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Found 132 results

  1. Hello, I have a vendo 511 and one of the columns sells Monster and it takes 2 cans. Due to slow sales, I want to change that to regular pop and that column can take 3 cans. When I removed all the Monster and put the regular cans and increased the length of the column, the machine will spit out 2 cans on the first purchase then 1 can after. But I need it to spit out 1 can at a time. So how can I reset it so that it recognizes I have 3 cans and needs to spit out 1 at a time?
  2. Hey All, I'm new to the world of vending and I just wanted to make sure that a soda machine I was considering buying is decent and worth the asking price. It's a Dixie Narco 504P. I would only be using 12oz cans in the machine. The compressor is in good working condition. I think the coin mech and validator are also in good working condition, but they may not be based on the issues that the seller has been having with the machine (listed below). The asking price is $500, but I think there is room for negotiation if I'm armed with more info. Some selections give false "sold out" readings when they're not Some slots jam every few sales Occasionally gives wrong change or no change I'm not sure what is causing these issues, but I plan to look into fixing them if I buy the machine. Even tough I'm new to the world of vending, I'm pretty handy. I've attached photos of the machine as well. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  3. Thave4589

    Protocol condom machine

    Hello, I have some older protocol condom/tampon machines. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy product for them besides from protocol vending.... any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. got the vendo n21 running, was running fine, had a critter to clean out, so when I was putting everything back, I saw a spark, didn't think anything of it, come to realize nothing on the door works, not power to the door at all, I have 110v going in, the fans are running, compressor is off, door is off.
  5. I have a v721 with the live buttons (12 large buttons) display, the lock is automatic, I lost power to the machine, checked the breaker on the cord, it is fine, but hot, I cannot get inside the machine, how can I get power to the machine to open the door? or how can I open the door?
  6. I recently came across, what I feel, is a good deal for 2 AP 113 snack machines refurbished with the revision door. I do like the AP 112 and 113's a lot as they were originally. These new ones will be ready for credit card readers also. Anyone have experience with this series of machine with the revision door? If so, I'm curious if you guys like them. Wondering if they are just as reliable with the door as they were factory original. The only problem I ever had with those AP machines was having to replace the harness that goes behind all the trays. Other than that, great machines!
  7. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with 2 AMS machines. Every time I go into either location, there is a decent amount of water coming from under the machine. The hoses that go into the pan are connected just fine. There is never any water laying in the pan, just seems to be coming from an area I cannot pinpoint. I put a little stack of paper towels on the inside of the cabinet towards the front of the machine on the right, just in front of the coils, and the next day, it was already soaked in water. Just wondering, has anyone come across this type of problem? The delivery bin door is not stuck open. Compressor doesn't seem to be running over time and nothing ever frosts up inside. This is one of my best accounts and I would hate for the guy to get mad at me about this. In the mean time, I put pans underneath the machine, but even that doesn't catch all the water sometimes. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hello Everyone! Me and my husband are just new to vending machine business. We currently have 2 combo (snacks and drinks) machine that is ready to be shipped out as soon as we secure a location for the machine. With that being said and as a new in the business i think we are going to hire a Vending locator to help us find locations for those 2 machines. As me and my husband are currently has a fulltime job too. Anyone who have use www.ablhome.com owned by Richard Campbell. He charge 600/machine. The other locator i was planning to hire is www.qualityvendinglocations.com by Peter (i dont know his last name) but when i did some research it looks like Peter is the also the Peter from Prime Vending locations which has tons of complaints from ripoff site, BBB. as well as here in vendiscuss. Anyone can recommend a trusted locator? We are very excited about this business as my husband is somehow mechanically knowledgeable and very interested in venturing this business. I would greatly appreciate all your inputs.. thank you in advance!
  9. Hey guys, I found a guy selling this machine, he says it's a Bevmax 4. Anyone know if that's what this actually is? Price is 2900 which actually sounds low to me for a 4, any input is much appreciated, thank you.
  10. I've been really interested in the bevmax 4 lately for a few reasons. First of all, it seems as though they're very reliable based on a lot of people's experiences here. Also, the range of products that can be vended seems very wide. My questions: are there any common problems anyone runs into with these machines? Also, I understand that they are in the range if 6-7000 brand new, but I can't seem to find anything used. If I do find something used as far as a bevmax 4 goes, are there any specific software updates that need to be made? Currently the only Glass fronts I own are AMS visi combos, which I do like, but they do seem to run a little loud which I'm not the biggest fan of.
  11. shvending

    Refurbishing Bulk Machines

    Hey guys and gals, I have a quick question I want to run by you all. I am thinking about starting a side venture to my bulk routes. I am looking to see if there is interest out there for machine refurbishing. We have been in the business since 1956 and have learned some pretty cool tricks over the years. If this is something you may think would be viable please leave me a comment. I am just curious on whats out there.
  12. Andrew Hampshure

    Need Help Finding Part!

    I have recently acquired a Mac-32 combo machine and the keypad is really hard to use so i want to replace it but since the machine is like 11 years old it is very difficult to find a replacement. Can you help me figure out a compatable keypad? I have been searching for a while. The pictures are down below
  13. Hello, I am new to the forums and just introducing myself. My business is brand new so I am here to learn and post updates on my route to possibly help others once I figure out my way around.
  14. NYCandyMan

    Vending Software Soft Essentials

    I am surprised to see so many use spreadsheets to run their business, I don't work for them, I just got a problem with them! I have the full version of the software, and believe me, its great, I don't have to guess, or figure out what goes where or worry about lost locations, I put it in once, set it and forget it, until next time. when its ready, itll show up red, and then I can go service the location. but my issue is a simple one, a few years ago I had a full version, but it was the older version, so I figured id buy the new one since it was half price if you already had the program. now back then, I was able to activate the software on any pc, so if I had 2 pc's I can activate them both, one is a steady, and one for backup. a few years ago I contacted them, letting them know that I am upgrading my pc, and that I would like to activate the software on the new pc, after 2 years, I finally get a response that I have to pay for it again, I asked why? they said it was all newly updated, you can get the demo to see it, so I did, no harm, but then I started checking the versions of the program, and it winds up that there was no update, in fact my current software was beyond what they were trying to make me pay for $150 for, now I don't mind paying for newer stuff, but why would I pay for something that's older than what I have? apparently their versions that they so called "updated" are "outdated"! now I also understand they cannot do everything for free, but I made it clear, I'm not paying for stuff older than what I already have! so I asked them to activate my new PC so I can have the full version instead of the demo, and till this day no response! $150 for old stuff, and I thought my software was outdated, its like Microsoft trying to sell you windows 97 in 2018, only $100! ha ha ha, I want to make sure everyone knows about crooks in the vending business, they are all over, the worse thing is, they were very helpful back in the day, why not now, everyone struggles, and that's understandable, but don't give me BS! http://www.softessentials.com/ record your stuff with them! still to this day no response! the most recent one is from 8/17! we have time people, hopefully they will read this and make some real changes!
  15. so I bought a vendo! I know, I know..... I set it up, the machine is fairly new, and in great condition, I changed the bill acceptor, there are 10 lines in the machine, and 9 buttons, I am slowly learning the machine menu, it vends everything perfect, except 1 selection, sometimes ill put $1, and it will not vend, so I put another $1, it then vends, the next time I put $1 in, it vends for $1, this happens every other time, on this one selection only. what is wrong with it? what do I need to do? is it something in the menu? 2. I do I remove force vend? when I put $1 in, and press coin return, it will not return, and force me to purchase, please help
  16. Hey guys! Been awhile since my last post. I'm going into year 3 and have enjoyed the journey. Another company approached me and offered to buy my route. I have downsized some since my highest peak, anyway what's left did $35,750 gross sales in 2017. It's 6 locations, 10 machines. Total machines and equipment are worth $15,000. All sales are tracked and I have the proper records in place. I read that an easy evaluation is to split gross sales in half and than add value of machines and assets. My selling price would be $32,875.00. Too low? Just right? Too high? Any thoughts and advice is appreciated! Thanks... BT
  17. I am in the ATM business and no have other experience in vending. I recently came across a Franchise while listening to a Passive Income podcast called that markets sticker vending machines to schools. Their business model is to place sticker machines in Schools that vend regular stickers along with school mascot stickers. The benefit to the school is it is positioned as a fundraiser for them as they get some of the proceeds. I think it's around 25%. I do not know what the Franchise Royalties are yet, but I have phone call set with them in two weeks. I know you have to vend a lot of stickers to make money. Especially if you are giving up 25% to the school and some to the Franchise. Perhaps schools have enough volume to make it profitable for everyone. Does anyone have any experience, thoughts, or opinions on this business model?
  18. Hello, I'm doing some research before committing to one brand of machines. I would like to manage my route with some sort of stock management software. All machines will need CC readers. Which brand would you recommend and which one would give the most flexibility? I also see some companies selling KVM brand machines made in China at a much lower cost. Is that something to consider? Thanks, Daniel
  19. Rebecca

    Into the Unknown

    I am currently owner/operator of an acupuncture clinic after two years I've decided to add some passive income. I'd like to begin with massage chair vending. I don't know what to expect for general income from the chair. I know location will be key to determining income but in general what should I expect per month after paying the location owner their share?
  20. rodney69

    39.99 locations!

    Happy New Year! We are offering charity vending locations for 39.99 for a limited time! Don't miss this opportunity! This includes commission locations as well! Sorry, no racks. Order now!
  21. NYCandyMan

    Anyone Selling Routes in NY?

    So I'm looking to expand my bulk operation, I'm currently looking in: Staten Island Long Island Brooklyn Queens I am also open to New Jersey, Connecticut, and PA call m-f 10am-9pm or text with info 24/7 917-731-3891 9177313891
  22. Hey everybody! First time posting here. Thanks for everything y'all have shared. I hope to contribute someday but I'm more of a pinball guy than anything. That said, I'm about to set a new location that wants a bulk rack and I would like to do it right the first time. I have the rack, it's a Northwestern with four 2" capsule machines at $.50 on top and five 1.1" $.25 capsule/candy on the bottom. Im not opposed to buying some mechs to sell higher priced items if they will work. I would like to do all toys as it is going in a restaurant. Can you guys please help me start out by letting me know what is selling well in your area? Thanks!
  23. I am looking to get a few machines and i need some help about locations. There is a new senior center being built i am considering this even though it is not yet built i think it will get a lot of traffic. I also have my public library, i need help with that because there is a no food or drink rule and the administrator said the machines being outside the entrance might be "tempting". Is there any way i could sell it as something good to change her mind. All help is greatly appreciated.
  24. We would like to thank all of the service members in the United States! Although there are many different opinions and problems that we face, there is one thing that stands true, our service members put their life on the line for us and we'd like to thank you for that! All service members in the military, police, and fire all receive 10% off all of our services no matter the size! When you order, please put in the notes that you are a service member (validation may be needed) and you will receive 10% discount on all services (may not be combined with other discounts). Request Locations Here
  25. Hi everyone! I've been perusing this forum for awhile now, and I feel like it's time for me to make my first post. I'm a new hire at an established vending company who's here to bring the company into the 21st century or something close enough. We've recently started using Nayax card readers and have them on about 15% of our machines. We have over 600 in total in the field at the moment and looking to grow larger and retain our older accounts as well. I've also been working on monitoring them through Nayax's management suite. I'm completely new to the vending business and I want to please the boss who doesn't know much about the software. What are the full capabilities of this software? I've been looking around and talking to the Nayax personnel but they are slow to reply oftentimes and don't have updated user manuals. Those who use Nayax- what are the major things you find useful with it? Also- what are some other things we can do to really update what we're doing here? I'm open to all suggestions!