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Found 6 results

  1. I live in California and have decided to start a vending machine business. I have done a lot of research already but could use some tips if possible. I know that I need a license to have a vending machine in California. Also how much do you need to pay to allow your vending machine to stay at a place? Is it a percentage of your monthly sales where your vending machine is located or a certain amount? Do I just contact owners and ask if I can leave my vending machine there and then offer him a business deal? I am new to the business and would appreciate anything you have to say.
  2. Hello, I'm doing some research before committing to one brand of machines. I would like to manage my route with some sort of stock management software. All machines will need CC readers. Which brand would you recommend and which one would give the most flexibility? I also see some companies selling KVM brand machines made in China at a much lower cost. Is that something to consider? Thanks, Daniel
  3. I am very interested in starting a vending business. I was curious about what was needed and what i would need to do to get started.
  4. Hey all, I've been a lurker reading these forums for a little while, and I wanted to access some of the downloads sections so this post is part due to wanting to access those. But I just wanted to say hi, and see if you guys have any starting tips, or pitfalls that a beginner can avoid getting into the bulk vending business. My background: I'm currently working as an airline pilot, and that gives me a lot of travel freedom and some good chunks of time off in certain spots of the month. So I've decided to start a vending business on the side. I've recently bought 38 vendesign vending machines in bulk in the Phoenix area (none of which are placed because they had to be transported from Tucson). I got a really great deal on the package at a whopping $26.31 per machine cost to buy them all. I'm going to store them for a while at my dad's place so i'm not in any time rush to place them, but I'm very excited and motivated to start. I'm planning to form an LLC to work the business under, and I'm signed up with a charity who just sent 10 stickers and the legal forms for using their name is placing the machines. I plan on making my first trips out to local businesses to locate these machines next week by visiting locations with a flyer of the vending machine and information on the charity that we're supporting through our labels. I've cleaned 5 of the machines so far and they are ready to place and get me going. I'm doing this entire process with my lovely wife as well, who is supporting me and wanting to help locate as well. I'm really excited, and I'm prepared for a lot of rejection as I go out and place these machines especially for the first time, but I'm very motivated and determined to succeed so I'm not worried. Any tips on beginning things that startups have run into along the way would be greatly appreciated.Such as on cleaning the machines, servicing, business related tips, locating tips or any thing that hopefully I've not considered. Thanks for taking the time to read this too, I'm hoping to be a successful vendor just like many of people here are.
  5. I am new to the community and haven't started vending yet. I've tried a number of different business ventures and haven't had any success with them yet. I'm trying to figure out if this business is right for me. In looking critically at the past mistakes I found that a lot of the problems have been in my mindset and I wanted to hear for you guys as to why you decided to start and a vending business, how you made it through the tough dip in interest I have run into on other businesses and do you feel it was worth sticking it out. I know these may not be the typical questions you receive on here but I am just trying to figure out for myself if this is the path for me. I would like to hear some of your stories on how and why you got started. I want to get my thoughts straight and could use your help doing so. I appreciate any advice, warning and encouragement.
  6. Trying to break into the business and I have a million questions. How do I go about getting my first spots to put the machines in? Does anyone have a stardardized contract I could edit and use once I reach and agreement with a business? Whats the best place to get machines from? When I'm starting out with a couple machines should I just get my drinks/snacks from costco/sams club? Any other suggestions you throw my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting out in the birmingham area. Just looking for advice from those who have been there before. Thanks for any advice
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