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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! Been awhile since my last post. I'm going into year 3 and have enjoyed the journey. Another company approached me and offered to buy my route. I have downsized some since my highest peak, anyway what's left did $35,750 gross sales in 2017. It's 6 locations, 10 machines. Total machines and equipment are worth $15,000. All sales are tracked and I have the proper records in place. I read that an easy evaluation is to split gross sales in half and than add value of machines and assets. My selling price would be $32,875.00. Too low? Just right? Too high? Any thoughts and advice is appreciated! Thanks... BT
  2. I am as new as it comes to this business and wanted to reach out to see if I could get some information. I have recently sold a FedEx logistics route business due to many factors and have been looking for a different industry to get into. I have been vetting quite a few businesses including vending and it is a direction I want to go. I have found a bulk route vending company that has over 1,000 higher end machines that has come up for sale and am highly considering putting an offer in. My question is: on a larger vending business that has good financial records is there a set net multiple that you would use in valuing the company like a traditional business or is there a different way to valuation these businesses. I have familiarity with bread route valuation, Fedex route valuation, PF snack route valuation (ridiculous) but really wanted to hear from others who have been in the business for quite some time on this one . I have seen other smaller routes selling anywhere between 1-3x cash flow any help is greatly appreciated Thank you
  3. Hi, I have been the bulk vending business with a small route of about 20 machines and I would like to start doing a couple of soda machines. I have picked out a location that I think will do fairly well (a building that has a hair school, dance academy, and business networking events all the time). I have not yet purchased a machine yet. I was thinking about purchasing this machine http://stgeorge.craigslist.org/fod/5171077615.html. She is listing it for $400. I bet I could get it cheaper though. The bill validator isn't working. I haven't opened it up to inspect it. What do you think? Is $400 a good price? I have been watching craigslist in my town and there aren't a lot of these for sale. We are 1 hr 1/2 from Las Vegas, but I hardly go there. I don't really want to either. Thanks in advance for the advice. Also if AZ vendor happens to read this, I have emailed you and tried to PM you but your messages are full. I would like price quotes for a replacement bill validator. Thanks, Doyle-Jones
  4. Hi! I'm a newbie getting ready to take on vending. I've been looking at a couple routes in my area that are up for sale. The first I've already posted about. It's a snack/soda route, but the seller is asking way too much. The second is a bulk candy route. I like the numbers on this one a little better but you guys are the experts. Let me know your thoughts! Asking: $2850 Average Monthly Gross Sales: $300-$500 Locations: 7 Radius: 83 miles Farthest Distance From My House: 76 miles (1 location, 2 machines) Seller lives in the same city as me. He services once a month and says it takes him 6-8 hours total to do the whole route. Machines: 45 total (22 on locations, 23 not placed) Vendstar 3000 1-800 vending U-turn 4 canister All-Metal Pro I am currently waiting on the seller to verify financials and to specify how many of each model he has. I'm not a fan of the idea of 76 miles travel for the one location. If something gets jammed and I need to get out to service, that seems like it could become a pain. I'm thinking I'd probably just move those 2 machines which would cut the farthest distance from my house down to 45 miles, and the radius down to 52 miles (much more manageable). What do you think?
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