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Does anyone know how the touch tunes jukebox system work from a operator perspective, in other words do you buy the machine and put it in a customer's palce of business, or are they leased , anyone know what is the cost is on a system. Just curious. Thanks

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The way it works is the juke box goes out of order if it can’t call home to Touch Tunes and log in for 30 days.

Touch Tunes will withdraw their fees directly from your bank account.

The fees are about 22% for a location that do a few hundred a week, more if it does less.

To get a Touch Tunes account you must

1 Be declared an operator by the local Touch Tunes distributor.

2 Have or are soon to have 3 or more Touch Tunes juke boxes.

3 You must provide Touch Tunes access to your bank account.

In short don’t buy a used Juke box if you can’t get an account.

The fees may exceed the revenues in poor location.

The system is designed to prevent locations from operating their own juke box.

Yes you must buy the Juke box and you cannot use it without an account that is in good standing.


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