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Found 9 results

  1. what is best vending management software to use for vending route management and inventory
  2. He there team, anyone here who has developed a vending software/mobile app? Maybe we can take a look and try? Or is there any excel sheet here that can be shared that we can use as a start up company? Thanks a lot. Bet regards to everyone, Alham
  3. Dear Vendiscuss friends, We would like to introduce our software to the Vendiscuss community. Key Features and Benefits of the VendSoft vending software solution More efficient means of retaining, retrieving and analyzing information to better understand your business needs (which can save you time and money) Cloud based service – allows for greater flexibility in use of mobile platforms Supports both Android and iPhone smartphone platforms "Offline mode" allows user to enter route details without network connectivity; information can then be uploaded to the cloud with a WiFi connection Straightforward design and functionality that are easy to understand and intuitive Friendly customer support to answer any questions you have Produces reports that can be exported into Excel to provide an opportunity to review business activities in further detail Maintains product purchase information and expenses similar to Quicken or Quickbooks Sales and expenses can be tracked by location to determine each location’s profitability Generates easy to understand sales and expense reports/dashboards for better decision-making Maintain visibility of inventory levels at both the warehouse and at the machine locations Easily customizable for your vending business (you have the ability to add or delete products, modify routes and vending locations as your business grows) Functionality supports multiple vend prices for the same product across different machines at different locations Commission set-up is easy and straight-forward and supports the three main types of commissions paid to location owners (percent of sales, monthly, and per item sold) Assists the business owner with developing efficient route recommendations through its mapping features Prekitting Telemetry - integrated with USA Technologies ePort devices There is a short introductory video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG6J7MiW1QQ For those Vendiscuss members who decide to give VendSoft a try we will make a special discount. You can start your 14 day free trial here. Best of luck and happy vending!
  4. He there team, anyone here who has developed a vending software/mobile app? Maybe we can take a look and try? Or is there any excel sheet here that can be shared that we can use as a start up company? Thanks a lot. Bet regards to everyone, Alham
  5. NEW Free vendingmobile account. no credit card required, just name and email. Create Your Free Account Your free vendingmobile account includes: Unlimited Locations 10 machine limit on free account Manage your servicing, products, locations, machines, routes, and more Update your data on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and have your data sync instantly across all other devices Data protection & automatic backup service Upgrade your machine limit at any time, and keep all of your data 24/7 quick email support, & video tutorials Get Started
  6. I have been told that most bulk vendors don't keep track of their businesses very well. Maybe it comes down to personality type but I always at least tracked my profits and losses. If bulk vendors don't track profit losses or inventory, is there a need for bulk vendors to have locations, machines and products tracked in detail? Or do they just over time know where to go and what products to buy without any tracking at all?
  7. Hello All!! New Addition to TVF here!! Excited to get to know everyone and talk vending! I am beginning to look into VMS's and was curious what were some of your guys most enjoyed and most hated features of some of the VMS platforms out right now. Looking forward to ya'lls replies!
  8. Hi Vendiscuss friends, We are happy to publically announce the release of our own WiFi telemetry hardware. The unit connects to the WiFi network at your location to send Vagabond live sales updates from your machine. Our CDMA cellular device is soon on its way. We are taking reservations for both WiFi and cellular units at this time at http://www.vagabondvending.com/insight/ http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/news/11258610/vagabond-introduces-wifi-telemetry-hardware-insight-series Please reach out to 202.695.8228 x202 or juan@vagabondvending.com with questions on our offering.
  9. Where can I get a good vending software, how much? Thanks.
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