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Found 54 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a Vendo 511 beverage machine. Being that I use 16.9 oz bottles of soda in a lot of my AMS machines, I always have this size on hand. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as shims or spacers that I would need to vend 16.9 oz bottles properly? I'm fairly new to these machines specifically so I'm not sure which parts I would need, thank you.
  2. Hey guys, I've been talking to Betson a little bit about the new AMS Steeley soda/ beverage machine. It's fairly new so I can't find a whole lot of information on it, as far as reliability goes. Anyone have any experience with one of these? I have several AMS snacks and combos on the road currently and I'm pretty happy with them. The Steely looks pretty nice cosmetically. Was hoping I could vend 16.9 oz bottles out of it.
  3. so ive seen these around, but i cant seem to find them, and all the places i looked, they are either out of stock or just way too expensive, can anyone help me with finding one of these please call or text me 9177313891
  4. Hello, and thanks in advance for the help. Have a DN 5591 that cools well and runs quietly until the compressor comes on...then it is the Night of the Banshees! I am thinking the condenser fan is loose and hitting something or failing but I don't know how to get at it...from the front or from the back of the machine...I have a service manual but I have not found a diagram of the refrigeration unit. Any guidance on how to do it is appreciated...also any other diagnosis if my conclusion about the condenser fan is wrong. Thanks again.
  5. I am looking at getting into the vending business, especially the soda/can business. I started with looking into healthy type vending and then found big soda. Big soda looked way better on ROI. I have been in contact with the big brands and they'll say they will let me place and run their machines and that they will provide and deliver them as well as maintain them, in exchange I have to buy xx+ cases a month per machine, stock the machines and collect the money. Is this a good way to go? At first glance, it was like shoot! I don't have to pay for the machines?! Wahoo! But now I am thinking these things have ups and downs, will I be drowning in soda? I bought 2 sights with big soda owned machines off of a guy and granted it is cold but they are each doing like 2 cases a week, which is below the quota (but it is cold here now) I was told in summer it picks up (makes sense). If you are currently doing this, would you recommend it? All the soda brands in my area say I can put a card reader if I ask them first but they won't include one. What brand of reader/provider do you recommend? Big soda seems to use USA Tech. So in short 2 questions: 1. selling soda with a quota for the big boys is it a good way to start? 2. Card readers, recommendations. I would like a mentor. Thank you for your help! Any advice?
  6. Hey All, I'm new to the world of vending and I just wanted to make sure that a soda machine I was considering buying is decent and worth the asking price. It's a Dixie Narco 504P. I would only be using 12oz cans in the machine. The compressor is in good working condition. I think the coin mech and validator are also in good working condition, but they may not be based on the issues that the seller has been having with the machine (listed below). The asking price is $500, but I think there is room for negotiation if I'm armed with more info. Some selections give false "sold out" readings when they're not Some slots jam every few sales Occasionally gives wrong change or no change I'm not sure what is causing these issues, but I plan to look into fixing them if I buy the machine. Even tough I'm new to the world of vending, I'm pretty handy. I've attached photos of the machine as well. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  7. got the vendo n21 running, was running fine, had a critter to clean out, so when I was putting everything back, I saw a spark, didn't think anything of it, come to realize nothing on the door works, not power to the door at all, I have 110v going in, the fans are running, compressor is off, door is off.
  8. I have a v721 with the live buttons (12 large buttons) display, the lock is automatic, I lost power to the machine, checked the breaker on the cord, it is fine, but hot, I cannot get inside the machine, how can I get power to the machine to open the door? or how can I open the door?
  9. Hey guys, I found a guy selling this machine, he says it's a Bevmax 4. Anyone know if that's what this actually is? Price is 2900 which actually sounds low to me for a 4, any input is much appreciated, thank you.
  10. I've been really interested in the bevmax 4 lately for a few reasons. First of all, it seems as though they're very reliable based on a lot of people's experiences here. Also, the range of products that can be vended seems very wide. My questions: are there any common problems anyone runs into with these machines? Also, I understand that they are in the range if 6-7000 brand new, but I can't seem to find anything used. If I do find something used as far as a bevmax 4 goes, are there any specific software updates that need to be made? Currently the only Glass fronts I own are AMS visi combos, which I do like, but they do seem to run a little loud which I'm not the biggest fan of.
  11. My single price Dixie Narco soda machine is not cancelling the credit after a vend. Sometimes after a purchase you can push any selection and get another drink. It’s kind of random on several columns. I thought it was “motor coast” but after watching several vends with the cover off that isn’t the case. It just simply still has a credit after vending a drink. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. so I bought a vendo! I know, I know..... I set it up, the machine is fairly new, and in great condition, I changed the bill acceptor, there are 10 lines in the machine, and 9 buttons, I am slowly learning the machine menu, it vends everything perfect, except 1 selection, sometimes ill put $1, and it will not vend, so I put another $1, it then vends, the next time I put $1 in, it vends for $1, this happens every other time, on this one selection only. what is wrong with it? what do I need to do? is it something in the menu? 2. I do I remove force vend? when I put $1 in, and press coin return, it will not return, and force me to purchase, please help
  13. Hey All, I have a few soda machines that a vendor is convincing me to upgrade to be bottle vendors instead of 12 ounce cans. I have looked through shims and ordered some stuff to test and play around with in my garage. The question I have is related to motors/configuration when I do this. OK - first off this may be a dumb question. If a machine, say dixie narco 368 SIID board, is being changed from a 1 soda wide to a 2 soda wide, what exactly has to be changed? Is it just the colored piece on the front of the motor? Or does the entire motor have to be changed? My understanding of the colored part on the front of the motor(sorry don't know the name) is to determine the number of rotations the motor makes per vend. Is that right? If you were taking a 2 soda wide machine and then shimming it to take 16 ounce bottles what piece would you need to change? Also the machines have both circular drop bins and just the two paddles that rotate. Can you dispense bottles from both or either of those. Any suggestions on older dixie narco's vending bottles is appreciated! MrVendAlot
  14. We have come across an account that does not allow caqn or bottle drinks in their plant. I don't believe there any cups soda machines still being produced. Does anyone know of any? Current vendor has National 418 model machines. Just trying to figure out how to handle this. Thjanks for your thoughts Steve
  15. My friend Viggo Bauman made a comprehensive Series on How to Start your Own Vending Business this week. I thought some of you might want to check it out. About half of the videos content is on Soda and the other half on bulk vending. He does touch upon ATM machines for a bit too. It is 3 parts and the links are below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N23lpw2KJcM
  16. Hey All, Great site. I have learned a ton from this site over the past year. I got into vending by buying a close friends route as a part time job. Since then I am now weighing out the options of scaling to a very large size. I want to open up the question for vendors that have large routes and need to hire a driver(s), create budget, etc. The primary information I am looking for is a understanding of your gross income and a percentage breakdown of your yearly budget after that(I don't care about your real numbers just want to get a understanding of your pay to employees vs. net income, repair, upgrade etc). For just a snapshot here are some numbers I am playing around with. The route would be roughly 150 stops ranging in cashflow with 330 machines. Yearly Budget 400k Gross (Assuming 200k loan w/5 year payoff - 6% interest) Gross Income - $400,000 COGs - $204,000 Loan Payback - $46,000 Employee Wages/Taxes - $43,000 Van/Insurance/Maintenance - $5,000 Mileage - $10,000 Vending Upgrade - $12,000 Vending Repair - $8,000 Accounting/Tax Prep - $5000 Net - $67,000 Following the 5 year loan payoff and reducion of transportation cost(assuming can save there), I would be increasing the overall take and increasing the upgrade budget. I would likely carry a $1000 month loan forever to expedite those efforts. Can anybody tell me from experience that these numbers are way off(not enough labor cost, vending repair, etc)? Thanks!
  17. Hello, My best account (grosses $400 a week) just called me to tell me they want to discuss pricing (of snacks, and sodas) with me on Thursday morning. Currently everything in my snack machine chips and candy's is $1.00 and the danishes are $1.25 Soda is $1.00 and the monstor $2.25 and 12oz redbull is $3.00. It has been this way for about 2 years. Any advice on how should I negotiate? I mean if I drop prices further I'm worried about working for free essentially, and things would inevitably sell faster. I mean not that it matters I give away like 2 or 3 things away everything that I go. Maybe I should not have done that..
  18. Hi there! We are new to the vending business and have an opportunity to take over a full-line location within an office building. The location is a high traffic mail room that currently has 1 soda and 1 snack machine. The owners of the nearby cafe in the basement sell similar items to whats in the machines. The competition for customers has caused some price complaints by the cafe owners because they ( vending operators) price their items lower than the cafe. We have never placed in a corporate building before so we are unsure of how the original agreement between the building owner, management , cafe owners or vending company originally was. From what we understand, the cafe owners came into the picture after the vending machines operators. The offer that the cafe owners have given was to match the price of the snacks within the machine and request a commission (amount unknown). They also requested that we contact the building owners ourselves and inform them of the issue, get the old vendors kicked out and get the okay to move ourselves in. Firstly , we feel the vending machine operators are justified in lowering their prices from the cafe owners due to the convenience of the snacks they sell. Though the cafe is only open from 8am- 3pm Monday through Friday, how many people on a given day will walk into a mail room versus those that will likely walk into a cafe each day. While the snack machine is available 24-7 - there will not be many as many people in the building from 3 pm to 12 midnight each day as most often leave early and are not there on the weekends ( except the cleaning crew and security ). The question we have for you guys is would this be worth it to pursue or not ? If it is, how should we go about getting it resolved? Also, if no advice, please share a story of something similar that happened to you. Thanks and Happy Vending!
  19. I have been with my bank for about 5 years. I deposit large quantities of bagged, sorted, counted, weighed, and clean coin once per quarter. All of this coin comes from our various vending operations. I normally deposit about 60 bags per quarter. I have my own Cummins Allison Jetsort, and deposit near perfect counts. My problem is that my Stagecoach bank just changed my account and added the $4.00 bag fee per bag. Needless to say, I need a new financial institution. I'm wondering what your banking experience is like. I'm in Southern California, but any comments are helpful. Thanks everyone.
  20. I just came across an FSI / USI 3039 The Bill Validator takes a few bills then has trouble with the next. [$1 insert then vend, $1 insert then vend & repeat - then stops] Make: Nippon Conlux Co., LTD Model: NB2-16A-400 I want to change the whole BV all together. Looks like a single price soda machine harness - not too sure. Can the forum please help me out in this situation I am up against. Happy Mother's Day - Mothers!
  21. We have a location available for a snack and soda in Denver, CO First come first serve! 119 employee's Needs Coke and Pepsi products in the drink machine. Snack machine as well. Contact me for information. 541-979-5474
  22. We have a location available for a snack and soda in Denver, CO 119 employee's Needs Coke and Pepsi products in the drink machine. Snack machine as well. Contact me for information. 541-979-5474
  23. Hi everyone, first post here after spending a lot of time reading your GREAT forums. I have some questions that I think the forum bloggers' wide range of experience and expertise could provide me with some great answers, but first, here's an introduction: My name is Scott G. I have decided I'm going to get into the vending business in a warm environment (Phoenix, possibly Florida though). I am going to either buy a small existing business, or start from scratch. I have some money, and want to make sure that I start off right when entering the business.I plan on doing soda and snack at first, although I will definitely do bulk if I find a good business for sale, or if a good opportunity presents itself. I plan on being doing both soda/snack and bulk very early into my business' life. I have a decent, yet limited amount of cash, and I am trying to decide where my priorities should be when spending my capital. So here are some questions I have, thanks in advance for any and all responses! 1) Unless the business I purchase comes with a vehicle, what vehicle should I buy (any recommendations for make and model?)? I think at first I should buy a van with the entire interior air-conditioned. A van won't have a liftgate, but I think I will pay people to move my machines at first, I may move the machines for easy locations. Also, new or used, I should be able to qualify for financing, and I am leaning on buying a new van, especially for the warranty, visual appeal, and minimal concern of something breaking. 2) Aside from a vehicle and a dolly, would should equipment be focused on buying? 3) What are some important things that I should consider before starting? 4) What are some tips/words of advice that you guys have for a greenhorm like me? \ Thanks so much everyone, hope to hear from you soon!
  24. I am looking for some much need guidance! I have a Vendo V-max soda machine that I just bought and I am having trouble changing the settings from 20oz bottles to 12oz cans! I have reset the Cam, I have installed the 3rd can clip (PN 1121704), I have the gage bar set correctly, and I still get 2 cans dispensing at one time?! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
  25. We are currently taking limited orders for full size snack and soda. The process is a little different, but still you don't pay until the date is set for the installation! This is only being offered until we have the slots filled that I am comfortable with. I believe in quality service first! If anyone has any questions, you can either ask here or call me at: 541-979-5474 I will be posting this in our section later today!!
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