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Selling used Spiral Wizard Gumball Machines $75 each / 5 minimum

Rachel Rosenberg

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Hello TVF people!

I have a customer who wants to sell some used Wizard Spiral Gumball machines. They are sold "as is" for $75 each + freight. They will be packed 5 on a skid. (All old gum will be removed) These can be used in the field if you clean them up or used for parts.

Minimum order is 5 units/ shipped from my warehouse in Santa Clara. Approx weight is 600 lbs for 5 units and I will shop around for the best freight. (we get a pretty deep discount)

There are 8 total available. (variety of colors)

If interested I can send more detailed photos. There are a variety of colors. They all need a good cleaning.

You would need to pay the customer directly- I am simply acting as the shipper.

Thanks for looking! Email me with any questions!

-Rachel @ Top Notch Toys


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I can ship to San Diego on a pallet for under $100 depending on if you need a liftgate/residential delivery...that would be a little extra- but still run about $130 even if you add those accessorials.

Let me know if you are seriously interested and we can proceed. Thanks- Rachel TNT

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