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Found 17 results

  1. Good morning everyone! My name is Kevin, I live in Westchester County, NY (if any other vendors are close by). I’m diving headfirst into the vending business, with 2 used soda machine and 1 used snack machine. I have tons of questions about my machines, however I am merely testing the waters on this forum to see how responsive this community is. Have a great day everyone! I hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Hello everyone, i hope everyone of us is enjoying good health , the reason for my post is that I recently started vending machine business and I bought Snack Machine VCM3000 . It suddenly stopped working and displays a message (MACHINE ISNT READY ) and details tell error number 5... can someone help me sort it out .. i shall be very grateful.. your faithful faheem
  3. I am looking to get back into vending and figure the quickest and easiest way it to buy an existing route. Trying to figure out which way is best from these examples and what metrics are key to be looking at. All Locations are relatively close to each other. Machines are mostly Can and snack with bill acceptors, not sure on card readers. 1.Asking Price $12,000.00 - Yearly Grosses $11,856.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations 2. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 3. Asking Price $ 10,500.00- Yearly Grosses $11,400.00 - 2 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 4. Asking Price $ 5,000.00- Yearly Grosses $8,400.00 - 4 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 1 Locations 5. Asking Price $18,500.00- Yearly Grosses $18,400.00 - 6 Machines [Soda and Snack]- 3 Locations
  4. Hi everyone, I am pretty new on the business and I am now learning how to operate my machines. Our USI combo has some issue with the note reader which is not working and not accepting notes at all. It is our best machine even working only on coins, so it is really important to fix it asap. Power is ON (I can see a red light inside), and the green led bellow blinks 7 times. The description for Errors Codes goes from 1 to 6 blinks, so I have no idea what 7 means. I have already filled the change that was quite low (about 40% in one of them), but it didn't help. I am wondering if it is just the case of cleaning the sensor? Any other clue I could investigate? Thank you everyone! Thais
  5. Do you clean your gumball machine? If so, how often, and what do you use? If not, here are a few tips on maintaining a sanitary gumball machine. When it comes to caring for your gumball machine, periodic cleaning is imperative, not just for appearances sake, but also for good hygiene. First, you want to make sure the machine is empty; make sure to throw away any product that has expired according to the manufacturer’s label. Second, for best results, clean your machine using a “dry clean” method. In other words, do not spray any chemicals or cleaners inside the machine. It can contaminate the new product when you restock. However, unscented alcohol-based wipes are acceptable, along with sturdy paper towels and nylon brushes. Do not use harsh cleaners (i.e. scrubbing powder or scrubbing liquid). Once you clean the machine, give approximately 24 hours for the machine to dry. Be sure to clean the corners of the inside of the machine. They are difficult to get to, but most bacteria and germs fester in those areas. For consistency, clean the outside of the machine utilizing the same method. It is important to clean the outside more often because it soils a lot easier. You can also polish the outside of the machine to remove any grease marks, fingerprints or to reduce the appearance of scratches. What do you use to clean your gumball machine? We want to hear back from you!
  6. I am totally new to the vending world but I've been interested in venturing into it for a long time now. I just have no idea where to start. I'm not familiar with projecting profit and losses ect especially involving vending machines. I am also not familiar with the process from signing up for a vendors license to the first day up and running. I've been to my local Chicago office but i learned that I don't need to go there until I'm ready to apply for the license and await the inspection. Where is a suitable place to store my machines/food until they have destinations? That's something the office rep Told me I was gonna have to figure out.
  7. Hi, I'm a little new to this but I was just wondering if anyone knows models or brands that are ok to place outside with out anything really covering them?
  8. Hi All, My customer just asked for a coffee vending machine. I heard in general that coffee vending machines are things to stay away from due to numerous things that can go wrong. Any stories or recommendations? I am currently looking at AP213 and AP223.... Also, is there any gourmet coffee vending machines?
  9. This is an old machine so I am having trouble getting help with it. The machine works just fine except an entire row will not vend anything. It will accept the money and as long as you make a selection on one of the other rows it vends the snack. I can't seem to figure it out. Any suggestions. Thanks,
  10. Hi, I am considering buying a route with mostly planet antares office deli combo soda snack machines. I talked with someone who works at a vending machine repair shop and he did not recommend those machines because of their poor maintenance/reliability record. Can anyone with experience with planet antares office deli type machines offer any advice? If I were to offer to buy those machines what is the Planet Antares office deli combo used machine price worth? Thank-you to all experienced vending machine operators in advance.
  11. Candy Veniding business is simple to start and easy to operate just help and support charity. Here's Charity Vending Routes and types of candies and chocolates : Hard Candy,Mints,Lollipops,Chocolates And many more inexpensive items that are locally available to you.
  12. Hello, I'm new to this whole vending machine thing and I'm not sure whether to start off with a snack machine, soda machine, or a combination machine!! I'm leaning more towards the combination machine, since I would like to place it in an office building where they currently have no vending machine, but I would like input from people that have more insight on this than me! Snack machine? Soda machine? Combination machine? Why? PLEASE HELP! -Nathlye (I currently have a 5' gumball machine that was given to me for free. I was considering selling it to help pay for whatever machine I decide to get. I have no children, I'm unmarried, I'm 25 and live at home, so there isn't much standing in the way of me getting whatever machine would end up being most profitable in the end. Also, I would like to use healthier snack/drink options, whichever kind of machine I invest in.)
  13. i'm loooking into purchasing a couple breathalyzers, my main concern is the liability. what if any protection do i have?
  14. I run the pop machine for my church. We suddenly ran into a problem where the pop machine is no longer dispensing pop. When we insert our money we are able to select which type of pop we want. When we click on a selection it will do one of two things: it will say "vending" and then return our money as it says "try another selection" or, if we have tried this selection before, it will just tell us "try another selection" and return the money. I am not that knowledgable when it comes to these vending machines. I curious what the problem might be. Thanks!
  15. Hi,friends! I want to build a simple electronic machine: 1.The user inserts a coin. 2.He chooses from the screen menu some options. 3.After the user had chosen,he gets a ticket from the machine. That's all! The machine includes PC,coin acceptor(NRI G18), from a vending machine,printer. So my question is: How to connect the coin acceptor with the PC and the software of the machine,so the machine starts only after the user inserts a coin?May be I need a PCB/controller/? Thank you,Stan,Bulgaria.
  16. Royal RVCDE376-8, $800: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/app/4187585823.html ??, $100: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/ppd/4131175499.html
  17. Hi All, For the past few years I've wanted to get into the vending/atm machine business, but have not pulled the trigger until today. I purchased a used Seaga HF3500 as my first vending machine. It already has a home. I am also about to purchase a Hyosung 1800 ATM. I'm on a roll and will be looking to learn as much as I can as well as to continue buying and placing machines. I currently own an IT Outsourcing company by day. Volunteer EMT by night amongst other items. I'm a family man and believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket. During the summer months I like to ride my sportbike. No thanks to Sandy, my reefkeeping days are over. I found this site while looking for a way to stock my machine that currently only accepts cans with a bottle of water. While I haven't found the answer yet, I will continue to look for an inexpensive way to put bottled water in a snake can slot. I'm hear not only to learn, but also to share. Thank You for allowing me to join this community.
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