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501E escrow


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I'm sure it's going to tell me on the machine when I get there, but I thought I'd ask here to be sure I would have the answer.

How do I set up the 501E as a changer? I know I enter the menu and go to the Escrow option...what do I do then? Is it an on/off option to change it?


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The bill acceptor and harness being use may prevent some of the options from working.

What make and model BA and changer is installed?

As I recall you will get 3 options.

1 Force vends. No pay without purchase

2 Escrow to price. Refunds paid if less than the lowest price.

3 Escrow plus 4. More than one bill may be used to purchase if an item is priced over 1.00, the last bill held in escrow. Machine will work as a changer if you insert 2 bills and press the coin return.

I never understood the desire to set your machine as a changer. Extra ware and tear on your machine no profit. More false refund claims. Lost sales when your changer gets depleted.


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I'm going to use it as a changer because it's in a smaller account. They wanted a snack machine but it didn't justify a larger machine purchase, even a 12-15 select for several hundred $. I found an USI 3003 which is a small countertop 9 select which I think will work good for them. It accepts coin only. They can use the pop machine as a changer to purchase from the snack. They didn't think an honor box would work out and I didn't want to use any mechanical snacks as I haven't heard anything good about them. I found this one in very good condition for what I thought was an excellent price to try out on this account. Didn't think I could go wrong for $50.

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