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whos got the sweetest gravy spot!?


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Ok guys I know we all slack it in the revenue reports which sucks because I love looking at them. But post your best location. Machine/s there. And how much it makes daily weekly or monthly. And why u think it does so good. Also what commission u pay.

I'll start

I have 3 full line places

1 7up can machine

1 polyvend snack machine

Combined about 800 a month

Apartment complex

Reason. Low income and many kids there should boost this month because the pool just opened

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I'm careful to avoid locations large enough to desire a food/coffee machine for the time being, so my locations aren't anything to brag about. On the plus side, I don't have to worry about health inspections or too much competition. I take the smaller accounts from the bigger guys and take the bigger accounts from the smaller guys, which are usually the same size accounts but from different perspectives.

My "gravy" zone is about $200/week. I actually don't have one of those yet as I stopped looking for locations months ago due to family issues and not being entirely certain of my future. Depending on how things go in the next 12 months, I may do nothing to improve the business, do something to make the business "leave my hands", or I may erupt in a violent nazi-like expansion and take over all of North America! And no one is going to stop me!!

...except the ADA!

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I'm in the same boat as AngryChris. I target the locations the big guys pull out of or would consider too small. My good full-line locations are in the $100-$150/week range and do well on these.

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