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Newbie In nebraska


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Just in the begining of getting a route started in eastern Nebaraska western Iowa Bought a12 vendstars and have a couple of Uturns So far have 7 Placed Hair salon Mexican Resturant bakery Looks to be a killer location one resturant sports bar. Check cashing place small town resturant A realeste rental / insurance office with about 500 customers a month coming in one garage. So far they are in my home town or not to far from work. I found another route for sale here in town for 2200 for 12 Placed machines 4 Metal trivends not sure of the brand yet 5 vendstars and 3 ultravends. the route is making 425-550 gross. Looking to check it out here in the next week or so. anything to look for or look out for


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