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Saeco SG 200 operators


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Does someone have a simple explanation how to program a "new drink" , setting name, use of sugar/milk etc ?

I have the manual with the programming but no matter how much I try, "i don't get it"

Googled for examples but couldn't find any.

EG: i would like to make an espresso. no milk, no sugar (unless they add it with the keys on the front of the device)

Thanks in advance

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I'm not aware of being able to name a drink within the system and different drink configurations require different button designations. It's a little complex to understand at first, but the manual has fairly clear instructions and it may take some trial and error to get used to it. 

It helped me a lot to write down what I programmed so I could figure out where I went wrong.

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Thanks everybody for all the valuable information. I'm new to this business. Now planning to buy a few second hand machines.  But the SAECO SG200 only take coin payment. How can we upgrade it to accept credit card pay?

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Good day everyone,

First I would like to thank everyone on here for sharing the knowledge on this forum, it's been of great use for me so far since I acquired three of those Saeco SG200 and already runned onto minor issue that's all been solve so far. I'm here today because I've been having a problem with an exhaust fan been noisy, I understood from reading that the residue chute fan can get clogged in the summer, I think that's what's going on, but couldn't figure how to properly clean it. Was wondering if the would be a way to clean it on spot or if you guys would have any suggestion for me. And I must mention that I am still looking for a complete service manual, I do have the user manual but really looking for the servicing manual. Thank you in advance for any support.


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