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In America we know about Star Trek, but worldwide Doctor Who is, or at least was, bigger.

Started in 1963, and was kind of killed off in 1989. Interestingly it was only because somebody in charge at BBC didn't like the show, and had been promoted high enough to do something about it.

Instead of letting the show die, they attempted to move it into an independent production, and Fox got on board and put out a TV movie/pilot in 1996. It did fine worldwide, but in America didn't get enough ratings, so Fox was out, and that killed it for almost a decade. But they were constantly attempting to bring back the show, and finally did in 2005.

Now they are on the 11th actor to portray him in television. (12 if you include the movies, but we can't count all the parodies.)

David Yates, who directed the last 4 Harry Potter movies is going to spend 2 to 3 years working on developing it for a reboot Movie franchise.

There were 2 Doctor Who movies, starring Peter Cushing, in the 60's. It was implied he was a human instead of a Time Lord in this version, but it never specifically pointed this out. Though he lived in a house, and not the Tardis.

If there is a resulting movie, it doesn't need to be successful in America because of it's worldwide status. I do believe there are enough Whovians, (Doctor Who equivalent of Trekkies,) that it will at least have a moderate amount of success here.

Oh yeah, if you watch the Late Late show with Craig Furguson, (right after David Letterman,) he has a Tardis on his desk.

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