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Ice Vending machine


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Does anyone have experience placing an Ice vending machine?

I wanted to place 2 Ice Vending from Kooler Ice here is the machine I was going to use Kooler Ice IM 1000 . However after having my wife try to find a location for the machine (which is about the size of a snack machine) over the last 4 months with no luck, I will be home on December 1st and give it a shot myself for a while. We had planed on placing two of them but at $40,000 a piece we want to make sure that we get the right locations.

I have also tried using a locator for the last two months, which has been a utter waste of money.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get these located please toss them my way.

Location: Mesa, AZ

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As someone who has delivered ice many times in his life, I MIGHT be able to offer some insight but not the exact insight you are looking for.

Firstly, you don't want to mess with most gas stations or convenient stores as their space is very limited and unless you are willing to split the profit with them, they will just continue to buy ice from various ice companies and sell it at retail prices OR make their own ice and sell it.

Secondly, your best bet may be a local grocery store that has much more space but... again... you may need to offer them some substantial commission in order for them to allow you to place one there.. but stay away from the large super markets as they generally have contracts with larger vendors that will keep you from doing any such business with them.... try the local grocery stores only.

Your best bet may be recreational places where people need ice right away to keep their beverages cold... it's hard to have an ice vending machine in a "convenient" location without literally being in the middle of a residential neighborhood because the real convenience is in the convenient stores and gas stations where they will go to buy their ice. So stick to parks and various other recreational places....

Also, you may want to settle for places where a lot of partying goes on such as college campuses where the kids want ice and they want it right now and are willing to put some money into a vending machine to get their ice as quickly as possible... so check into college campuses and similar places...

This may help but it may not.... but I can tell you that ice is a difficult thing to deal with as you will certainly need a water-line hook-up nearby and it's going to be difficult to compete with the places that already sell bagged ice... so try to find the places where people want ice RIGHT NOW like campuses and recreational places.

I hope this helps.

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I have a few sites in Mesa, AZ that you can get from me and check out.

Provided by property mgr - owner willing to negotiate placement of machine.

If you call K.I. and tell them you are looking in Mesa, AZ you'll be directed to me.


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I am interested in Ice Vending.  I also have a good location on a busy road in a fishing area.  Willing to lease lot to ice vendor.  OR I'm looking to install an ice vending machine there myself.  Trying to get something going on this property.

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