What validator would work for my machine? Model number: PV5524m
  10. We have a location available for a snack and soda in Denver, CO 119 employee's Needs Coke and Pepsi products in the drink machine. Snack machine as well. Contact me for information. 541-979-5474
  11. Hi everyone, first post here after spending a lot of time reading your GREAT forums. I have some questions that I think the forum bloggers' wide range of experience and expertise could provide me with some great answers, but first, here's an introduction: My name is Scott G. I have decided I'm going to get into the vending business in a warm environment (Phoenix, possibly Florida though). I am going to either buy a small existing business, or start from scratch. I have some money, and want to make sure that I start off right when entering the business.I plan on doing soda and snack at first, although I will definitely do bulk if I find a good business for sale, or if a good opportunity presents itself. I plan on being doing both soda/snack and bulk very early into my business' life. I have a decent, yet limited amount of cash, and I am trying to decide where my priorities should be when spending my capital. So here are some questions I have, thanks in advance for any and all responses! 1) Unless the business I purchase comes with a vehicle, what vehicle should I buy (any recommendations for make and model?)? I think at first I should buy a van with the entire interior air-conditioned. A van won't have a liftgate, but I think I will pay people to move my machines at first, I may move the machines for easy locations. Also, new or used, I should be able to qualify for financing, and I am leaning on buying a new van, especially for the warranty, visual appeal, and minimal concern of something breaking. 2) Aside from a vehicle and a dolly, would should equipment be focused on buying? 3) What are some important things that I should consider before starting? 4) What are some tips/words of advice that you guys have for a greenhorm like me? \ Thanks so much everyone, hope to hear from you soon!
  12. We are currently taking limited orders for full size snack and soda. The process is a little different, but still you don't pay until the date is set for the installation! This is only being offered until we have the slots filled that I am comfortable with. I believe in quality service first! If anyone has any questions, you can either ask here or call me at: 541-979-5474 I will be posting this in our section later today!!
  13. I need your help. Recently installed a AP111 snack shop snack/candy machine on location. Here are my issues as of recently: * please note PayRange is installed as well as a MDB kit from D&S vending. Also all things I've tried were with PayRange attached and not attached. 1. Coins work, Payrange works 2. People can only put 1 bill in and it holds in on acceptor. They have to continue to put coins in to buy things over a dollar. 3. Coin return gives back bill in escrow. I've set and reset the escrow setting all possible ways, and have also set and rest force vend setting. No matter which way these two are set bill stays in acceptor and returns bill and coins on coin return. Bill is stacked when $1 or less item is bought.
  14. Donkata

    Snack Box

    From the album: Donkata Honor Box

    First honor box, set up in lunchroom at work.
  15. I recommended this company to a young lady just starting her route. She says they were really good. Be careful...but if this helps someone. Blue Moose Vending Management is not related to this company. Expand your route if your plan is to keep the locations or to sell. My staff and I constantly call high foot traffic business and find people that are interested in vending machines. Then, we set up an appointment for a vendor to negotiate a deal with them and install some vending machines. Price: $125 per locations { No Upfront Fees } Types of Locations: Hotels, Large Apartment Complexes, Car Dealerships, Manufacturing Companies, Offices, Distribution Centers, Supply Stores with heavy foot traffic, Recycling Centers, Recreation Centers and etc... How We Operate: We purchase premium business leads within your service area and consistently call them and get in touch with their managers or owners in order to set up an appointment. When Do You Pay: Payments are processed after you attend the appointment, and ONLY if you are in negotiations with the business. Summer Promotion*: Whether you are new to the vending industry or not, we will assist you in finding vending machines available for purchase, assist you in closing each appointment, and any consulting in general. Historically, a 1-hour consulting session would cost $100. For the Summer Promotion, we are offering 6 free sessions. Please Call (8l8) 484-ll39 to speak with the program director.
  16. Ok, we are testing the waters with locating full size equipment again. This will be a trial run! We are taking Rack bulk jobs as well. We are only taking on about 12 machines worth of work or so to test the waters. If it goes well, we will continue to do it on a regular basis. If you want to try us out, let me know and we'll take any area. Obviously, if your in a tougher area it will take longer! You are looking at a pretty good time line right now.
  17. Ok, we are testing the waters with locating full size equipment again. This will be a trial run! We are taking Rack bulk jobs as well. We are only taking on about 12 machines worth of work or so to test the waters. If it goes well, we will continue to do it on a regular basis. If you want to try us out, let me know and we'll take any area. Obviously, if your in a tougher area it will take longer! You are looking at a pretty good time line right now.
  18. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license now. I know a guy who has given me access to 5 of his businesses right from the start. I am a complete novice and am wondering what is truly the best rout to go starting out. I will be working with about 5-$700 starting out. Yep, this is a complete from the ground up beginning for me so I am reaching out to you more experienced players in the game. What is truly the best way to start? Drinks, combo, snacks or bulk? I will be placing my machine or machines in a place where it might be a good idea for people to eat something before they have a procedure done so I was thinking a combo machine but I am not sure if I need to invest such a low amount one 1 item. Pretty much ebay is looking like they have either cheap used machines or the expensive well made good operating machines which I can't afford right now. I am aware I can look at used machines locally but don't want to start that until I at least have my license and permit. So what do you say guys? Also, any good verified places on the net to obtain decent priced used machines that I won't have to start spending money on as soon as I get it? Thanks!
  19. I keep seeing most vendors are turning away from snack vending... i only see the big companies working the snack vending lines and they do a poor job if that at maintaining the machines. Our company does do snack vending but we are so small in the industry we just cant keep up anymore and wanna hear from fellow vendors what you all think.... Is Snack Vending A Dying Trade?
  20. Ok, so we need to fund TVF to make it self supporting. There isn't much left that needs to be raised, but it needs to be be on a continuous cycle so that TVF is self supporting not just a month or 2, but self supporting. This thread is started to bring the opportunity to the community to do it. It will remain a free site, so that's out. This is to brain storm and include everyone. Steve has done a great job of keeping it going this far and now needs for it to fund itself. It won't take a lot, and not looking to make extra, just to keep the wheels rolling. I have some ideas to start, but would like input..... 1. offer the suppliers section the opportunity to donate 5.00 a month or 50 a year to offer their services. 2. offer a space in an inconspicuous place for a credit company to place an ad on the site. 3. offer a space for adsence to place a add on the site. 4. charge everyone a small fee to post in the classifieds (not a great one I think. So to this point we have had this info for free for 8 years. My though is that my fellow members know how big this is to everyone and will help with at least the ideas. There is lots of business men out there that are smarter than I am by far. So lets hear it!!!!!!!!
  21. Hello, I'm new to this whole vending machine thing and I'm not sure whether to start off with a snack machine, soda machine, or a combination machine!! I'm leaning more towards the combination machine, since I would like to place it in an office building where they currently have no vending machine, but I would like input from people that have more insight on this than me! Snack machine? Soda machine? Combination machine? Why? PLEASE HELP! -Nathlye (I currently have a 5' gumball machine that was given to me for free. I was considering selling it to help pay for whatever machine I decide to get. I have no children, I'm unmarried, I'm 25 and live at home, so there isn't much standing in the way of me getting whatever machine would end up being most profitable in the end. Also, I would like to use healthier snack/drink options, whichever kind of machine I invest in.)
  22. Hi Everyone, I am a newbie getting ready to dive into vending. I ran across a route for sale in my area and was wondering if I could get some thoughts? Here's the numbers for the route: Financials Net Sales YTD: $5,909.9Avg Net Monthly Sales by location: Location 1 (two machines): $405 Location 2 (two machines): $137 Location 3 (two machines): $106 Location 4 (one machine): $24 Location 5 (one machine): $102 Location 6 (one machine): $71 *Seller has verified the financials with accounting records. Machines (Nine machines are on locations and two (AP 6600 and FSI 3120) are unplaced) Vendo 721 Soda Vendo 720 FSI 3141 Snack FSI 3120 (2 machines) Snack FSI 3039 Soda USI 3179 RS 800/850 (2 machines) AP 6600 Soda Royal 376 Route Radius: 15 miles Farthest distance from my house: 11 miles Other Assets Cash In Machines: $315 Inventory: valued at $960 Dolly: valued at $805 Thoughts? Good investment or no? From the research I've done I gather that the machines are decent, but since I'm just starting out, would I be better off starting off slow--getting a couple machines and placing them myself? Thanks in advance!
  23. I was wondering if any has had experience purchasing an existing snack/soda route through a business broker. If so, which companies are recommended? I came across this listing, (without too many details) seems like 2 years profits + equipment. (Profit seems low for the # of machines.) What does everyone think? COKE / SNACK VENDING nets $400 PER WEEK IN JUST 4 HOURS PER WEEK.....ONLY....$65K total Service ONLY 2 Commercial Stops and net after all operating expenses $400/wk! 100% All Cash Business. Includes 13 Machines (8 Soda Machines, 4 Snack Machines and 1 Combo Machine). Equipment is only One (1) years old and approximate value $25K. The 2 Stops are right across the street from each other. Great area and GREAT start up business. Can easily be expanded. Full training provided by Experienced Seller.
  24. I am looking to getting into vending and am very glad I found this forum. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be willing to help me out. I know many of these questions are difficult to answer because of the number of variables but all answers would be appreciated. Also, if anyone is willing to talk outside the forums (either email or phone) I would greatly appreciate that especially if you live in the Philly area (if you are concerned about a conflict of interest, I will let you know where I live and which counties I am looking to work in). I would love to be able to have a mentor to start this business. Some of my questions: I am looking to buy a route from someone (I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can't get into specifics). How do I evaluate it to see if it is worth the cost? What would be a good return on investment? He has given me the basic financials of the route and would give me more in depth if we proceed further. If the above mentioned route is not good, how do I find one to purchase (Craigslist does not seem to have much worthwhile)? I would be looking for this to become my career. What would be a realistic number of machines I could handle without hiring help (assuming I work 8-10 hours/day and get some office support from my wife). I live in the Philly suburbs so it is dense enough to have a number of possible locations within close proximity but no skyscrapers or anything like that. Can I realistically service 10 machines/sites per day? I know this one is dependent on a lot of variables but I am running numbers to see what I might be able to expect from this business.What kind of gross should I expect from a good machine as an estimate? $300/month? $400/month? $500/month? What would be an average machine? What is a good estimate for insurance? How much money should I set aside for maintenance? Other than insurance, maintenance, fuel, product and commission, what other continuing expenses are there? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  25. I am thinking of buying Futura Snack/soda combo machines.Does anyone have any comments about that brand.I have spent the last 8 hours reading all the comments on all types of vending machines, as well as all of the other great advice and ideas.Thank you.I havent seen one pertaining to this one machine.Other than capacity which seems good compared to others in this class what specifically would stop you from purchasing.
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