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Loctaing Script


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In August when everyone is back in school. I am going to try my hand at locating my own machines.

Sense this year my son will be starting pre school 3 days a week. I figured on those days I would try and locate before I have to go pick him up. I have used this script before. Is there away to tweak it to get better results.

Hi. my speak to the manager please! HI my name is __________ with a _____________ we are working with Child search to help find missing children. I am not trying to sell you anything We are just wondering if you could give up 1 square foot of floor space for a small bulk candy machine. Like I said this won't cost you anything and we will come by each month to service it.

Is there any way I could make that better. so I could add accounts fast. ( I only do Charity and double heads) never have built a rack.

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