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I've found the information in this section very helpful so I decided that I would input my information and update it after each pull.

I just started out in the bulk vending business. I purchased 10 Vendesign 4 canister machines for $50 each. I feel like I got a good deal as all the machines are in great shape. I also received extra coin tubes and canisters. Plus, one of the coin tubes hadn't been emptied so I started off with $30 in quarters. AWESOME.

It took me a little over a month to place all ten machines. I'm actually putting the 10th machine out tomorrow. I've had one pull on nine machines. Some of the machines were in place for a month. Others a couple of weeks. I'll try to mark that as I go.

Here's my first pull:

Day Spring Enterprises: (17 days on location) 28 quarters $7.25

Steel recycling plant: 2 machines (25 days)

Break Room: 124 quarters $31

Payment office: 116 quarters $29

Hoover Buildings: 2 machines (30 days)

Retail: 45 quarters $11.25

Truss plant break room: 93 quarters $23.25

Detail Shop: (30 days)

18 quarters $4.50

I'm planning on moving this one. Two person shop with no traffic. (thanks Kickstart...this was the one spot I used a locator for) I'm leaving it until I get another location. I place a one head machine there or something.

Hair Salon: (31 days)

60 quarters $15

Tire Kingdom: (14 days)

56 quarters $14

Wing nuts: (30 days)

270 Quarters (holy crap) $67.50 (Can I just have 10 of these spots)

I'm using: mike and ikes, Reeces, skittles, Peanut M&M and Regular M&M, and small gumballs.

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I spent the last week collecting coins and I did pretty well. I have 10 vendesign machines on location. 8 of them were on location for a full month. I have two that just only sat for a couple of weeks. I have 8 Vendstar 3000's. I've placed 7 of them over the last month. I have one in reserve in case something breaks. The longest a vendstar sat was three weeks. I checked all the machines over the last week so they would all sit about the same number of days in July.

I'll break this down into a little more detail later but after collecting from 17 machines who sat varying amounts of time I ended up with $230. So, that's my start.

I've got four machines to place now which I plan to do after I return from vacation on the 8th.

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Hello Nate, Do you pay any commisson on your locations ? thanks, David

Hey David,

I only pay commission on one sight. I'd be willing to pay commission but haven't had to yet.

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August Results:

The Rice Fleet now has 20 locations.

I've pulled 16 locations so far and have collected 1187 quarters or $296.75.

I have four locations left so I'm hoping to break $300 this month.

I'm pretty excited to say that this bulk vending thing might just work out. This month I only put one machine out so all the rest marinated for an entire month. I received no calls about machines not working (knock on wood) so it really felt good to earn almost $300 for a morning and early afternoon of coin collecting.

Some highlights:

  • Car Lot: 144 quarters
  • Mex Rest: 189 (5 weeks)
  • Most of my other spots were up.
  • Great collections from KMart and Piggly Wiggly break rooms (I had concerns about these).
  • I changed candy in a car repair stop and tripled the money I made for the month (I was about to yank that machine)
  • I was given a machine by a friend who owns a strip mall. It had been abandoned and set outside for three months. He was going to throw it in the dumpster but knew I might want it. It's a nice machine (NW 60). Didn't have the right key so I drilled the lock out. The machine had skittles in them and in the SC heat they had turned into water and dripped into the coin bank. So, when I put it in the car it made no sound. When I got the top off there was 22.50 in quarters all stuck together with skittle juice. It was a giant sticky quarter ball. I've cleaned it up, put a new lock on it, and am ready to send it back out there.

Some lows:

  • One location I haven't pulled has not been open the last three times I visited. I see my machine through the window but the place isn't open.
  • Down collection from a faithful industrial site. (been great in the past)
  • Low collection from a sausage restaurant. (might yank the machine but the guy told me that August is his worst month of the year. We'll see. I've got some to place right now so I'll leave it until I get bored and locate it somewhere better.)
  • Down month for my machine in a hotel vending room.

Overall, it has been a good month for Rice Family Vending. I'm looking forward to pulling quarters from my last machines and to getting a chance to place the four machines that are sitting in my office at work. Too bad I've got this darn full time job. It's getting in the way of my fun part time job.

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Hey Nate that happens I have had a few of my spots down 30-40 percent this month. Not to worried about it though. See what happens next month if anything do change out of candy on one or two selections and see what happens. One restaurant I had did 16.50 then 10.50 last month and this month was up to 18.50 so you just have to play the averages of the machine.

I had a couple spots that were a little slow on the Check cashing chain I do so I changed them over to singles with GB. Done about 3 locations like that so it will be wait to see what happens will probably let them set for two months this time as I have picked up a few spots now.

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