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Found 18 results

  1. Hey EVERYONE! I just bought a LANCE 2038 machine and all the spools work. Finally figured out the bulb, still need a new lock and the coin acceptor work. The HUGE problem I have right now is that the bill validator doesn't work The Maka nb-14c makes a sound, but doesn't respond at all when I stick a bill in. I have cleaned every inch and have checked every wire but nothing. I also realized that the price on this 25 slot machine will only go up to $6.35 which is set by the machine itself. I was wondering if anyone can confirm that if i get a mag50b coinco validator is I can replace it and get a harness that will work. Also, is there anyway to make this machine set the price higher then $6.35?!? Help will be oh so greatly appreciated!!! I'm excited to see a community of people who love vending machines and restoring them. The picture below looks just like the machine I have.
  2. Sparks, MD, July 23, 2019 – InOne Technology, LLC (InOne), is proud to announce the release of 3 new replacement boards to the OneBoard product line. Upgrade boards are now available for the Automatic Products Studio SL, Automatic Products Studio ST and the USI Snackmart 3 and 6 machines. The new boards eliminate the factory board lock up issues that operators have struggled with while enabling telemetry and credit card acceptance. <<read more>> http://www.inonetechnology.com/inone-technology-releases-new-control-boards-eliminate-factory-board-lock-up-issues/
  3. Hello have a customer with a FSI 3076 Their old bill validator is a old conlux mB2-16a-400 27 volt. it is no longer taking bills but it is taking coins. There is an upgrade path from usi/vendnet for a coinco ba32f bill validator both 117 and 24 volt model (buying the data and power cable from USI/Vendnet) but the question is this, will a mei 24 or 117 volt validator work on this machine at all? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey group, Thanks for allowing me in. I'm looking at getting our first location with my 9yr old daughter , it's a hospital that currently has 1 snack and 1 drink machine stocked by a large vending firm. I got into the location with a promise of better service and healther choices. Looking at going with a brand new machine as i have no idea how to fix a used unit should issue arise and after reading post on here it seems issues are many. Shipping seems to be an costly due to weight i see that costco sells AMS & Crane machines has anyone ever dealt with Costco? Any other places i should look for new mahines? As well as any other hint, tips or trick would be greatly appreciated Father daughter team
  5. I have a older USI snack machine I think 3032, some vend motors only turn part way. I have replaced motors and sometimes it fixes the problem, but not always and sometimes problem returns to same motor. I don't think its the motors anymore, has anyone ever had this problem it is happening on all shelfs and seems like more started going out the same week.
  6. In need of shelf dividers for a use 3014 contact me with sites/sellers
  7. I bought a Dixie narco 386 single price a 276 single price. Also a ap snack shop 6600xl and a usi 2038 for 1200 dollars is that bad
  8. Would anyone know if a drop sensor is available for an older USI 3184 model? It does DEX and I am adding a credit card reader to it and would like to add a drop sensor without having to replace the board.
  9. Hi everyone, I am pretty new on the business and I am now learning how to operate my machines. Our USI combo has some issue with the note reader which is not working and not accepting notes at all. It is our best machine even working only on coins, so it is really important to fix it asap. Power is ON (I can see a red light inside), and the green led bellow blinks 7 times. The description for Errors Codes goes from 1 to 6 blinks, so I have no idea what 7 means. I have already filled the change that was quite low (about 40% in one of them), but it didn't help. I am wondering if it is just the case of cleaning the sensor? Any other clue I could investigate? Thank you everyone! Thais
  10. Recently my snack machine began to read " Exact Change Only" checked my bill acceptor and it is flashing twice the magazine says "disabled from mech vmc" coin tubes are full, any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  11. I have several USI CB500 10 select drink machines. Two of them experienced the same problem within two days of each other. On both of them the evaporator fan (the bottom fan) quit working. I swapped the first machine with a working machine, ordered two fan motors, then replaced the one on the first machine. I let it sit in my warehouse running for a few days. No problem. Then I took it to the 2nd location and swapped it out for the other CB500 that quit. (I have the motor for the 2nd one, but I haven't had time to replace it yet). The 1st machine with the replaced fan motor did fine for the past several weeks until I got to it yesterday and found it frozen again. I checked it out to find the same fan motor is not running!! Any ideas what the problem is? A bad replacement motor or is there something with the machine causing the motors to quit? Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I've been vending for several years now, but I'm still learning.
  12. We recently bought a USI 3037-10B drink machine. The machine has 10 selection options. Two of the motors vend 2 cans ever other time. So when someone presses the selection button on front, 1 can will come out. Then the next time someone picks that selection 2 cans come out (for the same price as one). Has anyone had this problem or know what we can do to fix it? I've read through the manual but haven't seen anything that seems relevant. We're pretty new at operating vending machines (this is our 3rd machine), so we're still figuring everything out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. I have a CB-500 that is doing some odd stuff. The problem seems to only be with one selection so far but it doesn't make much sense to me. This is with the older CB-500 board and not the new ones. When you put your money in and make your selection, and it seems to only be selection "L", the motor turns for a fraction of a second and your change is given (if it is owed) but no product is received. The LED that is supposed to be on (at least from what the manual shows) is not on at all. I am not even sure if the drop sensor is on. I have concluded that it is one of two problems... 1) the drop sensor is not functioning properly for some reason. I don't think this is the problem because the other selections seem to work fine. 2) the motor for that selection is faulty. This only seems possibly if the drop sensor is disabled. 3) the board is bad and seems to get a signal telling it that the drop sensor went off or, if the sensor is disabled, the board isn't allowing for the motor to turn all the way. My money is on the board having a problem communicating with the sensor but I don't know if the sensor could cause this or the board might be doing it on its own. The machine is probably 10~ years old and probably grosses $600/year. It is just an auxiliary machine next to a Bevmax 2/3. There is currently an out of order sign on it. I just need some opinions on what might be going on here.
  14. I have a USI 3500 soda machine and the evap. motor has stopped turning. I called up vendnet and the part they quoted me was about $150 and not in stock. That seems to be a fair bit more than the 'generic' fan I bought for a Dixie 501e. Anyone have experience or advice on using a different brand fan motor in USI equipment?
  15. Hey everyone. I have a USI 3129L with a MAKA 27v validator that is going bad. I put a new power cord in because I took that one out for another machine that was on location. That part was simple. I purchased a Mars AE2412 24v DBA and a harness to attach it to the MAKA plugs in the machine. I took out the MAKA DBA, put the Mars in, plugged it in and turned the machine on. The machine was working fine except the MAKA was having trouble taking bills. It would take anywhere from 5 to 20 tries to get it to take a dollar. That's why I pulled the machine and decided to change the validator. Now, when I turn it on, the display comes on, but does not scroll the message. Just the first words show up "WELCOME TO". No scrolling. It was working fine when I pulled it last week. Also it will not go into service mode. It also will not do anything when I press any of the selection keys on the front either before or after I put money in it. The coin mech will not take any change. The coins just fall through. It was working fine before I pulled it also. However, the new Mars 2412 takes ones and fives. It doesn't show on the display because "WELCOME TO" is on there the entire time. Does anyone know what happened? I hope it doesn't need a control board. It was working fine except for the MAKA validator having trouble taking bills.
  16. No tech support on Saturday. After about 5 hrs of working on this CB 500 I finally got it ready to set and now have better knowledge of it. Had 4 bad motors and only had 2 I got from AZ. 2 were bad connections and 2 were bad. So I came out good on that. Ran Diag on vendor everything came back good. Took dollars but no change. Took 6510 and put it on tester checks good. Installed a 6512 full of change still won't accept change and flashes 2 meaning it is disconnected from machine. Not good. Unplug bill changer and connect directly to control board to eliminate any harness problems. So I also figured out drop sensor wasn't working either. Yea... Traced it out and found it also had a dirty connection. Got it working. Still won't accept change. Yea have to deliver first thing Tuesday morning the pressure is on and no parts will get here by delivery time.... Kept thinking this is what happens when you procrastinate and put it off. If only I had done this Thursday or Friday I would have had tech service... And now I sold it to cheap... Going to have to replace board most likely. Not so quick to condemn the board I decided to try a 5 tube changer. My favorite chose Mars 7512 not one I like to put in a sold machine but hey. Worked like a champ. Here was my thinking this vendor was built in 2005 long after 3 tube changers were built. So my thinking was the E-Prom might not support the older coin mechs. I have not ran across that before but now it works. The bad thing about USI or at least in my case I could not find a troubleshooting manual for this anywhere. Just a service manual with no troubleshooting except for refrigeration. Curious if anyone has ran across this....
  17. So I was on the way to look at a USI 3061 drink machine that is bout 1.5 hour away from where I live and seller just called as I was leaving home to say the machine is now not accepting coins or dollars. Her dad has put coins in change department and drinks in each column. Before I decide to make this drive, what Do you guys think the problem could be since it was recently working a while back according to seller. She is asking $300
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