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using a fake security camera?


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At my apartment location they usually tag my machine and kick them and move them around bunch of high school thugs cuz the people tell me all the time they r inside a laundro room open 24.7. I'm thinking of buying the fake cameras with LEDs and placing one there the manager I'm sure would be ok. Can I pit something like


This room is under full video surveilence

Any tampering or vandelizing will be forwarded to thee

El Paso police department. Suspects will be prosecuted to the maximum charge?

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If you make the sign obvious, and put tags on all your machines there stating the same thing, that could reduce the amount of vandalism from the low-level crooks. However, the ones doing it for fun are going to keep doing it, and potentially intensify just for the thrill of it.

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vandalism is part of vending,get used to it. one answer is to cage the machines.

yes its a huge liability risk. you are creating a reasonable expectation of security which doesn't exist.

if someone is robbed,raped,attacked,etc.. in the laundry room yes they can sue you because you

created a false expectation of security by placing dummy cameras.

for under $1,000 you can set up a real security system.

however here is what i would do.

get one of these:


then get a 12v battery and a tilt switch (like a mercury switch, bearing switch, plum bob)

you may have to experiement a little to find the right tilt switch. anyway connect it up

in the bottom storage area of the machine and put a sign "shaking machine will cause alarm to

sound" trust me once they shake it one time they wont do it again that horn is 100db

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I think bolting the machines to the wall as well as bolting them together would help. You can buy those supplies from Vendors Exchange. They aren't too expensive. Or caging is helpful if the apartment management will allow you to do it. You have to look at the income too. Is this account making enough money to justify the hassle. Maybe the machines would do better out in the open where V&MM would be seen by other residents.

Whatever you do, good luck with the account.

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so there is a liability for fake cameras?

yes if someone gets attacked you can be liable. the scenario plays out like this. say a woman goes into the

laundry room with a shady character, she gets raped. she can claim she went in there because she saw the

security camera and sign and otherwise would not have gone in. she can sue you for a lot of money and

win she can also sue your account. it doesnt matter if she has much of a case the point is they have a case

a lawyer would possibly take and just fighting a lawsuit costs a ton. to even talk to a good lawyer is gonna cost

like 200 bucks. is it worth a little hassle over potential liability that could cost you a ton ? do you have insurance ? probably not....do you have an llc?

it could also be as simple as someone leaves some expensive ipad there and loses it they can sue you because

they assume it was being watched on camera.

Nice ideas. I really like the alarm. never thought of that. Kind of like a exit alarm on doors. Just make sure it doesn't sound for too long and auto resets.

if you set it up the way i explained it the alarm will sound for precisely the length of time the switch is engaged.

so that is to say if you use a mercury switch as soon as it settles ( a few seconds) the alarm will go off

so if they shake the machine it will emit a loud scary blast of sound, enough to attract attention and scare

them off but not enough to bother anyone unless it happens a lot.

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