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Found 14 results

  1. I am in the ATM business and no have other experience in vending. I recently came across a Franchise while listening to a Passive Income podcast called that markets sticker vending machines to schools. Their business model is to place sticker machines in Schools that vend regular stickers along with school mascot stickers. The benefit to the school is it is positioned as a fundraiser for them as they get some of the proceeds. I think it's around 25%. I do not know what the Franchise Royalties are yet, but I have phone call set with them in two weeks. I know you have to vend a lot of stickers to make money. Especially if you are giving up 25% to the school and some to the Franchise. Perhaps schools have enough volume to make it profitable for everyone. Does anyone have any experience, thoughts, or opinions on this business model?
  2. Hi all, I have a used Brand Imports/Brand Vending Products sticker & tattoo machine, which I'm told they no longer manufacture. In the pictures below, the metal rectangular weight pictured in my hand is what I'm missing. It holds down product in the machine, but also prevents quarters from being inserted when the column is empty, using the small metal piece sticking out of the middle. Does anyone have any suggestions for compatible parts? The larger rectangle measures 4.5x3", and I can give more precise measurements if needed. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and new to vending but this looks like the right place to learn. I'm starting out with some sticker machines because they seem under-served in my area. I have three questions regarding stickers & their folders: 1) Is there a supplier of printed folders other than VenDynamics? For the life of me I can't find one! 2) Has anyone managed to purchase from VenDynamics? I really like the idea of printed folders but I can't get them to return my calls. It's super frustrating but probably understandable since I'm small time for them. 3) Does anyone know of a distributor or re seller of VDs products? Happy vending!
  4. Looking to buy a sticker/vending machine. I was wondering what people typically sold better?
  5. I purchased some machines at an awesome price! But the Northwestern Super 80 Sticker machine is missing a cash door! I can not fine one anywhere! Could someone help me?! Where could I locate one? Color does not matter. Im going to repaint the machine. Thanks for your help!
  6. Yesterday I went on a bit of a craigslist spree and picked up a couple Beavers and a flat machine. When I got them home and did some measuring I realized that the columns in the flat machine I got are a little smaller than average. The "normal" sized folders that my other machines take and that are readily available are sized 3" x 4.5" but this machine will only fit folders sized about 2.5" x 3.5". It also has some weird rubber straps in the columns. Does anyone on here have any experience with that? I did some searching and couldn't really find any info. Do any suppliers sell empty folders that size? or should I head down to a print shop and have them chop down the regular folders I have to fit? I usually fill the folders with my own stickers and tattoos so I'm not overly concerned about not being able to buy stock from suppliers - but I obviously need folders to put my own stock into. I thought it was maybe an LYPC or some kinda import machine but I just found a "Made in Canada" label on the back, so I really have no clue. check the pics. Any insight you guys could give me about this machine or smaller folders would be much appreciated!
  7. A lot of people ask us what is a more popular flat vending product tattoos or stickers. Which have you had better luck with selling?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm brand new to vending and still in the researching stage and buying my first bulk machines. My question is about display cards for a flat vending machine. I'm thinking about selling collectible cards and stickers with a common theme (Marvel and DC Comics) but not a premade set from a vending site. Does anyone have experience making their own display card to go in the front of the glass? I obviously don't want it to look super cheap but I'm not that much of a wiz in Photoshop. I've seen a couple "Mystery Mix" cards online but not available to purchase. Thank you! Laurana
  9. Allstar is running two great back to school sales! One is on flat items - with stickers & tattoos starting as low as $5.00 per box. The other is on a selection of 1" and 2" capsuled toys. You can see both sales by clicking on the following links. Call or email us for details! http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=09b92f6d-4718-47e3-8e19-9a21ed642068&c=d5c820b0-1b90-11e3-91b4-d4ae529a848a&ch=d5e5bad0-1b90-11e3-91e0-d4ae529a848a http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=4505bef2-848b-4677-9a3c-0f63cd1bc0c8&c=d5c820b0-1b90-11e3-91b4-d4ae529a848a&ch=d5e5bad0-1b90-11e3-91e0-d4ae529a848a Don't miss out! Sharon
  10. Hello VENDiscuss members! We are excited to be a part of this forum and support our vending community. Brand Vending Products offers unique & exciting products for 1 inch, 2 inch, and flat vend. We are known for leading the way with new and innovative ideas as well as ongoing best sellers. You may know us from our highly successful Sqwishland brand. Stay tuned for what we have planned next! 2014 is going to be a great year of brand new toys and flat vend stickers & tattoos! craigg@brandimports.com 1-800-967-3048 http://brandvendingproducts.com
  11. Shipment arrives in 2 weeks. Place your pre-orders now to secure your boxes!!! 1-800-685-7066 kim@allstarvending.com The season four premiere of Duck Dynasty ON A&E broke cable ratings, pulling in over 12 million viewers!!!
  12. Tattoos have been selling very well lately. Need to stock up and was searching around and is it me or did VSI use to have more deals that included free shipping or buy 10 get 1 free box. Maybe they have got to the point where they don't need to offer a whole lot of specials. By the way on a side note Flatline does free freight in February, 10 boxes or more free the 1st week then you have to order 20 or more the 2nd week for free shipping and so on. VSI offering free shipping on 20 or more boxes on non-closeout items.
  13. I just wanted to point out that Rachel from TNT is offering our members FREE price stickers for your machines! See them in the classified section now. Free Price Stickers
  14. Do you have MUSTACHE MANIA!!?? Dont miss out on the hottest trend! New 300 ct box of Finger Mustache Tattoos are in stock and we are offering them to our Vendiscuss friends for $22.95/box + free shipping on 20+ boxes!* (regular price $23.95) Simply apply the tattoo to you index finger for a quick disguise! Call today for best selection! Rachel and Vickie Top Notch Toys, Inc. Partners in Your Vending Success www.tntvend.com 1-800-572-2501 * US address only- no free HI or AK shipments
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